Chinese Community Leaders Welcomes Ed Miliband In New year Celeberations

Senior members of ‘Chinese Communites met up 9 Feb 11 at Portcullis House, Westminster, to celebrate ‘Year of the Rabbit’.

The Labour Party is proud of the vibrant Chinese community across the United Kingdom. They bring with them an international cuisine, diligent work ethics, cherished culture, and values that are akin to Labour’s.

Hard working families wanting the best for their children so that they can move up the social ladder, engaging in community organising, entrepreneurial zeal in running businesses, caring for our elders – these are intrinsic Labour values, which we can all be proud of.

Chinese and Labour values whether it is about individual, families or communities are aspirational and progressive. These values prepare us well for increasingly challenging times.

Sonny Leong, President of ‘Chinese for Labour’, gave the speech, as well as Ed Miliband MP and Douglas Alexander MP.

Chinese Communites and the Chinese media from all over the UK came to the event to listen to the leader of the Labour Party about the forgotton community.

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