Tory Idead Of Rebranding Of Big Society

There more I research into the Big Society I am convince that it is looking more like a big con as I have said in my previous post. To date I can count the relaunch or the rebranding of the Big Society for the fourth time its no wonder why the creator of the big Society left in a very dark cloud with very little support from the Tory HQ Press Officers. Instead the creator of the Big Society just sitting in the office doing nothing to promote the so called Big Society he should have been promoting it to the business and communities at large. the mere fact is for the 30 something person lacks face in the Chinese Community by using the feeble excuse he wants to spend more time with his family. In actual fact his thinking is MONEY, MONEY NO MONEY NO TALK. Need I say anymore other than to say open your eyes then you will see what the Big Society really means. In my option the Big Society means cuts in public services, cheap labour, and do a lot of voluntary work. The question I would like to know will this bring food on your table? Andwer is NO

The Prime Minister has defended his flagship policy in a speech to social entrepreneurs in London, after weeks of criticism from volunteering groups, charities and politicians.

Mr Cameron rejected criticism that the concept was “too vague” and a “cover for cuts”, insisting it was central to the “social recovery” the country needed.

He said: “This is my absolute passion.

“I think it’s a different way of governing, a different way of going about trying to change our country for the better, and it’s going to get every bit of my passion and attention over the five years of this Government.”

Mr Cameron described the Government’s deficit-reduction programme as only his “duty”.

He went on: “What is my mission, what is it I am really passionate about? “It is actually social recovery as well as economic recovery, and I think we need social recovery because as I’ve said lots of times in the past, there are too many parts of our society that are broken.

“Whether it’s broken families or whether it’s some communities breaking down or whether it’s the level of crime, the level of gang membership, whether it’s problems of people stuck on welfare unable to work, whether it’s the sense that some of our public services don’t work for us, we do need a social recovery to mend the broken society and to me that is what the Big Society is all about.”

He said people needed to “take more responsibility” and “act more responsibly”.

The Government’s response to any problem was only ever “half the answer”, he said.

The Government will bolster the scheme with a series of new initiatives, including a £100m transition fund to help charities and social enterprises bid for new government contracts to provide services.

The venture capital veteran (and former Labour donor) Sir Ronald Cohen will be unveiled today as an adviser to David Cameron’s Big Society Bank, I have learned.

Read Mark Kleinman’s blog on the Big Society Bank

A Big Society bank will provide working capital for successful applicants and issue ISAs and pensions. It will be funded by £400m from dormant bank accounts and £200m from high street banks.

David Cameron also took on Labour critics who claim the initiative is a figleaf for spending cuts.

He has attacked “years and years of big government” taking away “more and more things that people should and could be doing for themselves.”

The Prime Minister said: “Our society is broken and we need to fix it – and the Big Society will help us do that.

“I think our broken society all comes back to one word – responsibility. Too many people have stopped taking responsibility for their lives and the people around them.”

The move comes amid growing criticism of David Cameron’s Big Society plans.

Former Conservative Cabinet minister David Mellor called the initiative a “lead balloon”.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said investment in public services was needed if the Big Society was to flourish.

And Dame Elisabeth Hoodless, the outgoing head of Britain’s largest volunteering charity, Community Service Volunteers, warned Government cuts were in danger of “destroying” the country’s volunteer army.


2 responses to “Tory Idead Of Rebranding Of Big Society

  1. I agree with the sentiment of this article. The Cameron government has been lightweight in its policy making and it’s inexperience shows. The Big Society just shows how it is easy to come up with a pithy political statement, but harder to come with useful detailed policies.

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