BMA Rejects Health Sec ‘No Confidence’ Vote

How out of touch is the Coalition Govt over the NHS Reform.

I have to say that I’m proud of our NHS and born in the NHS. The NHS is for the many and not for the few Comrade Lansley.

I say to him get real and start to smell the coffee before it pass on by.

Britain’s leading doctors group has stopped short of passing a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, despite expressing deep-seated concerns over NHS reforms.

Andrew Lansley

Andrew Lansley faces three motions of no confidence at the BMA meeting


Mr Lansley avoided the potentially damaging move, as the British Medical Association(BMA) debated a series of motions that were highly critical of the Government’s health reforms.

They voted to withdraw the bill proposing radical reforms of the NHS – but voted against the no confidence motion.

It was the first special representative meeting in 19 years – a measure of how angry many doctors are over plans to give more power to GPs and introduce more private competition into the NHS.

The Health and Social Care Bill, currently going through Parliament, would also see more than 150 organisations scrapped.

The Government says the NHS must modernise in order to keep up with the increasing demand on services, an ageing population and rising costs of new drugs and treatments.


First the Lib Dems, now the BMA – this is quickly turning into David Cameron’s worst NHS week. His damaging plans for the health service are descending into chaos.

Labour’s John Healey

But the BMA delegates voted in favour of calling on Mr Lansley to put a “halt to the proposed top-down reorganisation of the NHS”.

They said the Government should accept there was “no electoral mandate” for the plans, with neither the Tories nor the Lib Dems including any of the proposals in their election manifestos.

The BMA vote comes after Liberal Democrat activists passed a motion criticising the coalition’s planned NHS reforms during the party’s spring conference.

Shadow health secretary John Healey said: “First the Lib Dems, now the BMA – this is quickly turning into David Cameron’s worst NHS week.

“His damaging plans for the health service are descending into chaos.”


Doctor reading hospital medical file

Many doctors are angry over plans to give more power to GPs

The Health Secretary had faced three motions of no confidence.

One criticised Mr Lansley of cynical and misleading use of statistics to justify the controversial reforms.

Mr Lansley was even likened to a used-car salesman in another motion, for implementing an overhaul when he said before the General Election there would be no major changes to the NHS.

The Department of Health said it was disappointed the BMA had decided to take this step.

“(The BMA is) now opposing elements of the bill they previously supported, rather than work constructively with us to improve services for patients,” a spokesman said.

“The BMA’s own survey shows their position is not representative of many of their members, who are keen to be involved in our proposals.

“The reality is over 5,000 GP practices, covering two-thirds of the country, have already signed up and have started to implement plans to give patients better care.”


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