Parliament Protester Loses Eviction Fight

The Mayor of London has won a High Court order to evict veteran peace campaigner Brian Haw from Parliament Square.

Brian Haw outside the Houses of Parliament

Brian Haw’s co-protester said an appeal against the decision would be lodged


The activist will not be forced to leave immediately however, as he has until March 28 to lodge an appeal.

Mr Haw is currently in Germany receiving treatment for cancer but his co-protester Barbara Tucker said she would appeal against the decision.

After the so-called “Democracy Village” grew in size last summer, mayor Boris Johnson won a court bid to clear protesters from the central London site.

That application had not included a challenge to Mr Haw’s presence on the pavement on the east side of Parliament Square.

The High Court has now granted a possession order and an injunction against Mr Haw and Ms Tucker.

The mayor’s stance on the issue was put forward by counsel David Forsdick at a hearing last month.

He said: “We are not asserting criminal damage, occupation of large parts of Parliament Square or any particular activity of Mr Haw and Mrs Tucker in Parliament Square.

“We are saying that their occupation of a part of it is, by itself, what we are concerned about.”

A spokesman for the mayor has now said: “The mayor is pleased that the High Court has supported previous rulings to return possession of Parliament Square Gardens to the Greater London Authority (GLA).

“The Court of Appeal had previously made a special case for Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker that they could continue to sleep on the grass area controlled by the GLA on a temporary basis while their case was referred back to the High Court for conclusion in this matter.

“The High Court has now concluded that neither party should be allowed to continue to sleep on the GLA-controlled grass. The perimeter fences will be adjusted accordingly.”


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