A Message From Ed Miliband Labour Party Leader

Dear Friends,

There’s just over a week left until Polling Day so I wanted to thank you for the campaigning you’ve done so far. If you haven’t managed to do so yet, it’s not too late to get involved. Just a little of your time can make a difference.

You can help – this election will be decided in the last few days as thousands of people choose how they vote.  Click here to see a list of events nationwide in Membersnet

Voters rightly feel let down by the Tory-led Government, and its Lib Dem allies who are going too far and too fast with their economic cutbacks. We are facing a cost of living crisis as shopping baskets and petrol tanks cost more to fill, while pay packets feel lighter and the services we rely on are being cut. So it is vital that in the days between now and Polling Day we let people know that Labour is your voice in tough times.

There will be hundreds of events and campaigning sessions this Bank Holiday weekend, and then Polling Day next Thursday. Even if it’s just an hour or two, your time could make the difference between winning and losing in key Labour battlegrounds. Click here to see a list of events nationwide in Membersnet

If you’ve only recently joined the Party and aren’t sure what campaigning involves, don’t worry. If you’ve never done it before, there will always be more experienced members willing to show you how.

Thank you and enjoy campaigning,

Ed Miliband 

Leader of the Labour Party

PS. If you want to find out five quick and easy ways to help online – right now – then click here

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