BNP Mayor? No thank you!

HOPE Not Hate

BNP Mayor? No thank you!Dear friends,

Nick Griffin is drinking at the last chance saloon. His party is at war and his activists demoralised. The problem is some people still think the BNP is a credible, normal party, not a racist, violent and misogynistic bunch of criminals and haters.

So we need a final push to get the message out. Will you help this coming weekend?

Just recently a BNP councillor was elected deputy mayor of a Town in Burnley, Lancashire. People just didn’t seem to realise what the BNP really stood for. Thankfully the new deputy mayor’s daughters did and spoke out in disgust.

One of them, Donna, said: “We’ve kept quiet about it for years but we want people to know he abandoned his family without a backward glance.

“The BNP is very active where we live but they are not supported by the vast majority. There’ll be riots again when he’s made mayor because people won’t like it.

“We’re changing our surname. I can’t mention it at work in case I have to discipline someone and they say I picked on them because my dad’s a racist.”

This BNP councillor’s daughters know what the score is. Will you help tell other people just what the BNP is really all about?

This weekend is one of the last chances to get a clear message out across the country about why a vote for the BNP is a vote for hatred, division, violence and racism.

But we need your help to do that. Can you give up just two hours to help?

Every leaflet delivered, every person spoken to, is another nail in the coffin of Nick Griffin’s BNP. Just a few hours of your time can make all the difference. For too long the BNP have polluted our politics and poisoned peoples minds. Now is the chance to stop them once and for all.

See you on the campaign trail this weekend?



Nick Lowles

Can’t help this weekend but can do another day or want some leaflets for your local area? Drop us a line at


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