Birmingham City Council Local Govt Results 2011

Elections were held for one-third (40) of the 120 seats at Birmingham City Council on Thursday 5th May 2011.

Before the election, the Conservatives held 16 of the contested seats, Labour held 13, the Liberal Democrats 3 and Respect 1.

After the election, Labour held 27 of the contested seats (14 Gains), the Conservatives held 10 (6 Losses), the Liberal Democrats held 3 (7 losses), and Respect held 0 (1 Loss).

Labour emerged as the largest party in Birmingham with 55 seats, the Conservatives have 39 seats, the Liberal Democrats 24 seats and Respect 2 seats.

The Con/Lib Coalition remain in control with a combined total of 63 seats and an 8-seat majority in the chamber.


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