All Mouth and no Action from David Cameron (Pay Raise))

If we really are all in it together, as David Cameron insists, it can’t be long before the Prime Minister demands substantial pay rises for workers in successful firms.

With top companies’ directors seeing an annual rise in remuneration of 49 per cent, chief executives 43 per cent and finance directors 34 per cent, there is clearly no lack of cash.

But government and private bosses sing in chorus of the need for restraint in the face of the ongoing economic crisis.

Leading trade unionists are correct to note that these fat cats’ huge increases in pay, benefits and bonuses bear no relation to their performance.

The economy has been stagnant for nine months and shows little sign of increasing growth, yet these corporate captains feel that failure should be rewarded as well as success.

WPP marketing firm chief executive Martin Sorrell defends his relatively modest 17 per cent increase by metaphorically bailing out of the British economy to insist that he be paid in line with what his peers in other countries are paid.

Logically, British trade unions should ignore the state of things here and demand pay rises that match the best on offer in the rest of the world.

However, the massive imbalance between workers’ pay and pay and their bosses’ remuneration is a global phenomenon.

Those who own and run the commanding heights of the economy, especially in the financial and related sectors, act as though they have a divine right to cream off as much of the wealth created by workers’ labour power as they can and to hell with everyone else.

Tinkering with remuneration committees will have little effect, since they have been co-opted into the dominant corporation ethos.

Capitalism cannot be reformed into a less rapacious animal. Greed on this scale can be mitigated by direct taxation, but only public ownership as the cornerstone of building socialism can end it.

Labour MP Keith Vaz has gone out of his way to outgush David Cameron over the Commonwealth heads of government proposal that first-born female children can henceforth be heirs to the throne.

Cameron happened to notice that ancient rules about male primogeniture and discrimination against Catholics were “at odds with the modern countries that we have become.”

Not to be outdone, Vaz drooled over a “great day for equality and the Commonwealth,” declaring: “We will now have modern laws that fit our modern monarchy.”

What a huge leap forward for equality it will be in the latter part of the 21st century when discrimination is restricted to every single citizen who isn’t a member of the house of Windsor.

Thanks heavens that we won’t have to consider such a flawed method as universal suffrage to elect our head of state as second-rate countries such Ireland, the US, France and countless other modern states do.

Britain’s monarchy is a relic of feudalism, a symbol of institutionalised inequality that guarantees a life of privilege for the royal caste and their hangers-on.

Attempting to modernise a feudal relic is like putting lipstick on a pig. It doesn’t become any more attractive.

This entire parasitic growth on our society should be excised, signalling a belated end to inherited power and influence and releasing royal family members to find something useful to do with their lives.


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