Observations Labour Must Shed Its Old Ideas

Observations On Labour Must Shed Its Old Ideas. To do it any justice I have enclosed the article below:

 Ed Miliband has set out a new vision for Labour – saying his party is the only one that can deliver a fairer Britain in difficult economic times.

In his first major speech of the year the Labour leader took on critics who claim it “is only a party for good times”.

Labour will shed old strategies to become a “changed” party, ready for an austerity election, Mr Miliband said.

Party sources denied the speech to the London Citizens organisation marked a relaunch, but it followed a difficult week in which he faced poor poll ratings and questions about his leadership ability.

Mr Miliband said the party cannot return to strategies that helped it win elections under Tony Blair because the UK’s economy is still in recovery.

“The ideas which won three elections between 1997 and 2005 won’t be the ideas which will win the election in 2015.

“So we will be a different party from the one we were in the past. A changed Labour Party,” he said.

But that will provide an opportunity for Labour to “achieve more, not less”,

Mr Miliband said, admitting that when in government the party had sometimes used money to “patch up” problems in the economy instead of tackling them.

He also set out how Labour would make “fairer” choices than the Conservatives during the tough times ahead – and “deliver fairness when there is less money around”.

Conceding that the lack of money available in the years ahead was a “challenge for Labour” he insisted it was one he will “relish”.

Listing Labour’s achievements in government, including rising prosperity which helped fuel the rebuilding of schools and hospitals, the opposition leader admitted that was against a backdrop of a growing economy.

“Next time we come back to power, it will be different,” he said. “We will be handed a deficit. Whoever is the next Prime Minister will not have money to spend.

“We will have to make difficult choices that all of us wish we did not have to make.”

The speech came after former cabinet minister Alan Johnson warned Mr Miliband must work harder to get his message across to the public if Labour is to recover from a “shaky start” to 2012.

Last week Labour peer Lord Glasman suggested the leadership appeared to have “no strategy, no narrative and little energy”.

A YouGov survey for the Sunday Times found just 20% of voters think he is doing a good job.

Mr Miliband defended his leadership, saying: “I have a very simple view – you don’t declare the end of the race when you’re only one-third the way through the race, which is what parts of the media want to do.”

He added: “The best strategy for the Labour Party is doing the right thing and the right thing is to talk about what people are seeing in their own lives, whether they can get a living wage, whether their son or daughter can find a job.”

The ideas which won three elections between 1997 and 2005 won’t be the ideas which will win the election in 2015. So we will be a different party from the one we were in the past. A changed Labour Party.

Ed Miliband

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls echoed this point by saying all leaders of the opposition find the first two years tough and this included ex-prime minister Mr Blair.

Asked if Mr Miliband should fear a challenge from Mr Balls or his wife, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, he replied: “”Ed Miliband is the leader of the Labour Party and I am going to back him 100%, we all will.

“This is a united shadow cabinet,” he told Boulton and Co.

But Conservative deputy chairman Michael Fallon described the speech as “another relaunch”.

“If Ed Miliband was serious about taking tough decisions, he’d set out a credible plan for cutting the deficit as Alistair Darling, Alan Johnson and half the Shadow Cabinet have demanded,” he said.

“If he seriously accepts there’s less money to spend, he would stop making billions of new unfunded spending promises and instead tell us what Labour would cut.

“If he was serious about ‘predatory’ capitalists, he’d sack Andrew Rosenfeld as his election co-ordinator, a man who moved to Switzerland to avoid paying tax in Britain and whose business practices left the Allders’ pensioners high and dry,” he added.

Mr Miliband asked millionaire Mr Rosenfeld to help the party secure marginal seats at the next election.

Its good to see that Ed Miliband is starting to anticipate the answers from Cameron on PMQs there maybe a new Ed Miliband on the arising but only time will tell.

As I said in my earlier post of Ed Miliband he has a long way to go before he gains confidence of the voters. Voters wants to believe in our leader but he is not getting the message across as the right wing media has it’s own agenda which is sometimes called divide and rule.

Sure Labour has taken some of the lead like phone hacking, Tuition, riots, and HS2 has gained a small victory but that is not enough to win elections.

Yes Labour members can being changes to the party but changes must come within ourselves. It’s up to the leader to lead by example and remember the values of our founding father that set up the Labour Party.
Labour healing time is now over and voters expect to see more action from Labour like fighting more for the working class.

Last year conference Ed Miliband said that he is not Tony Blair and Gordon Brown by saying that he implies that he is not proud of our former leaders. Ed Miliband should be proud of them as we all saw at PMQs when Cameron had a field day by saying to Ed Miliband that both he and Cleggy Babe will disagree with each other but he does not stab his brother in the back.

Recently we have seen an ugly head setting a challenge to Ed Miliband. No its not the prince of darkness (Peter Mandelson) but Blue Labour (Lord Glasman) this does not help the situation as the ideology of Blue Labour does more damage to the party.

There is a strong suggestion from Movement For Change that the party should be a more community base friendly in the community by being more open to the public which features heavily in Refounding Labour.
Which leads me to look at another political ideology Black Labour and Blue Labour. The Liberal Conspiracy has the right idea in regards to Four Problems With “In The Black Labour”

I have to say that ideology of Blue Labour does not even impress me either here another happy read


5 responses to “Observations Labour Must Shed Its Old Ideas

  1. Labour does have a narrative — unfortunately, it looks like the Tories; narrative on cuts. Gordon, it does look as if the Blairites won’t go away and certainly won’t rest until they’ve dragged Ed rightwards to wards the very policies that lost Labour the election. Liam Byrne, Tim Allen and now Glasman are abandoning Keynes for an attack on the weakest.

    The collective wealth of the UK’s 1,000 richest rose 30% in 2009 in wake of economic crisis. The combined wealth of the top 1000 rose by over £77bn to £333.5bn, biggest annual increase in 22-year history of The Sunday Times rich list.

    The cost of benefit fraud is £1bn. Unclaimed benefits amount to £16.5bn.

    Estimated tax owed to us: £70bn (plus another £25bn according to tax expert Richard Murphy).

  2. exactly,unclaimed tax 16.5 ,benefit fraud 1.thenwe have blue labour,then we have as a leader a man with no charisma or dynamism or any policy except tory policy,he must go so we can have someone who will carry the fight to the tories and identify how the gap is getting bigger,not populst anti disabled legislation,thanks to the lib dems the bashing has at least been delayed no credit to ed there or anywhhere

  3. There is still hope yet have faith for now

  4. G’Day! Gordonlyew,
    Thanks for the info, Hello there

    Whoever gets in now is Gonna produce so substantially unrest and unpopularity merely because of the cuts in paying and substantial tax Hikes that they will be compelled to do.

    Absolutely David Cameron would be foolish to give absent Proportional representation to the LIBS in purchase to kind a coalition Govt only to have to undergo undergo an additional election completely quickly right after.

    I would let the LIBS and Labour run the country for a yr or so and when matters get so lousy the Conservatives will win the following election as the Great men and with a beneficial majority as the electorate will be blaming all their woes and suffering on the coalition.

    What do you think?

    10 points for highest quality observation/ stage

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