Observations Kill The Government Health Bill Part 2

Observations On Paediatricians Condemn ‘Damaging’ NHS Plans To Do This Any Justices I have Included The Article Below:

More than 150 paediatricians have called on the Government to abandon controversial NHS reforms, saying they would have an “extremely damaging effect” on the health of children.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s flagship Health and Social Care Bill would increase GPs’ powers to commission services, scrap primary care trusts and strategic health authorities and establish an independent NHS board.

::The NHS Reform Bill Explained – Why Is It So Controversial?

But in their letter to The Lancet medical journal, members of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said it would in fact make it more difficult for sick children and their families to access “high-quality, effective services”.

They said using multiple private companies “will make it difficult to innovate, cooperate, plan and improve the quality in children’s services”.

We believe that the bill will undermine choice, quality, safety, equity, and integration of care for children and their families.

Letter from 150 paediatricians

“Children with chronic disease and disability will particularly suffer, since most have more than one condition and need a range of different clinicians,” the letter said.

“If different services are commissioned from separate providers, this risks the breakdown of the relationships that underpin good communication and coordination, particularly where different aspects of service are provided from different budgets.”

The letter heaps further pressure on Mr Lansley after royal medical colleges – including the Royal College of GPs and the Royal College of Radiologists – called for the bill to be scrapped.

Unions, including the British Medical Association (BMA), the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), have also said it should be withdrawn.

The paediatricians said the Government had failed to adequately justify the need for the proposed changes.

“The costs of dismantling existing National Health Service (NHS) structures are enormous and, at a time of financial austerity for all public services, have resulted in precious resources being diverted to private management firms and away from frontline patient care.

“We believe that the bill will undermine choice, quality, safety, equity, and integration of care for children and their families.”

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said: “Warnings for ministers do not come any more serious than this one.

“It is simply outrageous for the Government to gamble with children’s safety and this warning is sufficient reason alone to drop the Bill.

However, the Department of Health rejected the signatories concerns.

“It’s not true to say that the Health and Social Care Bill will fragment children’s healthcare,” a spokeswoman said.

“In fact, the Bill will help address the very concerns about fragmentation that the experts raise.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband pushed the issue on a trip to visit nurses in Bolton.

Prime Minister David Cameron has breached “solemn” promises on ensuring there are more midwives, no hospital closures, and no more top-down reorganisations, he said.

“He has broken all these promises and more. It is bad for our NHS and bad for politics.

“He should drop his NHS Bill and at least restore one of his broken promises. He should listen to doctors and nurses and the 140,000 who have signed the petition urging him to drop the Bill,” Mr Miliband added.

In response, health minister Simon Burns said the Labour leader was trying to “talk down the NHS” while services were improving.


There is no doubt that the NHS needs to be reformed but not at the expense of the #Bigsociety.

For all the fault that #Labour had when they came into office in 1997 at least they understood the concept of the NHS compare to this coalition that wants to concentrate on more privatisation on all our public sector.

I would argue that in my opinion that #Labour used the Chinese model to introduce part privation into the NHS which may or may not have been in the direction. For what reasons we have for loving our NHS there is real public support to save this particular service.

For most of us we are a proud nation to have our NHS on the point of need. Which leads me to say thank Allah peace be up on him that it goes to show that NHS is for the many and not for the few and free of charge at the point of need.

There is a strong argument that the NHS should have 50 percent of private sector well I for one would say Hands Off our cherish NHS Lansely and go back to the drawing board. Like I have said in my blog about the NHS in previous articles see and 

Why does it suits Cameron and Lansely to be hell bent on using the Thatcherism model could it be that the hospitals from the private sector has lobbied the Conservatives during their time in opposition and dare I say it they have made a very large donations to the Conservative Party.

Now we have learnt key figures has not been invited to Downing St to discuss the NHS Reform by David Cameron this says a lot in a nutshell hidden agenda on Monday 20 Feb 2012. 

Angry health workers will gatecrash the NHS summit at 10 Downing Street today after arrogant Prime Minister David Cameron failed to invite key trade unions to the event.

Mr Cameron will host the summit to discuss implementation of the government’s widely discredited Health and Social Care Bill with a select list of health experts.

However, several key organisations including Unison, the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of General Practitioners – all of which are highly critical of the Bill – appear not to have been invited.

Unison senior national officer for health Sara Gorton demanded that Mr Cameron change his mind and engage with health professionals.

“Health workers should have their voices heard when major changes to the health service are being discussed.

“Clearly, Unison has not been invited because David Cameron and Andrew Lansley do not want to hear what we’ve got to say.

“But they need to face up to the truth that the Bill is damaging for patients and for the NHS,” she said.

“Excluding our voices will not shut us up. Unison will continue to call for this flawed and dangerous Bill to be dropped and for the government to come clean about the risks it poses to patients and to the cost of NHS care.”

Others dismissed the summit as little more than a PR exercise gone wrong for Mr Cameron.

A Keep NHS Public spokeswoman described the meeting as looking “less like a peace conference and more like Custer’s last stand,” in reference to the calamitous US general who led his army to defeat by Native Americans.

The government’s own goal also coincided with yet more evidence that the public have had enough of the proposed “reforms” to the NHS.

A YouGov Poll for Progressive Polling/Unite the union shows that six times as many people trust health professionals than David Cameron or Andrew Lansley.

And 68 per cent want the government to publish its own risk register on the reforms which would detail the impact of the coalition’s plans on the NHS – rising to 80 per cent for Liberal Democrat supporters.

The damning poll was published in the run-up to Wednesday’s opposition debate in the House of Commons over the government’s refusal to release the NHS risk register.

Commenting on the poll results Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “David Cameron is haemorrhaging trust over the Health Bill with public disquiet growing each day the government fights to keep the risk register secret. People have a right to know what damage these so-called reforms will do to their NHS.”

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