Observation On BIRMINGHAM Coalition Refuse To debate the future of the city’s Wholesale Markets – despite receiving a petition containing more than 20,000 names

Observation On Birmingham Council may not debate the future of the city’s Wholesale Markets – despite receiving a petition containing more than 20,000 names. To do it justice I have enclosed article below:


Under the rules of the authority, the submission of any petition bearing 20,000 signatures should automatically trigger a debate by the full council. But the organisation claimed the petition, backed by the Birmingham Mail, was flawed on several counts and instead passed the issue to a smaller scrutiny committee to discuss. Officials argued a claim that the markets were being closed was misleading and said there were only 18,000 valid signatures because some were from outside Birmingham or were illegible. The Support our Markets campaign was launched last summer after the council served notice on Wholesale Markets traders to quit the site by next year. The council-owned site in Pershore Street is earmarked for redevelopment. But the authority has insisted the traders will not be forced to leave until a suitable alternative location can be found. Keith Smith, of the Wholesale Market Association, said: “Tens of thousands of people throughout Birmingham and the wider Midlands are concerned enough about the effect on people and jobs to have signed this petition. “The debate should be held by the full council.”

Longbridge Labour councillor Andy Cartwright, who worked at the Wholesale Markets for six years and presented the petition to the council, said it was wrong to discount signatures from outside Birmingham, as the stalls were a regional facility. But he called a full inquiry by a scrutiny committee as long as all the evidence was looked at and views put forward. “The Wholesale Market must stay.

No other city in Europe would take its famous market away,” he added. The report on the petition was due to be considered by the council’s business management committee today.


The first thing that comes to mind Birmingham Coalition suicide in the Local Government Elections to be held on 3rd May 2012 and its for this reason I will be campaigning very hard to see a Labour run council in Birmingham.

Not far from the wholesale Market is the Chinese Community, which the wholesale market provides many spices, and other produce to Birmingham China Town and as far away to some parts of London.

I’m sure there will be many people sad to see the wholesale market go yet many will remember the upset caused by the Birmingham Coalition with the lack of consultation with the wholesalers.

Even the the Local MP for the Ladywood Constituency Shabana Mahmood has added her weight behind the campaign yet this campaign along with fellow Labour MPs which the Birmingham Coalition fail to take notice.

I would urge all the citizens of Birmingham who supports the Wholesale market remember vote for the Febdems on the 3rd May  you will wake up to a Tory Council. Do the decent thing and vote for Labour and we will see a return of a Labour Council on 3rd May 2012.


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