Four More Years – Barack Obama

Obama Tells US: ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ –US President Barack Obama tells his supporters he returns to the White House ‘more determined and more inspired than ever’. 07 Nov 2012 Barack Obama has won a second term as US President after beating Republican challenger Mitt Romney following a bitter and costly election campaign. The Democrat sealed victory by winning in Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin, Virginia and Colorado – seven of the nine key battleground states. With only Florida left to call, Mr Obama has 303 electoral college votes to Mr Romney’s 203 and is well over the crucial threshold of 270. The President was also ahead in the national vote, with the country-wide exit poll putting him on 50% – two points ahead of his Republican challenger. [Lest we forget: NDAA, drones, PATRIOT Act renewal/expansion, insurance cartel giveaway aka ‘health care’ reform, Guantanamo Bay still open (tribunals underway), forgiveness of Bush-era war criminals (heck, even some brand new war crimes), surrender to GOP on debt ceiling (and everything else), Afghanistan until 2014, contractors in Iraq, etc.]
Romney concedes, Obama thanks supporters 07 Nov 2012 Mitt Romney is conceding that his hard-fought presidential bid has ended in failure. He told supporters in Boston that he gave it his all and that he is now praying that President Barack Obama will be successful in guiding the nation. Romney said, “This election is over, but our principles endure.” Obama, meanwhile, tweeted to supporters, “This happened because of you. Thank you.”
Mitt Romney’s concession speech (Full transcript) Wednesday, 07 Nov 2012, 1:10 AM Here’s the full transcript from Mitt Romney’s concession speech on Wednesday morning, Nov. 7, 2012.
Obama wins a second term as U.S. president 07 Nov 2012 A sharply divided America awarded President Barack Obama a second term Tuesday, choosing him over Republican Mitt Romney to lead the repair of an economy that by far remains the country’s biggest concern, the Washington Post projects. The president was poised to narrowly win several tight races in a handful of battleground states. Democrats also held onto their majority in the Senate, picking up two seats in early returns with the possibility of a third. By 11 p.m., Obama had already won the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Iowa and Wisconsin, the home of Romney’s running mate Rep. Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan loses vice-presidential bid but keeps his House seat 06 Nov 2012 Paul Ryan came up short in his vice presidential bid, but his backup plan worked. The Wisconsin congressman easily won re-election Tuesday night to the U.S. House seat he has held since 1998. He also won his previous congressional elections by comfortable margins. Even before he was tapped as Mitt Romney’s No. 2, Ryan was seen as a rising star within the Republican Party. As chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee, he gained prominence when he drew up an austere budget blueprint that would reshape Medicare for many people into a voucher-like program. He also attracted attention for wanting to keep tax breaks in place that were set to expire for the wealthy.
To be honest I and many other Labour Party members are glad to see President Obama  gained for more years in what started of with dirty politics from the Republican camp. Sure million of dollars were spent in what was  regarded as the most expensive campaigns to gain the presidency unfortunately there can be only be one winner and it just happened to be Barack Obama well done to him and not forgetting our Labour Party members who gave up some of their time to fly across USA to lend their support to get Barack Obama re-elected.
President Barack Obama  election was likely to be decided in just a few key swing states as votes are cast for the electoral college that decides the presidency.
Polls were giving Democratic incumbent Barack Obama a narrow lead, most notably in the key state of Ohio, which analysts say is a must-win for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.
Both candidates continued their campaign today, unusual for polling day underlining the closeness of the race.
Mr Obama’s voice broke as he addressed final rallies in Florida, Virginia and Ohio while Mr Romney toured Florida, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire desperate to grab the 270 electoral college votes needed to clinch the presidency.
The first results came in from small New Hampshire town Dixville Notch, where all voters have traditionally cast their ballots just after midnight for the last 50 years. They produced the first tie in the district’s history giving the pair five votes apiece.
The candidates have spent an estimated $6 billion (£3.8bn) in the 18-month race for the White House.
Syrian rebels were reportedly gripped by the election. Some trumpeted support for Mr Romney, believing that his Republican credentials would make him more likely to sanction military action.
There has been little of the wave of popular support on which Mr Obama swept to power in the 2008 race, but Mr Romney has also failed to take full advantage of the groundswell produced by the right-wing Tea Party.
A group of 12 Peruvian shamans insisted that Mr Obama would get a second term, performing a Monday ritual in which they assaulted a picture of Mr Romney with maracas and a sword. They also rubbed flowers on a picture of Mr Obama on a hilltop near Lima.

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