All eyes will be at the Eastleigh Byelections

labour1All eyes will be focus in Eastleigh Byelection so far there has been visits from leaders of the three main political parties to boost their support for their candidates. There is no doubt the political temperature will continue to increase.

There has been more than a large presence of the Liberal Democrats (Fibdems)  mobs  has called in from other parts of the UK to support their candidate. The question is will they hold on to their seat and does the Conservatives do their candidate and any justice by sending in Boris Johnson to help their candidate?

photo(2)No doubt there will be a winner and a loser in this coming byelection there has been calls across the UK for Labour members to come down to  across the country will descend to support our Labour candidate John O’Farrel.  I wish John the success that is needed to win the seat.

I understand from friends of mine that lives and work in Eastleigh that it’s a Fibdems control so it’s natural for them to defend the seat . On the other side of the coin I would love to see Conservatives and Fibdems do battle against each other as they are in bed together as the coalition partner in crime. It’s like having two dragons in the same room that spark fireworks against each other in the doorstep.

The message I’m receiving is Labour is getting their message on the doorstep which is positive and look forward to see a Labour victory at the ballot box if you do have some spare time do come down to help you can contact John O’Farrel campaign team at 69 Leigh Road Eastleigh Hampshire SO50 9DF

See article below:

Boris Johnson joined the Eastleigh by-election battle, declaring “it is a Conservative’s constitutional duty to kick the Liberal Democrats”.

The mayor of London is the latest senior politician to visit ahead of next week’s vote.

Mr Johnson met Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings and joined her going door-to-door to meet constituents.

Lib Dem schools minister David Laws said the forthcoming vote is serious and is “not about Boris Johnson”.

During his visit to the Hampshire constituency, Mr Johnson described his party’s coalition partners as the “Fib Dems” and called them “great big wobbling jellies of indecision”.

But Mr Laws said: “It’s about choosing somebody who’s the right champion for Eastleigh in the future.

“It’s not about Boris Johnson; it’s about Mike Thornton and the other candidates.”

Labour candidate John O’Farrell was also campaigning in Eastleigh, while UKIP announced that two former Lib Dem councillors have joined the party.

The full list of candidates in alphabetical order is:

  • COLIN BEX – Wessex regionalists
  • DAVID BISHOP – Elvis Loves Pets Party
  • JIM DUGGAN – Peace Party
  • RAY HALL – Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party
  • HOWLING LAUD HOPE – Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party
  • MARIA HUTCHINGS – Conservative
  • DIANE JAMES – UK Independence Party
  • DR IAIN MACLENNAN – National Health Action Party
  • KEVIN MILBURN – Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”
  • JOHN O’FARRELL – Labour
  • DARREN PROCTER – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • DANNY STUPPLE – Independent
  • MIKE THORNTON – Liberal Democrats
  • MICHAEL WALTERS – The English Democrats – “Putting England First!”




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