Benefits For Migrants ‘Crisis

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Thoughts on Benefit For Migrant Crisis:

Why is it that successive government panders to either racism fascism, or xenophobia in regards to their European counterparts surely they should have known that being part of European Union something has to give.

This really concerns me when Labour and coalition starts to pandering to the right-wing agenda to the likes of British National Party(BNP) United Kingdom Independence Party(UKIP) and English Defence League(EDL) as they are the one who will benefit from the attention from the media.

Granted Labour may have made some mistakes on immigration at lease they have man up to the fact that it did not work. I think it’s about time that they(Labour) stop continuing to giving apologies and move on to counter attack the coalition with their reform of benefit for mitigation benefit crisis.

For Ian Duncan Smith(IDS) to move to the right of the Conservatives(Nasty Party) can only lead me to believe if you are rich welcome to the UK if you poor see door there go through the door comes to mind. Ask yourself this question on the coalition front bench how many BAME ministers do you see let alone anybody from the developed countries as they are treated like third class citizens?

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It’s alleged all the three political parties have learnt their lessons from Eastleigh By-elections frankly I cannot concur with their statements. I feel that the big three political parties are playing games with the voters just to gain votes for all the elections coming soon.

Immigration has been very good for our economy lets take a look at for the moment both China and India has invested in UK which helps unemployed back into work yet recently the visit to India coalition declared that our boarders are opened to them on the other hand there was no mention of the same welcome to China. Labour did a lot more for China than the coalition I wonder why any guesses.

Granted there a few bad apples that exploits our welfare system they are far few than the many. This happens when some crooks feel that they are above the law they always get caught in the end.

Whilst doing our Labourdoorstep If one ask the ordinary job block what are his or her concerns the reply would be community, jobs, better housing, education, environment petrol, gas, electricity, economy, street lighting, cleaning and lastly immigration.

Not every immigrants who enters our country depends on benefit system and the ones does are few.

Yvette Copper was right to highlight Student visa loopholes are allowing tens of thousands of people to enter the UK without any checks.

I judge them by the quality of their work, not the place they were born.

See article below:

The Work and Pensions Secretary said it was too easy for migrants to pass the current residency test, which then entitled them to claim benefits.

He told MPs he was trying to tighten up the system “dramatically” but was being thwarted by the European Union.

The senior Tory was replying to an urgent question from Labour MP Frank Field, as the Government works on how to stem immigration from Romania and Bulgaria

“There is somewhat of a crisis over this. For the last two years, I have been fighting a rearguard action over what was left to me by the last government,” he said.

“I inherited a habitual residency test which simply isn’t fit for purpose. We are trying to tighten that up dramatically and I am being infracted at the moment by the European Union for doing that.”

The habitual residency test does not demand that EU migrants show they plan to stay here for any set period of time.

They can also claim child benefits from the UK even if their offspring still live in their native country and pocket tax credits by claiming self-employed status.

GPs were taking on migrants even if they had only been in the UK for 24 hours, Mr Duncan Smith told MPs.

He declared that Germany and other countries had “woken up at last” to the issue and stressed that he had made Britain’s position clear to the European Commission.

Mr Duncan Smith wants greater restrictions on universal credits.

Local councils will also have to publish data on how much social housing was being offered to non-British citizens.

The Government is battling to head off concerns over the influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria when temporary restrictions are lifted in December.

Mr Field claimed 25,000 people are already arriving every month.

Shadow minister Stephen Timms admitted the prospect of future migration meant the problem had to be addressed but criticised the Government for “floating some vague ideas”.

Tory John Redwood suggested new laws should prevent migrants receiving benefits unless they show a “suitable contribution” or spend 10 years in full-time education here.

Mr Duncan Smith said: “This is very much the direction of travel we are trying to take.”

Tory James Duddridge said: “The infraction process is surely just a fine. No-one has ever paid any of these fines.

“Please, please, please just say no, tell the Commission to sod off and don’t pay the fine.”

Mr Duncan Smith said: “I’ll skip the language and stay with the sentiment.”



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