The hard realities of Bedroom and Council Taxes cause by coalition


conservative-liberal-democrat-logo-468965850My thoughts on the hard realities of Bedroom and Council Taxes.

Coalition which consist of Conservative(Nasty Party)  and Liberal Democrats(Cockroach Party)  introduced the dreaded Bedroom Tax which brought back terrible memories of the Poll Tax to thousands who went on the National Day if Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax.
Oppose-the-Bedroom-tax-e1363101953740Here is another reality check if you live in rented accommodation from the council or housing association and receive housing benefits and you have a spare room then from the 1April 2013 your housing benefit cut will be by 14% a two or more spare rooms 25% cut housing benefits which means you will lose between £12-22 per week and if you receive council tax benefit you will have to pay your council tax on top of that subject to what band you are in. If you can’t make up the difference and get into arrears you will be evicted. This is what the coalition is instructing all councils and town halls to do.

photo(1)Whist I was on the demonstration I came across some folks who I have not see before I asked them why did they came to march in which the reply I got was they lived in a council housing and housing associations they are single who lives in a two bedroom flats they wanted to move and could not move because they did not live in a area where their tower blocks was not up for demolition they now have to pay both bedroom and council taxes and they are unemployed.
download1I suspect over the coming months many low paid, disabled and unemployed people who has a spare bedroom(s) will have to pay both bedroom and council taxes. Saturday’s demonstration highlight  a lot of anger throughout the UK this because the coalition wants to send a message that they are no soft touch for this reason they cut the grants to city councils and town halls hoping to make savings which will bring out the anger of citizens.
photo(4)The coalition enjoys the divide and rule and there is more to come so be ready for it as they know that there were many voters who are eligible to vote WILL not use it which allows them to get back into office via back door.

The only way to change history is to get off your hands and do something about by start voting in all the elections from now to 2015. There is no excuse for you all NOT to vote as this what the coalition is depending on YOU NOT TO VOTE.

67078_568951696450079_333548374_n1The other side of the coin is the coalition was to send a strong message to their European counterpart that UK is no soft touch as they expect of Europeans to enter the this country. Let me be very clear this Will happen as the signs are there for us all to see during the European Elections both Conservatives and UKIP are pandering to the far right national parties and the Conservatives right are not happy with David Cameron they have put up Theresa May as the next challenger to Cameron to put the pressure on him as their donors wants to see hard results from him.

As for the cockroach party they are so desperate for power that they will do deals with any political parties there is many examples just look out for Monday 18 March they have done a deal with Labour Party which will spit their coalition partner. After the vote they will crow back to their bed partners as if nothing thing has happened.

I am proud to see Labourleft, Labour Against Bedroom Tax, Labour Briefing and other organisations led the way against the Bedroom Tax I don’t normally say this lightly. I have always maintained when Labourleft, Labour Against Bedroom Tax, Labour Briefing  get their policies right I will praise them and like any political parties or organisations when they get their policies wrong I will criticise.

The unprecedented triple dip recession is almost upon us. Over four years on from banking crash, with unemployment across UK and Europe at record levels, the economy continues to flatline and various remedies failure. Recently UK lost its triple A credit rating, the one course that all the work of the chancellors austerity has gone down the drain.

Coalition continues to insist that the budget deficit is a problem and investment and growth will not pick up until its reduce. The increasingly desperate and odious measures to reduce public spending and restore profitability by driving down wages. This reminds me of the Margaret Thatcher ideology of welfare cuts, and more privatisation and union busting.

The pace at which our schools are being forced to become academies and the huge unpopular hospital closures programmes are striping away our welfare state. The benefit cap and bedroom tax are causing hardships people are being forced out of their homes often relocated to areas where housing is cheaper. We have witnessed this in some parts of London and Southeast which will eventually affect the whole country which amounts to social cleansing.

It is estimated that nearly a quarter of a million will depend on food banks for the next five to 10 years. 1 in 5 children are in poverty this shows that crime will be on the increase to steal food to survive if I’m reading this right from the police and charities reports.

Coalition continues with their austerity programme which is cutting too fast and it’s not working but hurting. Almost £500 bn has been handed over to the banks in a form of quantitative easing.

The problem that I have with the banks is they are the ones who created the problems in the first place no ifs or buts. They are NOT leading and the banks expect from us higher returns in the short term which does not work. Banks should be concerned at the long term investment however there is talk of some economists bypassing and injecting money into the economy directly.

I was glad of Labour front and backbenchers all opposed the benefit cuts which helped to unite its members this also increased the party’s popularity in all fronts.

Recently at Labour Party Local Government Conference Liam Bryne MP mentioned five million people are using payday loans to cope with every day bills. He called for Jobs, jobs jobs and said the Department of Works and Pensions was blocking investment into manufacturing and small businesses. But with seven million underemployed what is needed are real jobs. Lewisham Council spends as much money on Housing Benefit as they do on housing.

On a more serious note we all need to reorganise on our protest as this just the first stage. We all need to continue to lobby our MPs and Councillors from a cross party approach via letter, advice surgery and get more activity all the communities all over the regions to bring home the message which includes visiting the council estates



4 responses to “The hard realities of Bedroom and Council Taxes cause by coalition

  1. What a load of hypocritical puke. Firstly the bedroom tax campaign is a peoples campaign NOT and Never was a pro-bedroom labour party campaign. The attempted hijacking by self-appointed Chairman Mao Eoin Clarke of the labour leftmya*** and of the “Red” Book, who uses and enhances the status of tax -dodging Amazon, was pathetic and got totally trashed in the heart of Liverpool, Ridiculously on here we have a pic denouncing millionaires , you “see” Labour are a party with a broad representation of their constituents, NO posh, privileged, careerist, elitist, self-serving, fingers in pies, tax-dodgers, Paedo PIE apologists, expenses cheats [ not to be confused with the pleb thieves and fraudsters who go to court ] millionaires and pigs might fuggin fly. We are a Nation run by Rogues for Rogues. I have no party, I am disabled, live in council sheltered housing and by gawd I know the torment labour has put sheltered housing residents through this past 10 years when they removed our resident wardens . I can assure any reader here there isn’t a snowballs chance in hello that I will vote for my abuser, ALL of them be they Blue Red or Yellow Tory!

    • Well Teddymcabb in regards to your anger towards Eoin Clarke that is a matter between yourself and him to deal with as I cant speak on his behalf.

      On the issue of Bedroom Tax that is a matter of your opinon.

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