Robert Francis Report Recommendations




Robert Francis

My thoughts on Robert Francis Report Recommendations:

For many years service users have called on successful governments to reform the NHS and many have gone unnoticed. Yet there are many in the health profession would concur that patient care is paramount.



Let’s look at the root causes of it like staff nurses are overstretched and in some cases have to depend on agency staff to cope with understaffing and not getting a fair deal. In any professions there should be accountability no matter how hard it may be as that is the only way that the NHS can have transparency.

Recently there has been a high level of negative press to our beloved National Health Service(NHS) which is enough to put the shivers down our spins and think of our families and ourselves when we are rushed through to the emergency department to be treated.

Let’s have a positive discussion about our NHS and be proud to know it is there at the point of need. Grant there are a few bad apples that bring the profession down by cutting corners and not acknowledging that cuts has a part to play in it and it open up another can of worms like unclean operating rooms and contracting out the cleaning to private contractors where as if they kept it in-house they would have done a better job than some of the private contractors.

Next is the sticking point of Health Care Assistants who are they are accountable there should be a clear accountability and transparency in place as some are employed by agencies who have won contracts and the agencies are quick to put the blame on the Health Care Assistants that tries to make ends meet and are under paid some don’t meet the national requirement for qualifications which I’m of the opinion that some are trained to NVQ level but only to be informed that it’s not worth the paper it is written on by some recruiting agencies.

As I former recruitment consultant manager who recruit Health Care Workers and nurses I note that there are some rouge nursing agencies that recruit nurses from oversees who came on student visas but do not meet the Royal Nurses Collage(RCN) or Registered Nurse(RN) standards then pass them off as Health Care Workers to work in private mental health, learning disabilities, and elderly Care Homes with a promise of work permits etc. those are the rough agencies that needs to be investigated.

Then comes another burning issue issue such as Westminster double standards  I am glad that many Labour MPs have stood up against these pay proposals and put down an early day motion (EDM 1177, Differences in pay for parliamentary estate staff). The response has been good, with 73 MPs signing up so far. Many signatories, as you might expect, are from Labour colleagues, but there are representatives from nearly all parties on the list – including two Tories.

With so many MPs backing this EDM it would be disgraceful if the proposal goes ahead.

You’d think with opposition on this scale and the obvious injustice that the proposals represent the Prime Minister might take more of an interest.

Like many of us was extremely disappointed when Jim Sheridan asked David Cameron what he planned to do about this during PMQs.

He refused to engage with the issue and rambled on about Labour’s approach to welfare.

I’d have liked to hear him say he would approach management directly and try to get to the bottom of this issue.

But instead he merely showed how out of touch he, and the majority of his party, is.

They have no concept of injustice because they get a better than fair deal themselves and look down their noses at people in Parliament who work hard to get vital jobs done, whether in clerical, catering or other roles.

We are facing difficult times but some are feeling it much more than others. A society committed to justice would acknowledge this and work harder to help those feeling the pinch.

But under this Tory-led government we do not live in such a society.

This rumoured proposal from the house authorities is an obvious example. Senior managers should be forced to bear the same level of sacrifice being demanded of others. And Parliament can hardly lead by example if it is treating its own estate staff in such an unjust way.



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