USA withdraw its nuclear testing

north-korea_2100289bMy thoughts on USA withdraw its nuclear testing:

I’m glad that USA are finally seeing sense over North Korea and its young leader as I can see it the minute the US starts its test on missile it plays into the hands of the North and the hard liners will continue with their propaganda machine to prove that the US are the instigators to suppress its citizens.

The fact the USA has postpone their missile until May has indicated to me that they are beginning to take the wait and see approach which is in the right direction and the ball is now in North Koreas court. Nobody wants to go to war but both sides still needs to exercise caution and continue with talks but not hot air.

As I said in my earlier post that the hard liners most of them are from the old guard or old school and most of them needs to be replaced by young blood as they are the future of North Korea will go along way. It’s about time that the tribalism must stop and let the young leader lead the country towards democratic elections and open up its country to bring in much-needed investment which will help to build their economy which will lead to a stop on depending on aid from China and Russia.

There are many North Korean dissidents would be brought in the much-needed investments from the Western World but only when they feel safe and able to travel more freely until that day comes all eyes will on North Korea.

Is there a future for North Korea yes they can should they want change. Many will agree this is a necessary course to take for the country to move it forward and improve on their education, housing, jobs, and investment. There are many ideas that the new leader could introduce and make his mark for North Korea. It’s about time that the young leader shows leadership instead of pandering to the hard liners in the country why don’t they just retire and enjoy the fruits they have gained so far it’s because they have no proper pension system and they depend on the backhandeers which the leadership will have to deal with.

Its been an unbelievable few weeks with the rhetoric from David Cameron William Hague and President Obama over North Korea its like throwing a bowl of rice on to the wall and the rice bounce back of the wall to hit all North Koreans in the face. Yet both countries will accept and defectors with open arms to gain intelligence from them to remain in the UK and USA what hypocrites both countries has become.

New Image1Yet on the one hand David Cameron claiming that North Korea is a threat to the UK then we have William Hague quoted

The North Korean regime is guilty of “paranoid rhetoric” after warning last week that it could not guarantee the safety of embassy staff in the event of a war, William Hague has said.

As the US moved to ease tensions by postponing a missile test in California, the foreign secretary urged Britain and other allies to remain calm as he said there were no signs of a major military buildup.

download1Then I saw William Hague Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show,  saying: “We have to be concerned about the danger of miscalculation by the North Korean regime, which has worked itself up into this frenetic state of rhetoric in recent weeks, and the danger that they would believe their own paranoid rhetoric. But it is important that the international response to this, including our response, must be clear and united and calm.”

There is still time for both new leaders from North and South Korea to reach an amicable agreement to open up trade and much-needed investment.


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