Labour Gains in County and South Sheilds Elections

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband delivers a speech on cultural diversity and integration in Britain.

My thoughts on One Nation Labour Party Campaign:

I think we all learned a valuable lesson yesterday. If we don’t mobilise behind Labour we are walking into the nightmare of a Tory and UKIP alliance at the next election ! Last one to leave the country turn out the light !

Intriguingly many would have noticed that David Cameron was yesterday poised to rip up the Queen’s Speech after his pasting at the polls.

He began devising a “Boris blueprint” so he can ape the London mayor’s appeal which saw him re-elected despite a disastrous week for the Tories.

Mr Cameron is re-examining every Bill to be announced in Wednesday’s State opening of Parliament. Issues such as crime, immigration and jobs will now take centre stage.

Less popular ideas such as Lords reform and gay marriage could be watered down or kicked into the long grass. A Whitehall source said: “Boris has made David see the error of his ways.

“He is going through the speech line by line. It’s usually set in stone but we’re all braced for last-minute tweaks.”

Mr Cameron was spurred into his last-minute rewrite after losing 405 council seats in Thursday’s local elections. His party has suffered as the coalition with Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems has alienated right-wing Tory voters. Cameron also faces an “alternative Queen’s Speech” being drawn up by fed-up troops.

But Boris bucked the trend for a second term as London mayor on a traditional Tory agenda of tax cuts, tackling crime and EU bashing.

In his victory speech he said: “It’s all about the things that matter.” He even joked at a champagne-fuelled party after his win: “We survived the rain, the BBC, the Budget — and the endorsement of David Cameron.”

Tory ex-Cabinet minister John Redwood has urged Mr Cameron to listen to ordinary voters. He tells how  “Boris won by sounding and acting more Tory than the national party.”

Last night bookies slashed the odds of Boris becoming the next PM to 3-1.

Mr Cameron now aims to make the war on crime his main focus. The speech will unveil plans for a new National Crime Agency to tackle the UK’s 7,000 organised crime gangs. The NCA will cover drugs, guns, fraud, child abuse, people trafficking and cyber crime.

New laws to force internet giants to keep email records to make it easier to catch online paedophiles will also be announced.

On the other hand there is the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) also took votes of Labour which the leadership should seriously look at if we are the party of progress for the forthcoming elections. ‘There is a myth, propagated by much of the commentariat, which says that the public are far to the right of the major parties on three issues – immigration, welfare and the European Union.
It is a myth that has been doing the rounds for some time now, but one which will no doubt be given another boost by today’s local election results.

Ukip is averaging 26 per cent of the vote in those wards where it is fielding candidates – proving, so the commentariat will conclude, that a large proportion of the electorate are just waiting for a credible politician of the right to reflect their concerns over, you guessed it, immigration, welfare and the European Union.

Like most myths this one has been around long enough to escape tough questioning – it tends instead to be assumed rather than argued, often by pundits of both the right and the left.

There is also some truth to it. Carry out a poll and the public will invariably cite one or all of the three issues above as ‘major’ concerns of theirs.

The important thing to recognise, however, is the difference between hard support for a policy and soft support for it – or in today’s context, the difference between giving a mandate to soft power (local councils) and hard power (the government of the country).

The old line which says the electorate like Tory policies until they find out that they are the policies of the Tory party applies doubly to Ukip. Voters may say they like UKIP’s policies – emotionally they do – but they are not so irresponsible as to ever hand anything resembling power to those espousing them. They may feel a desire to stop all immigration and retreat into an England of tripe shops and hanging, but in most cases they know, deep down, that they are just protesting, and that this is the realm of fantasy.

UKIP represents the triumph of emotion over logic, something all of us are susceptible to from time to time; especially so when it involves evocations of the past.

Richard Dawkins was recently on the receiving end of a great deal of flak (rightly so, in my opinion) for questioning why the journalist Mehdi Hasan, an apparently ‘irrational’ religious believer, was published by a serious publication – the New Statesman.

Mehdi Hasan’s belief that “Muhamed flew to heaven on a winged horse” should have  disqualified him from being taken seriously, according to Dawkins. Hasan was from that section of the population which is unreachable by logic – beyond the pale, in other words.

Now I wouldn’t dream of comparing Mehdi Hasan – a serious writer – to a supporter of UKIP. My point, however, is that all of us – even Richard Dawkins – simultaneously hold irrational and rational views. None of us are completely rational because we are, as Dawkin’s fellow ‘Horseman’ the late Christopher Hitchens phrased it, a poorly evolved mammalian species whose “pre-frontal lobes are too small and adrenal glands too big”.

Well as George Orwell once said, “on the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.” Ukip appeals to the unpleasant instincts that still reside in a certain number of older, mostly male voters (43 per cent of UKIP’s support is from over 65s, with just 8 per cent from under 35s. 66 per cent is from men and 34 per cent is from women). Such are the demographics of the Ukip vote that many who have supported them in this week’s local elections will actually be dead by the time the 2015 election comes around. Many others will vote with their brains as well as with their ‘hearts’; they will vote on living standards and the economy rather than immigration or “political correctness gone mad”.

Just as people don’t marry their holiday flings; or at least most people don’t, the electorate on the whole don’t vote in general elections based on their prejudices, but rather on what they believe will be good for them and their families.

Much as Ukip’s share of the vote in the 2004 European elections, when it came third, didn’t translate into votes in the May 2005 General Election, where they achieved just 2.3 per cent of the total votes cast, many voters will make a more thorough assessment before choosing who runs the country. The real danger is not that Ukip, an ultra-reactionary party of “cranks and gadflies”, achieves some kind of electoral breakthrough. It’s that in dragging the Tories to the right they will drag Labour and other progressives off with them.

Labour mustn’t go there. It doesn’t need to go there. Let the Tories drift off to the right; let them, with Lynton Crosby again at the helm, do a 2005 all over again, ranting about immigration, ‘scroungers’ and the European Union; and let them sink all over again, as they did back then.

Emotion represents only so much of our decision making, just as evocations of an imaginary past will only ever appeal to a limited number of people. Ukip represents the last gasp of a Britain that only ever existed in the imaginations of its supporters; and romanticism will only take you so far in politics as in life.’

The question has Ed Miliband finally found his mojo with the promotional video via Youtube the answer lays within the message that has been presented for the viewers to make up their own mind. See link below:

What a few weeks we have had not just from behind the scenes is Labour really ready to lead this country some may think that Labour is ready, some may still think it’s a mix opinion let’s move forward and backwards never comes to mind.

The testing time came fast with the recent Local Government, Unitary, County, and Mayoral, elections followed by North Shields By-elections this year.  Some will continue to argue is Ed Miliband the right person to be Leader for Labour Party given that there will be another elections which Labour will have to win for next year’s European and Local elections for 2013-14 there are many party activists will be campaigning hard to  secure a Labour victories across the UK. I will begin to say Yes ed Miliband is the right person to lead the party to victory.

It seems the Condems(Conservatives) are at least learning something from their coalition partners. Labour activists are used to seeing handwritten letters from Liberal Democrats(Fibdems) talking about their candidacy without mentioning which party they’re from and now some Conservatives has done the same.

Intriguingly Conservatives are around ten points behind in the polls, but they still display an admirable amount of bluster. They stride about the Commons as if they owned the place (although they did that in opposition too). Most still (publicly at least) refuse to countenance the idea that in 2015 Ed Miliband could be Prime Minister. They stay very silently I wonder why are they afraid of defeat?.

More interesting for Labour supporters has a simplistic way in which the Tories talk about UKIP and their voters. They talk about them as if they are aggrieved that they are “splitting the vote”. It’s the way Labour use to spoke about the Lib Dems. But as we found out to our cost, these parties that infuriate you and “split your vote” can often turn out to be very different from the simple exaggerated representation we have of them. Maybe the day will come when Conservatives may discover that about UKIP too. And that the only way to win isn’t to form a pact.



Thanks to our entire Labour activist who went out to support our candidates from neighboring towns and constituencies and from across the country to gain a Labour victory and those who traveled across the country to lend their support with the telephone and door canvassing your work has been noticed by Ed Miliband and congratulations to Emma Lewell-Buck our newly elected Member of Parliament for South Shields.

A message to those who don’t vote don’t moan do something for yourself by come out to vote as you can see this coalition is doing more damage to this economy and our welfare state. If you are being affected by Bedroom Tax and Council Tax. It’s your duty to vote. If you still don’t come out to vote then the problems lays with you as that’s the choice you make so don’t moan when you can make a large difference to this country.

There seems to be a positive move from our activist all over the UK in campaigning mode which helped attract other members like that of the tone of voice in Ed Miliband he came across very positive with the history of Thatcherism and the cheek of David Cameron speech of We’re all Thatcherites and broken multiculturalism which helped to lead our campaign.

This list is not definitive but it gives Labour party members real cause for optimism today. Well done to everyone that made this happen:

Cannock Chase
Amber Valley
High Peak
Hastings & Rye
Lancaster & Fleetwood
Norwich North
Norwich South
North Warwickshire





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  1. Good article. So candidates are seriously running without mentioning their party? That’s outrageous.

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