Values of Old Labour vs New Labour

Quote of the day:

Keep your friends close and keep your enemies even closer to your chest.

My Thoughts On Values Old Labour vs New Labour :

There has been much talk about that Labour being hollowed out lost activists, councillors and introducing a new lifeline into the party of lately. Whilst this may be true in some sense there will be always critics or opponents of Labour this is true to say that this happens in all the political parties be it Conservatives,(Condems) Liberal Democrats,(Fibdems) and United Kingdom Independent Party(UKIP)

Some Labourites will continue to state that Labour should revisit clause 4 of our beloved constitution and being back the old clause 4 by bring back into public ownership like rail, water, gas, hospitals electricity and other elements of public ownership myself and others who fought to save the very things that remain in our hearts lost the fight of the day as Blair made sure of this when he became leader of our party. Like him or dislike him. Neil Gordon Kinnock, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were the people who were responsible for the reform to what we have witnessed in our party today.

There have been some negative and positives from both quarters of our membership like Old Labour vs New Labour. Granted some would love to see the return of public ownership and repeal of anti-trade union laws the question is will this happen. The answer to me seems obvious to the many and not to the few.

sadiq-lollipop1Shadow cabinet minister Sadiq Khan was right to say that Labour began the process of rebuilding the party after the 2010 General Election results when we lost and that Labour did some remarkable things whilst in government and had to recruit young blood into the party and persuade them to stand as candidates in the shire areas.

Labour gained did well in 46 of the 106 target MP constituency areas. However more can be done to do more to win seats next years European and Local Elections to gain a true reflection of the “One Nation” mantra. Let’s not forget the Conservatives won’t change course as they are still seen as the nasty party and Theresa May is in waiting to replace David Cameron.

There has been speculations that there is a deal in waiting for a Conservative and UKIP alliance which is seen as the best thing since slice cake and is being supported by the Murdock Empire. It’s purported that Murdock will be supporting UKIP sooner than we all think.
AhCOfA5CIAA6lJPSeema Malhotra MP sum it up at interview on 5 Live radio when she said that Ed Miliband is relatively young as a new leader and the progress of Labour is growing strong and the One Nation policies still time for it to be a policy for our new manifesto in two and half years’ time we can’t do our manifesto yet as we don’t know what will happen then. It will be launch nearer the time of the general elections.

Both members of parliament (MP) were not involved in the decision to go to war in both Iraq and Afghanistan. So for those of you who think that they are Blairites I’ve got news for all of you, they are not they are two individuals who are free thinking people who were recently elected and they have they have a lot to offer.

263121_10201088638039371_1992839812_nOn the other hand the Key Problems That No Political Party Is Addressing:

The gap between the income and wealth of the better-off and less-well-off has been a worrying trend since the advent of Reaganomics and Thatcherism in 1980. From around that time, taxes were cut for better-off individuals and businesses, and the financial markets were deregulated.

The “propaganda” was, and still is, that they are the wealth creators and that their wealth would “trickle down”, making everybody better off. In fact, in contrast to the 1945 to 1980 period, when there were high top taxes and almost everyone’s standards of living vastly improved, real wages of the 90-95% majority have stagnated. And there has been a “gush up” from less well-off workers’ wage packets to the pockets of the wealthy, in the form of capital. This situation was hidden by an increased ability to borrow and the property boom, as well as job abundance.

However, real, full-time and better quality jobs have been whittled down in recent years by the exponential use of technology, which has reduced human work whilst increasing the profits and capital of business owners and their senior managements. Another result has been the large increase in state benefits, necessary to enable families and children to be lifted out of near, or actual, poverty living standards.

To avoid the inevitable slide into economic and social feudalism, we urgently need the following:

1 Progressive, increased income and capital taxation of better-off individuals and businesses. With minimal allowable set-offs and get-outs, including charitable donations and trust avoidance. Pending this, the abolition of forthcoming tax cuts for such folk.

2 Minimum living wage.

3 * Minimum living “benefit wage”.

4 Rent controls.

5 Financial transaction tax.

6 Revised and improved financial market regulation, including the complete split of banking and market operations.

7 Increased tax receipts to be used on housing, infrastructure, and maintaining a minimum “benefit wage”.

8 National Government, with self-sufficiency targets and the utilisation of all resources, including land, to maximise “local” production of food, goods and services.

(* It is conveniently forgotten that benefits, and even benefit fraud proceeds, feed directly into GDP and create growth, particularly in high street spending. In turn that produces 20% VAT revenue, plus employment and income taxes and fuel tax, etc. Whereas, the untaxed business and personal surplus income of the rich is simply hoarded, “gambled” in the financial markets or spent on luxury items abroad!)





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