Labour must do more to win General Elections

Quote of the day: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.


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My Thoughts on Labour must do more to win General Elections:

Whilst I acknowledge that Labour has won some seats in County elections let me clear that what Peter Hains MP is spot on to say that the party has to win over heart and minds of the electorates if we are to win local government, European and General Elections.

The honeymoon of Ed Miliband as the new kid on the block is now over as the leader of our party. He needs to show that he is ready to lead the country and our party in the direction of Labour One Nation. I can see that I may lose followers on this article but like everybody else I have my opinions just like any other voters. I have seen leaders come and go in the Labour Party. I joined the party at the age of 16 years old thanks to my father’s birthday present to me. During that time I have seen both Old Labour and New Labour in action and I have witnessed the Thatcher and Major years during my time.

I still remain loyal to the Labour Party for my sins during the good, bad and ugly times I have witnessed many comrades come, go and return to the party. I have campaigned with many activists from all walks of life in the Labour Party which includes the Black Socialist Society, Bame Labour, Chinese For Labour, Wards and Constituencies throughout the country which I make no apologies and the list goes on. Granted there is a chance we may win the 2015 general elections that can be achieved by involving more activists in our party and the general public by inviting them to consultation events across the country for the many but for not the few. There are current issues that voters are facing like the state of our NHS, Legal Aid, Europe, Immigration, Housing, Bedroom Tax, Living Wage, Pensions, Welfare Reforms and creation  of jobs to get the long term unemployed which includes youths to sustainable employment to name a few.



Progress can be achieved by showing true leadership by Ed Miliband putting a stop to infighting that currently taking place in the party and start with a reshuffle of the shadow cabinet ministers and look towards our policies which will be achieved and have the support of both activists and voters. We are two years away from entering a general elections and our activist are ready to do battle with the coalition. Labour must continue to remain on the centre ground if there is any left of our party this can be regained. Interestingly the blairiutes have been speaking out of lately could it be that they are positioning themselves. I’m of the opinion that the blairites want to spark a debate but are going about it the wrong way.

Here is another example from Dame Tessa Jowell making an impassioned plea to help end youth unemployment. Services to help young jobseekers are being hollowed-out, she says. Brooks Newmark (Con) says the Coalition is creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships.

My opinion is if in the past we were able to win three successful elections from 1997-2010 I’m sure that Labour still have its mojo but needs to get rid of some of its baggage that it still exist. Let’s not forget where the leader of UKIP is coming from, he was a member of the Conservative Party for a while and was fed up with his former party after the Maastricht  Treaty was signed he resigned and formed the United Kingdom Independent Party most of the ideas of  UKIP was born out of the 1983 Conservative Manifesto. Yet I still concur that UKIP does not have any other policies that is achievable in Local and General Elections. It does not take a genius to notice on the ground level that some of our supporters turned to UKIP to register their protest vote. Some will continue to say that UKIP will fade away in time. Well I have news for all of our Labour Councillors, MEPs and MPs this just the tip of the iceberg; this is how UKIP capitalized on it and was able to use the media to do the spin on behalf of UKIP. To those who continually criticize Labour, those are the people who refuse to go out to vote I say to them get out there to vote and stop sitting on your hands. Pick sense out of nonsense. So the morale of this story is the public does not like witnessing in fighting of our party united we stand divided we fall. Lastly, I’m glad that the rank and files of Conservatives are beginning to crack more so is true that UKIP has bit into the Tory and Libdems votes but not silly to think that they can also take votes from Labour voters.




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