Iain Ducan Smith playing bully boys politics

photo(4)When will the Secretary of State for Work and Pension Iain Duncan Smith start to smell the coffee and stop playing the bully boy politics?

It’s not surprising that there is a petition for his comments in regards that he could live on £7:00 per week and is having a nervous breakdown about mounting criticism on his welfare reform (universal credit).

Even the conservative think tank are urging him to make a u-turn and with the raft of the iron man approach about the cost and scale of the Multimillion welfare reform will fail and is linked to the Treasury.

It is implied that the Treasury have reservations and applying very cautious approach before sanction it nationwide which they have to process millions claims on a daily base. Lets visit the track record on introducing new IT systems the question is will it crash in some case computer systems do if you don’t back it up the consequences can be catastrophic which causes hardship to millions of people who has add-on affect millions of pounds to rectify.
2617-security_articleI wonder why so many politicians trust consultancies in White Hall instead of doing their own research just look at the examples of NHS patient records system, regional control centers and passport office to name a few which all failed. In my opinion there is a concern for a potential large-scale fraud in the Treasury which is worrying in today’s world of cyber crimes.

How many self-employed workers really understands about the sweeping benefit claim changes as universal credit gather pace. People who are in business could lose their benefits if they do not inform the Inland Revenue of their income and profits as part of government led universal credit scheme. To get your universal credit one has to go online which will encompass your housing benefit, Jobseekers Allowance, working and child tax credits, employment and support allowances and income support which does not cater for Council Tax. You will have to make a separate application for Council Tax online which in my opinion is a fast as not everybody is computer literate as some fear new technology; others may have learning disabilities to name a couple of examples.

Whilst I don’t have a problem receiving benefits on a monthly basis but there are those who can’t budget properly and accustom to the old system by being paid fortnightly the question is will they be allowed time to adjust to the new system by introducing the American system into the UK?
hm-treasury_2118659bThis is not one offs just think if the Treasury can not get their own house in order how in hell can IDS lead by example.  To brand people who are on benefits as bums, scroungers and down and under and low life does not help by the press and social media. Lets not forget there are people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and they have contributed by paying their taxes most of their working life now face the scrap heap because companies are not investing enough and businesses are closing down on a daily basis.

Granted there may be a few apples but like any system in place there will always be some are around but they are far few of them. Many have called on the government to invest in employment to stimulate the economy. The mantra of the day from the coalition seems to be we have invested new jobs in the private sectors.

Er hello where the jobs are our governments has invested in. Some of the job seekers have not been to university let alone left school with any form of qualifications on the one hand and the ones who have qualification and graduated from university still can not get the jobs which they trained for the coalition needs to be reminded. The other issue is there are not enough incentives to encourage the unemployed to take up not just training and getting a decent jobs which the Conservatives under Thatcher and Major which both created a culture of a life of benefits as manufacturing, and mining closed down.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was caught fibbing yet again about the government’s vicious welfare policies today – this time by the official statistics watchdog.

Mr. Duncan Smith’s department claimed in April that the number of people set to be hit by his cap on benefits had fallen from 56,000 to 40,000, with 8,000 of those people finding work through jobcentres.  But the UK Statistics Agency said that the claim was “unsupported” by his own department’s numbers.

The benefit cap limits couples and single parents to £500 a week and single adults to £350, and covers the main out-of-work benefits, child benefit and child tax credit. The Tory minister used the dodgy statistics to claim the cap was “clearly having the desired impact.”

Intriguingly, the TUC trade union federation was skeptical, prompting an inquiry by the Statistics Agency. And in a letter to the TUC, agency chairman Andrew Dilnot spelled out just how wrong Mr. Duncan Smith had got it.

The claims were “unsupported by the official statistics published by the Department (of Work and Pensions) on April 15,” he wrote.

Mr. Dilnot criticised Mr. Duncan Smith’s department for not sticking to official rules on compiling statistics.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady lashed out at the top Tory today following the revelations. “Only people with weak arguments need to make up statistics,” she said.

She demanded that Mr Duncan Smith apologise to the thousands of people who can’t find jobs. It is not the first time that the minister has been caught red-handed fiddling the figures.

In 2012, Mr Dilnot’s predecessor Michael Scholar took the Work and Pensions Secretary to task for “weaknesses” in the data used in a report on immigrants’ benefit claims.

And late last year Mr Duncan Smith was attacked for massively overstating the level of tax credit payouts under the former Labour government. He said payments had risen 58 per cent in the run-up to the 2005 election and by 20 per cent between  2008-10.

But HM Revenue and Customs confirmed that the actual figures were 8 per cent and 8.8 per cent respectively. Shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne laid into the Works and Pension Minister Iain Ducan Smith.

“Iain Duncan Smith is living in la-la land. His ideas don’t work so he’s now literally making up stories.”

Oxfam policy chief Katherine Trebeck said: “The fact is that the vast majority of people who are out of work would jump at the chance to take a job that paid them a wage they can afford to live on.”

So lets not have lessons from the coalition of blaming Labour by saying they had 13 years to sort out the mess as their vinyl record must by now be very scratched and worn out. People want to know about their bread and butter issues.  I will go as far to say that some wants to taste the jam, marmalade or marmite instead the coalition would rather use scaremongering tactics and continue to use the big society as a smoke screen which will see public services go under and replaced by privatization which will include health and social services sooner or later. The next thing on the agenda will compulsory health insurance in a nutshell no health insurance, no treatment.

Can anybody remind me the stationary duty that the council has to ensure which is laid down in law for the councils to enact introduced by central government?

It’s about time the some people start to wake up and take action legally by voting in the coming years to chose who they want to lead this country and stop sitting on your hands. It’s no wonder why the coalition is allowed to get away with blue murder as no one party was allowed to form a government. Be warned this will happen again if voters chose not to vote in 2014-2015.




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