Return of Blue Labour



Return of Blue Labour:
Recent events at Progress Conference discussion of Blue Labour rare its head again intriguing to learn from the movers and shakers of Blue Labour yearning for a return of a Labour Govt, are they really in touch with the mood of the country comes to mind?.

Well it depends on the national swings at the time or nearer to the general elections. There are some in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) would love to see the back of the Shadow Chancellor  Ed Balls as he has passed his sell by date. Little do they know that Ed Balls has much strength left in him to do the job as an incoming chancellor elect under a Labour Government?



Some will continue to say that he was Gordon Brown former advisor and he has served his time in govt, let someone else with new blood take the mantle. On a personal level I can see the backstabbers’ presences are increasing of lately. To sum it up in a nutshell to your face they say yes I will vote for you then behind your back they point the knife with another person to push the blade they call it politics or rather third world politics for you. Those who are close to Ed Miliband could be argued to be sympathetic to Blue Labour which may be good for a healthy debate but beware of Lord Glasman the second prince of darkness in waiting and is the replacement of Lord Peter Mandelson in my opinion.


Lord Glasman does seem to believe that immigration has been an important cause of the problems in UK. I don’t have a problem of discussing immigration in the positive context as I believe it can lead to a positive outcomes let’s not forget the vast diversity and multiculturalism it has brought to our beloved country as we need immigration to help boost our economy as it brings in investment and creates jobs. However there is a small down side to it a wealthily person can chose where they can live and gain a better prospect of employment whilst a poor person is restricted to where they live and in some cases employment prospect can be slim in some areas and may bring down wages if the person enter into this country with illegally which some recruiting companies depends on if it is not monitored properly. This coalition will have to do more to close the loopholes of the immigration laws introduced by previous and present governments.



It’s not surprising that people who have been waiting on the housing list are sick of other people jumping the queues as they see the alternative way is a protest vote for UKIP as they don’t know what Ed Miband let alone what David Cameron or Nick Clegg stands for as residence pointed out to me on the doorstep. Secondly a child does not have the choice of where they are educated until they reach the age of 18 years old. All of our party members need to be aware whether Blue Labour, New Generation, or One Nation will be in the right direction. We have a choice which one is best for the party or do we reclaim our party then decide which way where the party is heading. I know which one I will stick too. I acknowledge that Blue Labour has mostly academics but too male dominated as do many Think-tank’s. Do they really understand the issues really affecting social housing tenants with their social policy needs in poorer areas in some cases are intentionally being underdeveloped because of lack of truly affordable and rentable housing at the point of need?  Then there is the question how Labour will address sustainable economy and communities given it was the bankers who caused the global down turn throughout the world and the creation of employment. Will Black, Blue, Purple, New Generation or One Nation Labour continue to recognize the trade unions, socialist societies, cooperatives, Fabians, other affiliates and still have them on board our National Executive Committees (NEC).


Call me a sceptic I have a feeling that unless the infighting stops and let the members start to have a stake in Local Branches and Constituency Labour Party there are still some sitting Member Of Parliament, Councillors will be happy to see local branches and CLP don’t meet instead for our Labour MPs to call meetings bypassing our democratic process to hold them all to account does this have a familiar ring to all of us?.

One Nation Labour still needs more work to be done to convince voters that our party is listening to public concern and action their concerns. Let’s not forget the public perception sees all politicians are lining their pockets. Labour must start producing its manifesto ready for 2014 onwards for the electoral to decide if they want a return of a Labour Government or have a coalition. I’m on the strong opinion if Labour decides another brand name like Black, Purple, or Blue Labour will be apolitical disaster for us as we go door knocking and introducing our party as Blue Labour. Labour must continue to be in the centre ground if it wants to be in government as this a key point. 

What we must share in Labour is a belief that it is our party job to heed the warnings of the voters and help to realize it. The party is already making huge strides in that direction, in light of defeat of election.  Ed Miliband leadership, the Movement for Change, and the efforts to refunding Labour as a organizing movement are all manifestation of it. It would be fatal if we lost sight to internal argument about immigration policy. This is a Time Labour must come together under one umbrella and to decide its agenda which will speak for our nation in a way we have not seen for some time which celebrates a radical aspects of our party tradition.

Lastly if Labour is to gain the lead as a incoming government it must throw out its baggage as nothing is worse than seeing a lot of infighting amongst ministers and party activists. We all should continue to lead by example as this plays into the coalitions hands.


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