Introduction of Communication Data Bill (Big Brother Bill)

nigel-cameronIntroduction of Communication Data Bill (Big Brother Bill)

Recently I went touring around the UK to have some idea or soundings as to whether our Communication Data Bill will help to prevent crime. This happened before the incident of Woolwich took place.  Interestingly both CCT TVs and social media came on top of the agenda.

big brother is watching you darth vaderI wanted weigh up what were the benefits of having CCT TV cameras being placed in the so called hotspot areas. Notable most CCT TVs were placed in city centres, some run down estates and where there were high population of black and minority ethic groups allegedly to monitor crimes.

The cameras monitored by staff who is recording the event(s) by watching the screen. Just imagine if a member of staff had to take a comfort break he or she leaves for just a few minutes a crime began and the person(s) are not on the desk to zoom in to alert the police of the crime in progress but most crime are recorded so the police can refer back to later.

big-brother-cameronMost of those people who attended the meetings were council and the third sector staff highlighted the police budgets were being cut and they have very little left to do more and some councils had to raised the council tax bills to meet the down fall from central government grants.

Labour introduced the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 and Communication Act 2003 to monitor the movement of terrorist and mobile phones, Broad Band and which included Close Circuit Televisions unfortunately both acts was rushed through Parliament with not enough time to be debated which would have included to insight violence, and racal hatred on  social media. After seeking legal advice and soundings from the security services and arm forces to include social media was abandoned this is my interpretation of both Acts.

cameras_innercity_london_2005Tories would like to introduce the Snoopers Charter Bill to be passed by the Act of Parliament with the backing of Boris Johnson (another wannabe leader) and possibly with Labour’s support inciting compelling evidence to justify the case. Although I have mix views on the current bill I would love to see a comprehensive debate on this so-called charter not based on knee jerk reactions but with a positive way forward on how they intend to implement the bill.

Already we have seen hate crimes towards the Muslim communities increased by knee jerk reactions of the English Defense League(EDL) who continues to organize marches( demonstration) to case maximum damage to the wider community against  Muslims who are decent abiding citizens  who contributes to our economy. Under this bill it is alleged that they would be in a position to ban groups like EDL and any other religious groups that promote religious hate crimes via internet which the providers will have to keep a record of their monitoring progress. What this bill does not make clear how long it should last and how the internet providers will forward the information to ie the home office or police.

Will drive those groups underground and how does it affect Freedom of speech( Gagging Orders)  Lets look at the merits for and against the bill:

Tories has made it plan that they want introduce the draft communication data bill with or without the support of the Liberal Democrats(LibDems) see the proposal checkout this link:


3 responses to “Introduction of Communication Data Bill (Big Brother Bill)

  1. This is quite a poorly written and ranty post. You make it sound like those nasty old Tories are the anti-civil liberty party (“Tories has made it plan that they want introduce the draft communication data bill” – whatever that actually means). Have you forgotten RIPA, SOCPA section 132, Section 76 of the Counter Terrorism Act, 42 days pre-charge detention (and the 90 days proposal as well!), control orders – I could probably go on and on…..

    Remember that this bill started life as the Interception Modernisation Programme, proposed by the Labour Party and opposed by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in the last parliament. It’s disappointing that the Conservative Party have now changed their minds and rebranded it, but there will probably be more Conservative backbenchers opposed to this than there will be Labour backbenchers.

    If anybody would like to read a more balanced and coherent argument against the Communication Data Bill, I suggest having a read of instead

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