Keep the Trade Union Link

Jaws-of-doom-graph-repres-006Since the Sun is shining the weather is sweet children outside playing whilst the Jaws of Doom is fast approaching and wages are not going up food prices increases, more workers from all walks of life are forced on to the dole queue as some companies both large, medium, and small goes bust while parliament is in recess until September.

This Government has failed totally to understand economics and the basic workings of public services and the benefits to the economy.

A-joke-1The more you starve public services, the more you cut and scrap them the more it costs the state. For every cut there is many times the cost to replace what is not there. You cannot take out a service for child protection and then just expect the issues that led the child to be at risk to go away. Yet that is exactly what this Tory Government has done by cutting Councils budget. Child protection has been put are risk. 

Other services like the police end up picking up the tab or its left from budgets from other council services meaning more people go without other help.

Not only does cutting these services lead to suffering they also lead to few pound spent in the shops in the local community. The rubbish that the private sector have jobs that would match that of public sector every is just that. Jobs in Tesco and Pound land do not equate. The wages are low and therefore the county suffers twice. 

We cannot become a low wages low skilled economy, yet that is what is being created. With public services going and replaced by useless profit motifs of private companies, quality is being destroyed and the economy is getting less and less money put back into the economy. It will lead to yet more recessions and if the Tories get back in, in 2015 that is exactly what will happen again. Thankfully Labour will win, yet the harm will be deep and it will hurt for many years to come.

Show_Racism_the_Red_CardThe coalition continue with their right wing reform agenda which is hurting the pockets of low and middle income whilst the bankers and millionaires continue to fund the fat cat party(Conservatives) yet they continue to use the mantra inappropriately “We’re All In It Together”

Just the other day there have been vans driving through communities with a strong message to all illegal immigrants “Go Home” some would argue by saying yes that telling them F ing bastard which quite correctly plays into the hands of EDL, BNP, and UKIP compliments of this coalition.

The policies the government is dreaming up to encourage illegal immigrants to leave Britain are becoming increasingly absurd. It is already targeting employers and landlords, and has tried persecuting children in schools. Now the Home Office is putting expensive advertising money into the mix: a new billboard campaign is being piloted this week telling illegal immigrants to “go home or face arrest”. And it is just a precursor to the next pilot scheme, a Christmas gift for families of ethnic minorities. From November, visitors from “high risk” countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, will be expected to produce a £3,000 bond to be allowed in to Britain. For many people, that could equate to up to six months’ worth of salary.

rexfeatures_113717_2247405bThere is no less racism in Britain today than there was 50 or so years ago when my parents arrived. It has merely changed in type and style. And it has become bolder. I am still biting my tongue with anger at the British Olympic Association’s original decision (later reversed) not to give accreditation for a journalist at The Voice, Britain’s oldest and biggest black newspaper, owned by a Jamaican publishing house, to the track and field events. Yet on the days that Usain Bolt ran, a man called Scott who sold national pins in Stratford’s shopping centre, told me “everyone was Jamaican”. And he sold out of Jamaican memorabilia – yes, even more than the union flag.

But because we don’t want to be seen with a “chip on our shoulder” we use polite terms such as “outrageous”. Call this new advertising campaign what it is: racist.

Two things about this latest scheme scare me. First, that the authorities are so bold with their racist tactics and their justification of them. Second, that this attitude risks encouraging and validating everyday personal racist incidents.

Racist attacks, both overt and covert, happen in small ways on a daily basis to many people in Britain. Sometimes they are laughable, because that is just a bit better than crying. And when I personally experience such an act, or see or hear of others experiencing it, I do feel like crying – for my parents, my friends’ parents, and all the parents I don’t know who came to Britain to make a better life for themselves; families back home and their children here.

You can’t tell by the colour of people on the streets who is in the UK legally and who is not. Has anything really changed since Enoch Powell gave his “rivers of blood” speech in April 1968? This advertising basically says, it is easier to get rid of them all. I wonder how many of our parents now, if asked, would say it was worth it.

Let’s not forget there is no such thing as a true English person in UK as most of us are descendants or sons and daughters of a foreigner who helped to rebuild UK maybe we all should pay the sum of £3000:00 bond to the treasury.

conservative-liberal-democrat-logo-468965850Why is it no surprise to the many and not for the few the LibDems will go back into a coalition with the Tories who will continue to attack our NHS by selling it off to the private sector with a vengeance I kid you not.

All eyes will be on Labour Party for two reasons the police have found lack of evidence on membership rigging from Unite to Labour selections secondly it will be in Labour NEC to produce the evidence which will remind some party members in some parts of the West Midlands and other parts of the regions why their CLPs and branches were suspended on a similar grounds so certain MPs could control the CLP after a long campaign to lift the suspension it still remained in the so called Special Measures.



ED Milliband has fallen for the Tory plot to demonise the unions. The attack on UNITE the union by the Tories is a deliberate attempt to discredit the entire trades union movement, which has so far proven to be the only organisation prepared to oppose the Con/Dem right wing austerity attacks on the welfare state and public services. Ed Milliband played nicely to the tune of the Tories.

Milliband knows exactly what he is doing. He has not only been leading an ineffective opposition in Parliament, but has committed the Labour Party to carrying on where the Tories have left if Labour wins the next election.

Milliband now recognise that UNITE is leading the opposition against the government’s attack on working class people. Both Cameron and Milliband are colluding to discredit the leader of UNITE as they are both opposed to a call for a general strike, which is likely to be supported by UNITE.

This is where the capitalist class and the political elites converge. They believe in putting their self interest and that of the corporations and the rich above that of the people, or the country. Labour leaders like Tory leaders have always been involved in fixing Parliamentary selections for generations.

Milliband is nothing but an opportunist and a careerist who would even betray his brother and anyone else who stands in his way to securing the most powerful job in Britain. It is about time that the unions reclaim the Labour Party which they created to represent the working class in Parliament.

Sadly, the right wing trade union leaders have colluded with right wing Labour leaders to reduce the power of the unions in government, whilst accepting the fact that the Tories are openly the party of business and the corporations. Cameron is a hypocrite, yet Milliband has fallen for his script against the unions.

While some of my followers say they admire Ed taking on the unions for what he perceived as an attempt by the Unions to influence the process of selecting Parliamentary candidates and hoping that the electorate will see that he is not in the pocket of those that finance him.

On the other hand there is another part of me saying that perhaps the electorate would rather have seen him standing his corner, and taking on Cameron and the Tories, who were leading this campaign, by revealing all the millionaires, and big business who were financing them and the favours that they were receiving because of their donations. It is all the more important now because the police have said no action is going to be taken in the Falkirk affair. Time will tell whether Ed’s moral and principled stand will be the correct one. Labour winning the next election is vital some followers don’t care whether they are right or wrong with their thoughts so long as they do that.

Frankly I do not say this lightly I concur with Unite General Secretary warned Ed Miliband the party should not be a “pinkish shadow” of the government if it expects Unite members to decide to join it. He told a meeting of activists tensions had been growing since the start of New Labour, “fuelled by the failures and disappointments of Labour in office”.

Labour and Unite are at odds over claims the union tried to rig Labour’s candidate selection in Falkirk. The row has seen the selection process halted, Unite threaten legal action and Labour’s campaign chief Tom Watson resign from the role.

It also prompted a raft of attacks from Prime Minister David Cameron on Mr Miliband and Labour in the Commons, alleging they were being controlled by unions, who are the party’s biggest donors.

 Earlier this month Mr Miliband said he planned to change Labour’s relationship with unions so members would have to actively decide whether they wanted to join Labour, rather than automatically becoming affiliated party members.

He said this would strengthen individual members’ links with Labour and revitalise politics. He plans to hold a special Labour Party conference next spring to decide on the change. Several unions have predicted that ending the levy will damage Labour and lead to a large fall in the £8m it currently gets from union members’ fees.

But Mr McCluskey said: “Ed Miliband has made some bold and far-reaching proposals for recasting the trade union relationship with the Labour Party. I know that some pundits were expecting me to reject them outright.

“To re-run the experience of the last generation on this issue – the party leader says something, the unions reject it and have no positive proposals of their own, the first plan goes through anyway and we look like not just losers, but conservative losers.” He said: “We have to be interested in outcomes, not processes. Why dig in behind a status quo that has not worked for us?

“The block vote didn’t stop a Labour government invading Iraq. Affiliation didn’t keep Labour out of the clutches of the banks and the City. Our special relationship didn’t get the union laws repealed.

“So don’t let anyone say that the status quo is worth defending. And don’t let’s be dishonest with ourselves. Before Falkirk, before Ed’s announcement, there were plenty of people in this room today saying, absolutely rightly, that the relationship with Labour had to change.”

Mr McCluskey added: “It is clear we are at a turning point in the historic relationship Unite and its predecessor unions have had with the Labour Party.

“This will have come as a surprise to many of you – although no-one will be shocked by the knowledge that strains in the Labour-union link have been building up for years, at least since the advent of New Labour in the 1990s.”

He said his members were feeling “that for a long time we have been taken for granted by people who welcome our money, but not our policy input, who want to use our resources at election time but do not want our members as candidates”.

“And all this in an environment when ordinary people in all walks of life have become increasingly disengaged from and disenchanted with politics and politicians,” he said.

Unite’s main aim, he said, was to ensure that as many members as possible signed up individually to be affiliate members of the party. “For that to work, and for the trade unions to put their shoulders to the wheel to make it work, the offer has to be an attractive one. Above all, that means a Labour Party that our members want to support, because they believe it can and will make a difference in their lives.

“Not a party that is a pinkish shadow of the present coalition that gives the City a veto over economic decisions and embraces the austerity agenda squeezing the life out of the country.

“A party that makes the 2015 election a real and vivid choice as to the future of our country, not one that leaves the electorate indifferent.

“I believe that Labour under Ed Miliband can be that party – a party that our members want to support because it feels like their party.” Responding to Mr McCluskey’s speech, a senior Labour source said: “Under the reforms Ed has proposed, individual trade unionists will become a proper part of our party. Working people will have a real choice about joining Labour, and those that become members will be a real voice inside the party like all other members.

“Donations from any source be they big businesses or major trade unions, will, as now, have no link with policy proposals.”



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