Obsorne alleges UK On The Mend

downloadHow intriguing that UK allegedly to be on the mend after it purported to be at 6% via George Obsorne. Well if it’s a strong choice between Obsorne vs Balls I know who I’m likely to believe hands down.

If the economy is on the mend then I’m sure many would join me by saying where are the jobs Osborne oh let us all guess the class of Champaign where the rich feeding of each other whilst low and middle income continues to pick up the crumbs of the table of the upper-class handed down by their butlers.

photoLets be clear that success of the Olympic  games was down to a Labour government who secured the games to come to the UK and the coalition are  on a high by claiming the credit as one of their successful story.
The question I would love to be answered is has G4s return the money to the government for not adequately supplying the security for the crowd and control and the stewards to cover the grounds me thinks not as the people’s army had to step in. Yet they have the cheek to stick two fingers at the coalition and say they will not pay it back. Almost all of Britain’s top political donors hand their cash over to bankroll the Conservatives, figures buried in the annual Rich List show.

download11Out of the 50 biggest donations made by individuals last year, 43 went to David Cameron’s party, as the coalition he leads continued to hand tax breaks to the rich while hammering ordinary workers.

The biggest Tory donor was upmarket metal dealer Michael Farmer, who gave them £1.3million.

The hedge fund founder, known as the “king of copper”, is worth £150million and is 522nd on the list of Britain and Ireland’s wealthiest.

Mr Farmer, 68, the Tory party’s co-Treasurer, embarrassed party chiefs last year when it emerged he had paid for son George to join Oxford University’s elite and controversial Bullingdon Club.

Mr Farmer also bailed out ­the Oxford Conservative Association when a racism row led to it being banned from holding events.

Second highest Tory backer is hedge fund boss Lord Fink, 55, who gave a huge £289,240. Worth £130million and the owner of a £10million London penthouse, he came 608th on the overall list.

Labour has accused Chancellor George Osborne of using last month’s Budget to hand a huge tax break to hedge fund bosses.

By axeing stamp duty reserve tax he saved them a total of £145million a year.

Third highest Tory backer is David Rowland, 67, who gave £287,248. He is so rich he actually owns a Luxembourg bank with his son Jonathan, 37.

The pair, recently given permission to open a branch of Banque Havilland in the UK and worth £700million, are ranked 126th.

Other backers include ex-Tory treasurer Peter Cruddas, who donated £215,244. He was forced to stand down over allegations he arranged dinners with the PM in exchange for party donations.

JCB founders Sir Anthony Bamford and family dug deep with a £188,500 donation while Sir Paul Ruddock – who was recently given a knighthood by Mr ­Cameron – coughed up £83,500.

The Tories also netted £50,000 from Wigan FC chairman Dave Whelan.And celebrity crimper and Lulu ex John Frieda gave a cut of his £150million by donating £62,260.

Richest Tory backers are Tetrapak billionaire Hans Rausing and family. Worth £5.1billion, they gave £98,000.

Meanwhile just five rich backers including Sir Alan Sugar gave money to Labour. Two of the top 50 donations went to the Lib Dems.

The Sunday Times Rich List was topped by Russian Alisher Usmanov, 59, who owns nearly 30% of Arsenal FC and is worth around £13.3billion.

Sir Paul Mc- Cartney, 70, still rock’n’rolling in it with around £680million, is the UK’s richest entertainer.

Let’s not forget the LibDems donors:

Top 50 donations to the Liberal Democrats

Donation to Amount Date From Category
Section 62 (12) PPERA 2000 £207,300.00 30/06/2001 Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Company
Federal Party £40,000.00 01/12/2001 Mr P Yeldon Individual
Federal Party £38,000.00 12/12/2001 The Liberal Democrat Ball 2001 Unincorporated Association
Section 62 £31,000.00 31/03/2001 Lord Jacobs Individual
Federal Party £30,000.00 10/05/2001 Lord Jacobs Individual
Federal Party £30,000.00 15/06/2001 Lord Jacobs Individual
Federal Party £25,000.00 16/03/2001 Mr A H Wilkinson Individual
Bristol West Accounting Unit £23,908.39 20/03/2001 Coteval Ltd Company
Federal Party £22095.99 (in kind) 08/05/2001 Peter Bennett-Jones Individual
Federal Party £20919.46 (in kind) 07/06/2001 GJR Events Ltd Company
Hereford Accounting Unit £12,000.00 30/06/2001 Hereford Liberal Club Company
Federal Party £11,000.00 30/06/2001 Mr P Thurnham Individual
Federal Party £10,565.00 30/06/2001 Mr A Jukes Individual
Hillingdon Accounting Unit £10,000.00 16/02/2001 Mr Garth Underwood Individual
Cheadle Accounting Unit £10,000.00 22/03/2001 Mr Peter Yeldon Individual
Reading East Accounting Unit £10,000.00 21/06/2001 Reading Liberal Club Ltd Company
Cheltenham AU £10,000.00 20/12/2001 Mr P Baker Individual
Federal Party £10,000.00 22/11/2001 Mr P Thurnham Individual
Federal Party £10,000.00 19/12/2001 Mr A H Wilkinson Individual
Federal Party £9,000.00 11/06/2001 Hon David Layton Individual
Federal Party £8,016.33 10/04/2001 Mrs G Alefounder Individual
North Norfolk Accounting Unit £7,957.75 19/06/2001 Mr N Lamb Individual
Federal Party £7,500.00 05/11/2001 Hon David Layton Individual
Federal Party £6,748.02 16/08/2001 Manchester Airport PLC Company
Southend Accounting Unit £6,500.00 25/05/2001 Southend Liberal Club Limited Company
Federal Party £6,185.20 30/09/2001 McDonalds Hamburgers Ltd Company
Aylesbury Accounting Unit £6,000.00 23/03/2001 Hampden Buildings Ltd Company
Section 62 £6,000.00 31/03/2001 Hon Raymond Bonham-Carter Individual
Federal Party £6,000.00 30/03/2001 Sir Eddie Kulukundis Individual
Oldham Accounting Unit £6,000.00 02/04/2001 Oldham Lib Dem Council GP Unincorporated Association
Federal Party £6,000.00 30/06/2001 Lady Stevens Individual
Bath AU £6,000.00 13/11/2001 Roper Rhodes Ltd Company
Colne Valley Accounting Unit £5,950.00 01/06/2001 Mr G J Beever Individual
Federal Party £5,500.00 29/11/2001 Mr T Hope Individual
Federal Party £5,365.05 21/08/2001 Independent News & Media (UK) Ltd Company
Federal Party £5,250.00 15/08/2001 Mr D Pannick Individual
Section 62 (12) PPERA 2000 £5,172.24 01/06/2001 Mr P Crystal Individual
Section 62 (12) PPERA £5,100.00 01/07/2001 Sir Peter Parker Individual
Orpington Accounting Unit £5,000.00 19/03/2001 Orpington Liberal Club Unincorporated Association
Hereford Accounting Unit £5,000.00 13/05/2001 Farm Assist Ltd Company
Reading West Accounting Unit £5,000.00 21/06/2001 Reading Liberal Club Ltd Company
Colchester Accounting Unit £5,000.00 09/04/2001 Dr E Hall Individual
Caithness and Sutherland Accounting Unit £5,000.00 16/05/2001 Lord Kirkham Individual
Edinburgh Pentlands Accounting Unit £5,000.00 07/05/2001 Mr G Macnaughton Smith Individual
Section 62 (12) PPERA 2000 £5,000.00 30/06/2001 Mr P Thurnham Individual
Cheadle Accounting Unit £5,000.00 13/06/2001 Mr P Yeldon Individual
Business Forum AU £5,000.00 01/11/2001 Mr G P Ellis Individual
Ceredigon AU £4,800 (rent-free office space) 31/12/2001 Aberystwyth Liberal Association Unincorporated Association
Taunton AU £4,680.00 31/12/2001 Mr J A Horsley Individual
North Dorset Accounting Unit £4,500.00 28/05/2001 Ms E Gasson Individual
Islington AU £4,500.00 31/12/2001 Islington Liberal Democrats Council Group Unincorporated Association

Then there is coalition calling for the heads of the trade union to be handed to them on a platter over union funding. They seem to forget that their hands are tried too with donations from big businesses, bankers and millionaires oh have they forgotten about them can someone remind them. What they seem to forget what the trade unions give in donations to Labour is small compared to the fat cats gives to both the Conservatives and LibDems put together

Here comes the interesting bit all the political parties will be holding their annual conferences very soon they all will be mentioning about the economy international trade relations and social policies. The only difference both Conservatives and LibDems will be calling for further cuts for the short term but refusing to acknowledging the long term unemployment and talking down about immigration which they will forget that foreign companies brings many opportunities to the UK.

Ed-Miliband-and-Ed-Balls-006Labour must remember to move above the challenge and introduce policies that will bring back voters to us and never forget out core values which gave us the victories in 1997-2010. Granted there will be many critics but lets us remember why the Labour Party was formed and give the working class the aspirations to come out to vote for us and stop the backstabbing each other.

There are many will continue to argue from the far left that Labour should introduce policies that will not work and  they continue to talk down about many Labour Leaders yet not one of them have introduced policies that helped win elections during the 1980s which saw Labour in the wilderness until the 1997.

Let’s not forget that there are different levels of socialism granted some people will say they left Labour over Clause 4, and wars etc. If the hard left looks closely political parties has to move with the times as we live in a world that constantly changes. Labour is in the ideal place to make the changes. When Ed Miliband got elected he was quite right to say that Blair and Brown is history and it’s a time for Mililbandism well I say this many people can lead but it takes a true leader Leads by example by leading nation.

Let us all remember United We Stand Divided We Fall, its our chance to fight for Labour Party to save the Trade union link and fight in the Local Government, and European Elections in 2014 and again in 2015 Local and General Elections.


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