Unite union vindicated

Page_11-723x1024I’m happy that the Unite union and their prefer candidate has been cleared of any charges of in beach of Labour rules( vote rigging) which I have always suspected that they were innocent and vindicated for me I hope that any lessons has been learned and that both Unite and Labour can start to heal.

I’m really sad to learn that Karie Murphy decided to stand down as a candidate not surprising after what she had been through my thoughts are with her and hope that she will gain the courage to find it in her heart to stand again as a candidate in the near future which I’m sure that she will gain the support from party members.

The downside of all of this has now caused a harness ness between Ed Miliband with his proposed change towards the trade unions and Labour which both social media and the press had a very big hard in it to sell newspapers.

bigLabour is under pressure to publish an internal report that cleared Unite of claims it tried to rig the selection of a party candidate in Falkirk.

Labour started seeking a candidate for the Falkirk seat when MP Eric Joyce announced he would be stepping down at the next election after he was convicted of assault at a Commons bar.

The party had been investigating allegations that Unite tried to sign up members without their knowledge in the constituency to ensure their favoured candidate, Ms Murphy, was selected for the 2015 general election.

The claims sparked the row between Unite and party leader leader Ed Miliband, who later proposed widespread changes to Labour’s links with the unions.

Labour-Union-link-e1316183475789On Friday, the party said an internal inquiry had found no evidence to suggest that rules were breached after “key evidence” was withdrawn. The party said that neither Ms Murphy nor Stevie Deans, a fellow Unite member who was chair of the local Labour Party, had been found guilty of any wrongdoing and both had been reinstated.

I am supporting Unite for  the call for the internal report and a previous internal report into concerns over the selection process has not been published. But a Labour spokesman said: “At each step Labour’s general secretary and NEC [National Executive Committee] have acted quickly to protect the interests of the party.

“Since Labour began its internal process key evidence has been withdrawn and further evidence provided by individuals concerned.”

Lab1_1784611aPolice were asked to investigate the matter but decided there were “insufficient grounds” to justify further inquiries. But the case is also the subject of an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office into claims that data protection rules may have been broken in the Scottish constituency.

Falkirk MP Eric Joyce said questions remained over the events.

Tom Watson, the Labour MP who stood down from the shadow cabinet after the row, said people would be “raising eyebrows” when they saw Labour had launched a “complete reassessment” of its relations with the unions on the basis of an inaccurate report.

But he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The basis for the report was a mess and Ed’s office have been able to drill into that issue and realise that.”

Mr Watson said it appeared the complaints that prompted the report came from a rival candidate and the party should now apologise to Ms Murphy, who was his office manager, and Mr Deans.

“They have had a terrible few months: they have been staked out by tabloid journalists, had their characters traduced in the newspapers, been attacked by frontbenchers; and now they’ve been found innocent of any of the allegations,” he said.

The Falkirk row prompted Mr Miliband to call for an overhaul of the process by which union members affiliate to Labour – a move which would have cost the party millions in funding but which he says could revitalize the party and boost membership.

The GMB union announced earlier this week that it would cut affiliation fees to Labour by nearly £1m.

Mr Watson told Today: “Falkirk clearly was a catalyst for that reform process. It’s clearly not a reform based on the experience of Falkirk – but there is a crisis in political parties, members are dwindling, we need to do our business differently.”

Labour’s ruling NEC will draw up a list of potential candidates from which local party members will choose a prospective MP to represent the party in the 2015 election.

Next week trade unions will meet at the Trade Union Congress( TUC) there will be a very heated debate between the unions and Labour for my sins I hope they decide to keep the trade union links open as that’s how trade unions help the party with their campaigns alive examples are the National Minimum Wage, Health & Safety, Living Wage, workers rights, maternity leave, Parental leave, decent terms and conditions for all our workers and European Working Time Directives which Labour had the honour to implement whilst in government.
Granted the world is changing as a political party they have to move with the times but not at a price by pander to the Murdock press and David Cameron over the trade unions if anything Labour should continue to be very proud of the roots with the trade unions as they were the founders of the Labour Party.

My strong message to Labour is don’t abounded your friends in the time of need which includes that Socialist Societies as they all helped to form the Labour Party and there are many who still remember their roots within the party and still remain in the party.

Let’s not forget that the Conservatives are funded by Millionaires and Bankers they don’t care about low and middle incomes. They rather continue with the mantra of playing the blame games instead of building more employment for the young and long term unemployment.  The coalition would rather build on grand projects which are doomed to fail like the Universal Credit from the beginning, oh not forgetting the dread bedroom tax, underfunding public services, introducing Police Crime Commissioners which is an extra burden to the council budgets across the UK.


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