Students power prevail over veil ban



I’m glad that a well-respected college in the West Midlands has decided to do a u turn on a veil ban which is a welcome change in what I consider that the college failed to enter into a contract with students and if it was taken to court it could be considered in breach of the students human rights under articles 9  and 10 The right to religious beliefs which would have played into the hands of the far right elements such as BNP and EDL. Thank god that it did not go down that road and common sense prevail.

Somehow I don’t think that the college had thought through the process properly which led to a public outcry not just by students but the general public.
25-08-2011humanrightsMy hope is that one day when the college in concern will liaise with the student union to have a idea as the union will be more than happy to assist let’s not forget that one side does not fit all as it comes across as being stereotyping which does not go down well and it will cause a embarrassing situation worse like it did when the Birmingham mail publish the incident coupled by radio interviews.

Granted some people may be disappointed but that’s facts of life everybody has right their human rights regardless of their wellbeing which includes the right to assemble and freedom of expression in a appropriate settings.

I am willing to offer my services to the college for a fee to increase their equal opportunity policy awareness.


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