The hidden agenda of Grant Shapps vs Trade Union Affiliations

4131020073Why is it that Grant Shapps fears Ray Collin’s interim report which was instigated by Ed Miliband. One has to speculate if it’s a strong case of all the political parties would have to declare that they will have to clamp down their own big donations from fatcats to their political parties.

I can only imagine that both The Conservatives, LibDems, and funny enough UKIP are all running scared of the prospect that Ed Miliband has them over a double shot-gun to call them bluff. Why else would they put up a fears opposition to the idea of party political reform of donation of a cap limit on it.

6a00d83451b31c69e2017c35947652970b-500wiLet’s not forget that it was the mantra of the Conservatives that quoted that Labour is in the pocket of the trade unions. Somehow the conservatives conveniently left out that the Tories is in the pockets of big business and millionaires who helped to prop the conservatives.

What the trade unions give in donations is small and is in line with the law, monitored and controlled. There is no doubt the headlines if the Tories had their way the headline news in all the Murdock newspapers will be another bust up with Labour and Len McCluskey. Some might believe that Labour Party would be better off with out the trade unions.

FUNERAL+Th_245Tory has only one agenda which Maggie Thatcher could not achieve was to break the trade union link with Labour which she tried but failed as it was the thing that united all the trade union movement until this day. Let’s be very clear their prime concern has always been to further weaken the unions, both the workers from maximizing their share of profits that their labour power produces and to starve Labour of finance.

Save-the-Labour-Union-Link-300x210I would like to put on record that I’m in favor of keeping the trade union links in Labour after all not because I’ve been a party member for 33 years it’s simply because of the historical links with Labour and the achievements the trade unions have brought to the trade union membership such as the national minimum wage, working time directives, labour laws, family friendly policies etc and thanks to a Labour Government who delivered them from 1997-2010.

Let’s be frank if the conservatives and recruitment companies had their way they would more than welcome to get rid of them and bring back the dreaded Victorian laws which many in Labour movement would not like to work under those conditions today’s world.

I have to say that I’m very disappointed by young Miliband actions to hold a conference with the trade union in regards to trade union affiliations which plays into the hands of Tories, Libdems and UKIP.

Labour should not forget its roots of where they are coming from and its up-to the membership to remind the leadership to put pro working class policies before the Murdock press.

keny_main_1382286aIn a very stern warning at Labour Conference on 22 Sept Union leaders have told young Ed Miliband they will retain their voice in the party despite moves to reform their relationship.

Paul Kenny(GMB) which has slashed its funding of the party, said the unions will not bin 100 years of shared history for a “gimmick”.


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  1. Good points but it is Rupert Murdoch not Murdock

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