Hands off our royal mail

CWU save royal mailHave we all seen a historic victory for the sell off our beloved Royal Mail viz shares to both workers and public which is purported to be undervalued as reported in some quarters of the press and politicians.

Well I know where I stand which is with the trade union point of views on this one as they make a compelling case against the selling off our Royal Mail. I’m sure the right-wing press will continue to use their vile argument s that the trade unions have argued their case to Labour leader to speak out against it or they will pull the funding to Labour Party.

article-2447393-1891508100000578-339_306x384It’s no secret at Labour Party there was a motion calling on Labour to campaign against the privatization of the royal mail which was passed at conference I’m sure many in Labour will not apologize for taking this position.

There are those that will argue public utilities benefit from privatization which better the economy. Let’s see what happened most has been ran by fatcats and no surprise some are Conservative members and donors whilst the rest are owned by foreign nationals.

No doubt the right-wing press has made a mint by continuing with their support of the Conservative Party which I’m sure will continue to say its better to have a hung parliament depending on the economy which play into the conservative hands to form a further coalition the question is who are they willing to sell their souls to this time around UKIP or LibDems to do a sweetheart deal (god help us all).

photoHow noticeable that some right-wing press coincidentally fail to report the cost of living that low and middle are being squeezed and they are reliant on food banks to help them survive. To be frank the record has been scratched for three years used both by the press and coalition to put the blame on Labour yet they continue not wanting to recognize that it was their chums that caused the world recession the bankers both in the US and UK with risky investments taken on by the banks and came running to a Labour Government cap in hand seeking for a bail out.

Yet the coalition and right-wing press chose to continue with their mantra it’s Labour fault what a cheek. It’s been noticeable the coalition has stopped using their famous mantras like “Big Society“, “We’re All In It Together” all code words for cut public services as much as possible as we believe in Thatcher values before the voters return to Labour.

Nor has the public forgotten that under a Labour Government they failed to sell off the Royal Mail however I can confirm that Labour would not have gone down the route that the coalition have done by underestimate the stock price of the Royal Mail which has caught out red face Sir Ming Campbell leaving the dirty work for David Cameron to use his PR skills to say all is well trust us we know best you idiots I’m doing my best for the fatcats to buy more shares but I have to please the working class by throwing some crumbs for a minimum of £730:00.

Well I hate to disappoint the coalition by informing them not everybody has that sort of money to invest  in the Royal Mail as most would rather put rice and cabbage on the table feed their family and what is left over would be used for purchasing uniforms for their children.

Business Secretary Vince Cable’s assertion that the coalition’s planned sell-off of Royal Mail views value for the taxpayer as an “absolutely key consideration” makes a mockery of the English language.

How can it be good value to hand over a successful public asset to the government’s City friends for a fraction of what it’s worth?

How can it be good value to privatise a business that offers a universal service obligation (USO) based on daily deliveries and collections for six days a week and the same affordable uniform tariff across the UK?

The coalition pretends that the USO will be maintained after privatisation, but history teaches otherwise.

A privately owned Royal Mail will lobby to drop the USO on grounds of unaffordability and this will be agreed whichever party is in government.

Defenders of the USO will be told to join the real world or to put themselves in the shoes of management striving to maximise profits in their shareholders’ interest.

As ever, the sacred cause of private profit will take precedence over the interests of people and small businesses based in locations viewed as inconvenient by a private monopoly.

Such forecasts are not based on guesswork. Royal Mail’s future has been seen in the Netherlands and it doesn’t work.

The former PTT Netherlands was opened up to the private sector in 1994 and, now known as Royal TNT Post, has become a byword for indifference to customer service and for slashing staff pay and conditions.

Hard-faced TNT managing director Peter Kuinz said two years ago that deliveries would be slashed to just three days a week and “if politicians want six days a week then they will have to finance it.”

He also described the concept of USO as akin to Jurassic Park.

That or something similar is what lies in store for Royal Mail unless public opinion, parliamentary opposition or trade union resistance puts the skids under the coalition’s disgraceful proposal.

Outside Westminster, devolved administrations have expressed their opposition, as have consumer groups, small businesses, trade unionists and just about everyone without a vested interest in this grotesque crime.

Once again the government has no mandate to privatise Royal Mail, but to add insult to injury it has put a derisory price tag on the sale.

Not so, claims Cable, who disputes his Labour shadow Chuka Umunna’s assertion that the business is being sold too cheaply, explaining that he consulted extensively with “investors.”

It’s difficult to know whether to laugh or cry at such imbecility.

What does he expect speculators to say? Are they so consumed by fairness as to deny themselves and their ilk a financial killing?

All Cable and his department needed to do was to examine the Royal Mail property portfolio, put two and two together and work out how much his investor friends were undershooting the mark.

If he remains in any doubt, he should ask himself why there has been such a strong demand for shares from the something-for-nothing brigade.

Seven times oversubscribed does not suggest a well-judged assessment of the company’s true worth.

Labour still has the capacity to bring the entire bonanza to an end by warning speculators that it will renationalise Royal Mail for no more than privatisation brought in.

If Umunna, Ed Balls and Ed Miliband really oppose this sale too far, what is stopping them?


4 responses to “Hands off our royal mail

  1. To late to stop the sell off. Unfortunately I don’t trust the Labour Party to revers any of the sell offs because they had the chance to reverse the tory plans, and actions and did nothing, admittedly Blair is further right than most tories, and Brown was a numpty, but is Milliband any better? Where is the labour voice on the creeping privatisation of the NHS? As for a coalition with UKIP that is a non starter, ukip don’t trust the tories any more than the ultra pro eussr Lib Dems and the extremely pro eussr Labour party, because the camaroon is also extremely pro eussr.

    All three parties have been lying to us for years because they are making money out of making their rich friends richer, whilst making the poor needy, and disabled worse off.

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