The Nasty Coalition wants more hard times to hit low and middle incomes

office-for-national-statistics-logoI welcome the unemployment rate continues at very slow pace with reservations as I look through my living room window I continue to see more people being unemployed and have to queue up for food parcels from all backgrounds, race, creed, sexuality from low and middle incomes.

Many are seeking answers to where are the jobs for the youths and long term unemployed as the coalition has cut the budget for the unemployed for training to regain new skills. It’s understandable that there are those who have skills that have been outdated and are in urgent need to be offer new updated skills from some employment providers which have also seen their funding to the bare minimum coupled by collage funds have faced more of the same in regards for funding to retrain the long term, and youth employment.

In the last few years there has been some acknowledgement by politicians that there are problems but tackling them appears to be further from their minds than ever.

Debts are on the increase, jobs scarcer and life is getting tougher for young people. The free market and failed policies of political parties have undermined future generations entering or trying to the work force and there’s scant hope of future prosperity.

Short term British democracy, eye watering debts, part time and short term contract jobs, unaffordable and unsuitable homes are piling up problems for tomorrow.

They are obstacles to be surmounted by a generation already ruined by successful governments who have sold off our collective inheritance and legacies. It’s a generation crippled by personal debt with poor or no jobs prospects which is caught in the benefit trap.

Its no surprise when I say A lot of people wont get no supper tonight, A lot of people going to suffer tonight, Cause the battle, is getting harder with this coalition. A lot of people wont get no justice tonight. So a lot of people going to have to stand up and fight But remember, to fight for what you believe in by get rid of this coalition at the ballot box in 2014-2015 both in European, Local and General elections.

photoI’m very intrigued to learn that David Cameron is under a lot of pressure to answer questions why has the sudden tenfold of increase of food banks in most regions whilst the cost of living continue has fall whilst real wages are going down at an all-time low whilst hurting the pockets who cannot afford to heat their flat or home in fear of paying more in heating bills instead of coming up with solutions the coalition are saying in a nutshell wear a woolly hat, jumpers and gloves to keep warm with a hot water bottle.

More than 350,000 people received a three-day food package from the Trussell Trust between April and September, three times as many as the same period last year. They have written to the Prime Minister calling on him to look into the “scandalous” problem of food poverty, warning some food bank recipients are so poor they have returned produce that needs cooking because they cannot afford the electricity to heat it up.

Trussell Trust executive chairman Chris Mould said: “We said in April that the increasing numbers of people turning to food banks should be a wake-up call to the nation, but there has been no policy response and the situation is getting worse. The level of food poverty in the UK is not acceptable.

“It’s scandalous and it is causing deep distress to thousands of people. The time has come for an official and in-depth inquiry into the causes of food poverty and the consequent rise in the usage of food banks.”

photo (1)Earlier this year, Chancellor George Osborne suggested food bank use had increased “because people have been made aware of the food bank service through local jobcentres”.

But the Trust has echoed concerns that some households will have to choose between eating and heating this winter as they struggle to cope with the rising costs of food and energy.

It also highlights the impact of welfare reforms that came into force in April, reporting an increase in referrals as a result of the so-called “bedroom tax”.

Mr Mould said: “We’re talking about mums not eating for days because they’ve been sanctioned for seemingly illogical reasons, or people leaving hospital after a major operation to find that their benefits have been stopped or delayed.”

Chris Johnes, Oxfam’s UK poverty programme director, said: “These figures lay bare the shocking scale of destitution, hardship and hunger in the UK.

“It is completely unacceptable that in the seventh wealthiest nation on the planet, the number of people turning to food banks has tripled.”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady described the figures as “shocking”.

A Government spokesman said: “The Trussell Trust itself says it is opening three new food banks every week, so it’s not surprising more people are using them. They also agree that awareness has helped to explain their recent growth.”

Ed-Miliband-1024_261355kEach time when Ed Miliband seek answers to the question on the cost of living has gone  down and whilst the low and middle incomes are hardest hit and increase of the six energy companies to which David Cameron supported at Prime Minister Question Time(PMQs) it’s more of the same old scratch record answers with no changes. Yet public are siding with Ed Miliband’s stance from the opinion polls which continues to annoy the coalition.

boris-and-theresa-may2Somehow I feel if David Cameron does not win the General Elections outright I can honestly see a challenge from Teresa May for the conservative leadership to oust David Cameron and his chummy buddy George Osborne. Don’t be surprise if Boris Johnson starts to looking for a parliamentary seat sooner than we all think then we all can kiss our NHS good bye as if it’s not bad enough already with PFI funding I’m convinced that they NHS will do more damage than how it is by heading for private health insurance on a large scale and using the US model of selling our NHS to the highest bidder so in a nutshell no health insurance no treatment.

Pensioners, workers and home-seekers got another nasty Bullingdon-style clobbering from David Cameron’s government of millionaires yesterday.

New official figures showed a relentless surge in the cost of living, with house prices soaring to a record high.

Pensioners learned that they are in for a further mugging next April when they receive an “up-rating” of just 2.7 per cent – even though the retail prices index (RPI) increased by 3.2 per cent up to September.

This is because the government has moved the goalposts, so that next year’s pension uprating will be based on September’s 2.7 per cent rise in the more narrowly based consumer prices index (CPI).

Basic state pension will go up by a measly £2.95 per week from next April.

The real value of welfare benefits for people of working age will also slump because Chancellor George Osborne has already decreed a three-year benefits cap of just 1 per cent per year.

Labour shadow Treasury minister Catherine McKinnell complained that the relentless upward surge in prices has left working people nearly £1,500-a-year worse off since the Con-Dem government came to power. “With prices still rising much faster than wages, the cost of living crisis under David Cameron continues,” she said.

dennis-skinnerDennis Skinner declared: “Let’s have no more silly nonsense talk that things are getting better. “In the real world, away from the London millionaires’ highlife, people are suffering even more.”

The annual rise in the CPI remained unchanged at 2.7 per cent in September, while the RPI rose by 3.2 per cent compared with 3.3 per cent in August. But average wages rose by only 1.1 per cent over the same annual period and food price inflation was 4.8 per cent.

The Office for National Statistics also announced that average house prices have risen to record levels. Average price of a house or flat now stands at a crippling £247,000. House prices rose by 3.8 per cent in the year to August, up from 3.3 per cent in July. The official house price index stood at 185.8, overtaking the previous 2008 peak of 185.5.

House prices are increasing most rapidly in London and south-east England. They also rose in Wales by 1 per cent, but were still falling in Scotland by 0.7 per cent. Soaring house prices would have a knock-on effect, pushing up rents charged by private landlords.

Easington Labour MP Grahame Morris said: “Cameron and his fellow millionaires are ratcheting up the misery for millions of ordinary people on low and fixed incomes.”

National Pensioners Convention general secretary Dot Gibson said: “Over the last few years, the decision to change from RPI to CPI has effectively robbed older people of a proper increase in their pensions.” She added: “Many older people are struggling with the rising costs of living and our pensions are simply not keeping pace.”

Over six million older people in Britain were trying to live on an income of less than £10,500 a year, she said. “Britain has one of the least adequate state pensions in Europe.”


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