Coalition Amageddon Time

_70700919_caraCongratulations to Cara Hamiltion our Labour candidate who won the Dunfermline Byelection seat to beat the SNP in her victory speech she said deserves better and I will ensure that we will be better

“Today Dunfermline has sent a message to Bute House and Alex Salmond: it’s time for you to focus on the real priorities of Scots, not your constitutional obsession.”

The by-election campaign centred on contentious local issues, including proposed school closures, while the SNP focused on its national policies such as the council tax freeze and the decision to remove the tolls on the nearby Forth Road Bridge.

Not long to go before gloves will be off from all the political parties for those important votes of ours in European and Elections. 2014 already so activists are dusting off their campaign gears in preparation for the whistle to by blown for the big ship sail on the ocean. I’m really looking for Labour outright win 2015 like many of us will do a bop on the night with this I will say no more. Lol.

ming-campbell-resi_1572117cI read with intrigue in some of the daily rags on a daily basis that certain quarters are calling for Sir Ming Campbell to resign over his handling of Royal Mail but hold on I’m sure he gave a interview recently with the view to retire in 2015 just before the General Elections could this be one of the legacy that Sir Ming Campbell had been waiting for to claim credit on his retirement as a member of parliament by sticking two fingers to his own party and trade union (CWU). 

There has been on many occasions many of us have said “When Ed Miliband gets it right we will praise Labour” well this time around since the ending of political conferences season the party has been on the attack against the coalition I’m sure like many who have read and saw on Prime Minister Question Time(PMQs) David Cameron‘s face went from red, lobster red, to bright red over cost of living, wages down, economy flailing, increase in food banks, bedroom tax disabilities issues, and energy prices increases as David Cameron lost control of the coalition. It’s no wonder that the coalition is cracking up with their bed partner in crime disagreeing with CONsevatives.

Hey it’s no wonder why Conservatives members (donors) are flocking over to UKIP, LibDems crossing over to Labour and some Labour members flocking to Tories embracing conservatism. Yet the lost souls of the conservatives continue to embrace UKIP immigration policies, UKIP embracing Labour policy over Bedroom Tax followed by the LibDems and Oh SNP continue to embrace Labour position on Bedroom Tax wow how strange but true.

Families across the country are feeling the impact of decisions made by Ian Duncan Smith, some people are even going through the horror of being evicted from their social housing because of housing and council tax benefit reductions introduced as the BEDROOM TAX.

British people are having to go to Food-Banks and children are going hungry whilst Smith and his band of robbing MPs will munch away on their TAXPAYER FUNDED evening meals.

People are filled with dread at the thought of XMAS because they cannot afford to buy their children the presents they will be expecting, friction between couples will end in separation because of their financial position.

How many people have already committed suicide because of the poverty thrust upon them by Smith and is accomplices and how many more is it going to take before this coalition stop and listen to the screams of the people affected ??

385294_195107567306966_1850351962_nAttached is a photo of a man who will have none of the financial concerns which many British people are facing, so why does he look like he has all the worries of the world on his shoulders ?? could it be that he now knows the misery he and his coalition have created for a large number of the citizens of Great Britain ??

Who would have thought it? Cutting people’s benefits, when there are almost 14 times as many jobseekers as jobs, hasn’t sent them all rushing back to work and is causing misery for those families at the sharp end of austerity.

The Chartered Institute of Housing’s report into the impact of the benefit cap in one area of London confirms what any reasonable person would have guessed. But the headline, that the cap is struggling to meet its aims of encouraging people into work and saving taxpayers’ money, is I think rather generous.

First, perhaps understandably for the charity, it accepts they are the aims of the policy. Yes, they are the stated aims. But I believe the cap is more about demonising those who are out of work and turning communities against each other instead of, say, the bankers or the political elite who caused the recession.

Also, it underplays some of the findings. The lack of people moving into jobs was inevitable, and many warned that costs would simply shift from central government to local councils – true Tory localism. But reading what is a detailed and harrowing report you get an insight into how this pernicious policy is turning people’s lives upside down.

It says mass evictions and relocations have not yet happened but “are visible on the horizon” and that there was “a flurry of pre-emptive evictions” before implementation in what looked like “a planned campaign” by landlords; it says, shockingly, women are having to stay with abusive partners rather than leave and face being hit by the benefit cap; that mental health problems are being exacerbated; children are in danger of being taken into care, and there are fears some child protection cases could fall off the radar.

One arresting revelation is that a school reported seven children had already left as a result of the benefit cap, and it expected more to follow. Seven children from just one school in the initial stages of a now national policy. Seven children ripped from their friends and having their education disrupted at the whim of a bunch of privileged Tories.

None of these circumstances is likely to improve. Quite the reverse. The report notes the measures families are taking to mitigate the worst effects and keep a roof over their heads are unsustainable.

The researchers did find one “positive consequence” in improvements in joint working between agencies and voluntary groups. This is, of course, always welcome, but we’ll be forgiven for not celebrating the fact that in 2013 we have a government causing such hardship in our communities that council staff and jobcentre workers have to work ever harder while their own budgets are being cut.

These are dedicated public servants, forced to implement not only this destructive policy but many others as well. From the benefit cap to the hated bedroom tax, and the vicious regime of sanctions that treats as criminals those who have nothing, instead of offering them the support they so desperately need.

These policies must be defeated, I urge people to do what you can by getting organised speak to other people and but we cannot act alone; these are much bigger issues than can be resolved by lobbying your local MP(s). On the other hand why not get your CLP to invite Labour’s new work and pensions spokeswoman Rachel Reeves to your CLP to discuss the issue of Welfare and the damage it is doing to disabled people and the Bedroom tax.

We know these policies are built on lies. There have been many who have previously written about the myth that anyone is better off on benefits, trotted out by politicians and their friends in sections of the media alongside the lie that hordes of people are choosing to live a life on benefits.

We cannot say it often enough. There are currently almost seven million people out of work or looking for more hours; there are half a million job vacancies in our economy. The massive peg does not fit into the tiny hole and never will, no matter how hard you try.

This reports shows that if we cut the support for those who need it most their lives will be thrown into immediate turmoil, but it also serves as a warning that we are storing up trouble for future generations. This is not how a civilised country should be treating its vulnerable citizens.

Who would have thought it? Cutting people’s benefits, when there are almost 14 times as many jobseekers as jobs, hasn’t sent them all rushing back to work and is causing misery for those families at the sharp end of austerity.

Oh what wonderful week we’ve had coalition rife over green levies yet again they can’t seem to get their own house in order. I stand by Labour policy over green levies which has made a big difference no sooner had coalition formed it did not take them long to wanting to dismantle it.

I would like to see Labour policy on HS2 carry on as it has  been long over due but I don’t believe if the next government should sign a blank cheque as the price continue to raise.

Intriguingly the recent scandal of the press over phone hacking the press wants their cake and eat it when their proposal failed at privy council decides to mount a legal challenge now that’s what I call  double standards.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over free schools which has Amageddon between the coalition bed partners on who teach and be headmaster without any qualifications and LibDems and Labour has called on the Tory to introduce qualified teachers and headmasters.

Then there is this incompetent Government which has two policies working against each other: (1) the government wants to have a free market model for the higher education sector by making the universities compete against each other in the UK and at the international level and also licensing more for-profit providers (2) Capping immigration numbers by capping international students’ recruitment. The home office is in conflict with the business department on these two policies.

Labour’s position should be to break the link between immigration numbers and international student numbers ie exclude international students from the immigration issue. International students provide a vital income stream to our universities, make our universities more competitive and produce incalculable soft and long term returns to the UK economy.


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