Both voters and consummers are fed up high energy prices and MPs

Howdy folks, check out this yputube and make up your own mind of what you think and hopefully it will start up another national debate:

Why is it no surprise to learn of those Members of Parliament who support the energy companies who continue to hike their prices instead of taking the stance of freeze the energy bills which they profit from consumers?

Nick-Clegg-and-David-Came-006It’s still no wonder why consumers don’t trust both MPs and energy bosses as they are in it to make loads money in our names whilst they sit comfortably in their mansion(s) and on the other hand there are many who are struggling to make a living to put food on the table and keep warm. Instead for those who are on the poverty line are told by energy companies to install token meters for both gas and electric and the Coalition Leader tells us to wear a woolly jumper to keep warm whilst the fatcats lives in comfort. 

Whilst they don’t have to depend on hand outs or Foodbanks in some cases some people cannot really take home the parcels as they have no gas or electric to cook. Intriguingly there is an old saying those who knows it feels it. Each day I past my ward I continue to see many queues of people waiting for a Foodbanks some of the people who are in the queue are known to me and others.

Energy companies are yelping after having been exposed by Ofgem as pushing up tariffs imposed on consumers far beyond the increases in wholesale costs.

This is not what the big six expect from Ofgem, which has traditionally acted as a fig leaf to cover their rampant profiteering.

But such is the public anger that even Ofgem feels the need to distance itself as far as practical from the thieves’ cartel milking working-class domestic consumers.

David Cameron attempts to dodge the issue by asserting that “it is for the energy companies to explain the decisions they have taken around bills to their customers.”

Of course it’s nothing to do with him. He’s only the Prime Minister. What can he do to change the situation?

The reality is that Cameron and his acolytes have no desire to effect any change.

They see nothing wrong with an oligopoly holding working people to ransom and forcing pensioners, claimants and the low-paid to choose between heating their homes and filling their bellies.

It’s what makes Tories tick. It’s their idea of how the world goes round.

downloadBillionaire tax exiles blackmail entire regions with factory closure and mass poverty to get their way, banks are bailed out by the public purse, workers’ pay, pensions and services are slashed, the richest 1 per cent receive tax handouts and thousands of old people face death this winter because a handful of utilities companies have the power to extort fortunes from the poorest people in society.

These policy highlights pose no problem to the coalition government, which has encouraged that process, misrepresenting a private banking catastrophe as a crisis created by excessive public expenditure.

Caroline-Flint1Caroline Flint points out the dishonesty of the energy companies, lying about the effect of wholesale prices and boosting their profits by driving up domestic energy bills.

But what is the Labour shadow energy secretary’s battle cry at a time when around two-thirds of the electorate is demanding that the electricity and gas industries be returned to public ownership?

“Labour would freeze energy bills for 20 months and create a tough new watchdog with the power to force energy companies to cut their prices when the cost of energy falls,” she says.

The average combined gas and electricity bill is at present £1,267, which is available for people able to pay monthly standing order payments.

Poorer people unable to make such payments will pay higher rates.

But Labour’s 20-month freeze would bring a one-off respite of just £120 for gas and electricity company customers, for which the energy cartel members have already begun preparing by overcharging them this winter.

No-one should doubt that they will do precisely the same next year and at any other time before or after a Labour government temporary tariff freeze.

Flint’s suggestion that “a tough new watchdog” will cut energy prices when the cost of energy falls will not be taken seriously by anyone.

Regulators are an essential part of the privatisation swindle. They are symbols of government abdication of responsibility for working people’s living standards.

Labour makes much at present of its determination to place the cost of living at the centre of its general election campaign.

It will not be taken seriously nor deserve to unless it moves beyond a marginal one-off price freeze to tackle the privatisation scandal decisively by backing public ownership.
food-bank-investigation-by-the-sunday-mirror-1519590How many of your close friends or relatives will be honest enough to tell you that they had to depend on Foodbanks just to survive as there are a number of reasons as to why they had to endure the shame or eat humble pie face the fact they had no choice but to visit the Job Centre Plus, and Citizen Advice, to receive a letter of recommendation in exchange for a small parcel which is only given out three times and no more.

I strongly believe if the MPs are really serious to tackle poverty they really need to do more to address this issue by investing more into food aid not just in other countries but also in this country.

coalition-cabinet-meeting-flickr-the-prime-ministers-office-466pxMany are not surprised of Nick Clegg support for defending the coalition position with the energy companies as his party still want to be in a coalition with any political party.

This what he had to say  expenses are there to help MPs with the cost of living and working in two different places.

The Lib Dem leader, who rents a second home in his Sheffield constituency, declined to reveal how much bills are in his London home, on LBC radio.

He also admitted the recession has not affected his family as much as others.

“Both [my wife] Miriam and I work in well-paid jobs so clearly we’re not in the same position as many people who feel under greater considerable pressure,” he said.

The Liberal Democrat leader defended MPs’ rights to claim back utility costs for their second home, as he appeared on his weekly LBC radio phone-in.

The government has come under increasing pressure to help people facing higher gas and electricity bills, with Labour calling for a 20-month price freeze.

MPs have been criticised for claiming expenses to cover the cost of heating their second homes.

LBC radio show host Nick Ferrari said it had been reported Mr Clegg claimed £254.29 for electricity and gas in his constituency home in Sheffield.

Mr Clegg said: “I think most people would understand that if you are living and working in two different places and you are giving allowances to cover the costs in one of those places that also covers your utility bills.

“And I am totally open about what those bills are and I’ve got no embarrassment in explaining that to you.”

Mr Clegg repeatedly refused to reveal the cost of utility bills in his private home, telling Mr Ferrari: “I’m not going to go into my personal bills.”

He said MPs are no longer “judge and jury” on their expenses as in the past, with the system independently overseen by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

To remove that financial support for MPs, the deputy PM argued, would turn the clock back 150 years by turning politics into a hobby for the landed gentry.

Mr Clegg later revealed that he was a “keen buyer” of undergarments from Marks and Spencer, but dismissed the idea that his wife buys them for him as “old-fashioned”.

However, he did not answer correctly how much a standard pack of three men’s boxers costs. Mr Clegg guessed at £10, but the answer provided was in fact £8.


cropped-header-bg21In another development the coalition will not be seeking leave to appeal after its decision to abolish the independent living fund was overturned in a court ruling.

The £320 Million ILF currently provides support enabling nearly 20,000 severely disabled people in the UK to live independent lives in the community.

The High Court ruled in April that the closure decision was lawful, but this was overturned by the Court of Appeal.

The ILP will continue for now with minister set to reconsider its future.

Please support the petition to end high energy prices.

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