Since the launch of PCC has done nothing for police accountability.

Here is an excellent interview with Bob Jones West Midlands PCC see youtube below:

Well there was no Prime Minister Question on Wednesday 13 November 2013 and it’s hardly surprising that 1 in 3 people does not know who their Police Crime Commissioner and to top it off since the PCC elections last Year the turnout was only14.9% which mean the coalition plan PCC has failed to get the message across to the public with all the so called publicity which I originally thought it was a waste of tax payers’ money which could have been put to better use to put more rice and cabbage on the table which would have benefited low and middle incomes in their pocket.

bobjones (1)-313175More than a third of people in England and Wales have no idea if there is a police and crime commissioner (PCC) in their area, a BBC poll suggests.

The findings, published a year after the first PCC elections were held, indicate that 35% do not know if they have one, while 3% think – incorrectly – that they do not.

I could not help but to agree with our Police Crime Commissioner Bob Jones who stated on record that since the launched PCC has done nothing for police accountability.

The comments come a year on since the directly elected PCCs took up their jobs across England and Wales.

bob jones-850549Intriguingly he alleged that around £100 Million had been “spent so far on making police accountability less effectively”

After reflecting a year on I have to say that there is a person who does not mince his words. I would rather someone be upfront with his electorate than painting a picture of rose tinted glasses rather than pandering to the Police Minister.

Let’s look at the history behind this idea originated from and let’s not forget that UK is moving towards Americanism which has no positive role model in the USA to show that crime has not gone down. Granted there is some suggestion our police forces need to be more accountable to both the public and politicians given the current form on how it was rolled out in the UK it’s little wonder why voters were not given enough time to study the proposal before passing it into law.

Jones has served as a Labour Councillor since 1 May 1980 for Blakenhall Ward. He was previously a member of West Midlands Police Authority from 1986 to 2012, and chaired the Authority from 1995-2000.

Jones served as a member of the Association of Police Authorities (APA) where he was Deputy Chairman from 2004-2005 and Chairman from 2005-2009.[1]

He was also a member of the National Policing Board, National Criminal Justice Board, and Senior Appointment Panel.

Jones has served as Chair of Wolverhampton Community Safety Partnership. He has also been a member of the service authorities for the National Crime Squad(NCS) and National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS), and chaired the disciplinary committee for both authorities. In 2010 Jones was awarded the CBE for “services to policing”.

Jones has been a Cabinet member for Leisure and Community Safety at Wolverhampton City Council and has served on various scrutiny boards. He has held responsibilities as Chair of Education, Finance, and Youth Committees plus many others as Wolverhampton City Councillor.

Jones has served as a non-executive director of the Black Country Cluster PCT Boards and has chaired various other local community organisations and trusts. He was also the Campaigning Strategy Director for the Campaign for Real Ale.

In November 2012 Jones was elected as Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for the West Midlands. PCCs replaced Police Authorities in all forces across England and Wales outside the Met. Turnout in the West Midlands was 238,384 (12%) with Jones beating the Conservative Party candidate, Matt Bennett, winning 117,388 votes in total. Jones assumed office on November 22, 2012.

From his Candidate Statement, key pledges made by Jones included:

  • Introducing community led Local Policing Boards which would establish local policing priorities and be engaged in local police commander appointments
  • Retaining PCSOs
  • Bringing police contact points into council and other community buildings
  • Redressing the financial settlement allocated to West Midlands Police by the government seen as poor in comparison to that given to other forces

The following table shows the breakdown of the election results for the West Midlands:

Jones appointed Nechells councillor Yvonne Mosquito as his deputy shortly after taking office.

His first act in the job was to scrap the West Midlands Police Authority’s plans to explore private partnerships that would have seen some services provided by private contractors.  Jones has also stated that he would consider selling the force HQ, Lloyd House, if “the right financial offer came along”.


2 responses to “Since the launch of PCC has done nothing for police accountability.

  1. Previously you could complain to the IPCC and the police were obliged to at least produce a response to your complaint. Now that has been abolished and you cannot complain directly to the IPCC. If you want to appeal to the IPCC about an actual police decision or response then, according to the IPCC’s website, then you will have to wait for 40 weeks before the IPCC will get around to considering it. I have a complaint against the Portsmouth Police but the Commissioner, Simon Hayes, just ignores me (despite me mailing him by recorded delivery). Essentially this where you need to apply Murphy’s law which says that if something is possible then sooner or later it will happen. This new situation allows the police to ignore you, so if it possible then expect that it will happen.

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