Stop pandering to UKIP

Checkout this  Youtube and make up your own mind up:

I’m astonish by David Blanket MP recent article in regards to race riots over Roma people settling in the UK will set a precedence for either a UKIP or BNP candidate(s) to take seat on the council which I hope it does NOT happen and would rather have a Labour Councillors running council instead

As David Blanket MP knows all too well that immigration has Roma Peoplehelped the UK economy they do contribute by engaging with providing employment into the communities no matter what their backgrounds so many were surprised by the article and would have expected it from UKIP, BNP or Daily Express.

It’s NOT normal practice for me to support Nick Clegg stance when he was quoted that Roma immigrants have to be sensitive to the British way of living. It was right to complain about unacceptable behavior. But the best way to deal with it was through dialog.

I do really hope that both Sheffield MPs can help to keep the peace with all their community leaders and bring about a peaceful solution to all concern. The worse that can happen if both does not keep the eye on the ball will see an increase of BNP and UKIP taking  seats and having an overall majorities on Council which would not be good to both MPs I kid you not.

UK risk being seen as a nasty country thanks to David Cameron’s overreaction against immigration and it’s no surprise the European Union Employment Commissioner has spoken out against the UK government.

Laszlo Andor hit out at the Prime Minister for his hardline attempts to bar new EU arrivals from receiving welfare benefits for three months following scaremongering that UK will be swamped by Romanians and Bulgarians when restrictions are lifted on January 2014.

Intriguingly Andor accused David  Cameron of not representing the full truth about the issue and suggested the reaction on UK was based on hysteria.

I don’t normally read the Financial Times somehow someone brought to my attention there was a column alleging a heated commons debate with Labour ridiculing the proposals to be honest for my sins I have to concur that both the previous and present government are to blame as they knew this was going to cause a string of anti immigration and it’s not good enough for Labour to keep on apologizing and I don’t say this lightly as a son of a immigrant.

Shadow Home secretary Yvette Copper told MPs It is now the end of November and accession for Romania and Bulgaria will in a month’s time. “So can you tell the House which of those measures will be in place by the beginning of January 2014 when the transitional controls for Romania and Bulgaria.

After all this debate in the House surprise,surprise Downing St admitted that David Cameron new plans to try and curb EU migrants are flawed. No10 revealed that the bulk of these ideas would not be in place by 1 January 2014 when restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians wanting to move to the UK are lifted.

It’s hardly surprising that David Cameron is facing a Conservative rebellion over immigration this Christmas so he landed himself in a pickle and decided cobbled this together whilst keeping his eye on UKIP fearing more of his fatcat donors will cross over to UKIP. So in a nutshell DONT PANDER TO RIGHT WING RACISM and FASCISM.


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