Who is knocking on my door at this late hour

Please watch this Youtube before reading my strange encourge:

Someone is knocking on the door do me a favour answer the door my reply to the other half.

Out in the hallway I heard two voices I had not heard for some time it was a married couple I knew very well and who were well to do, so I thought at the time. I thought I heard all the hard luck stories in my time but never imagine it would happen to them.

Of course I invited them in with open arms as I had not been in contact with them for some time but kept in touch with via email since moving to the West Midlands from London. As usual when guest arrives it normal to offer them a cup of coffee and catch up of what had been happening to them.

crisis-loans-big-18430-0Not only was I very shocked to learn of their circumstances a well to couple who fell on hard times and they had to sell their house to downside just pay their creditors, staff, and bank they had to join the queue to sign on at Job Centre Plus and make request for a voucher to obtain food from the Foodbank which they can only receive three time whilst their claims for JSA and council tax benefit are being process. They enquired about a crisis loan they were informed that they need to approach their local council to obtain assistant to their horror they discovered the standard bar was very high they had to apply online and local phone number stated that same thing there was nobody that they could speak to explain their situation.

Food bank investigation by the Sunday Mirror-1519590When I checked it out myself I found it hard and made a few notes such as there is not a system in place to receive emergency payment of buying tokens to feed the electric and gas meters.

Middle income has been left reliant on state support according to the office for National Statistics(ONS)

The middle fifth of house holds have been forced to claim 3% more in benefits since the coalition took power in 2010.

Increase in tax credits to top up wages from low paid jobs and housing benefits to help with soaring rents made the greatest contribution.

People simply do not have enough money to make ends meet because George Osbourne is not doing anything to create real jobs which pay sufficient income for people to actually support their families.

Cash benefits accounted for 21% of income for those families in 2009/10 but that reached 24% last year.

385294_195107567306966_1850351962_nIn the same period the amount of family income from employment fell from 65% to 62%. Families face losing out further when the Chancellor delivers his autumn statement on Thursday.

More than 60,000 people, three-times more than last year, will visit a foodbank for free groceries because they can’t afford to feed themselves.

Many people don’t think this is acceptable in the seventh richest country in the world. That’s why I’ve started a petition calling for Parliament to debate the causes of UK hunger and to ask why, in modern Britain, foodbank use is escalating so rapidly. Please join me and sign the petition here.

Please sign my petition calling for a parliamentary debate. We need to stop turning a blind eye and come together to make politicians confront what is happening. 

In the words of Desmond Tutu: “There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”

Thank you,
Gordon Lyew


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