Stop unscrupulous employers exploiting loopholes

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I have to say that I fully concur with Ed Miliband when he said that he wanted to stop unscrupulous recruiting agencies from hiring cheap foreign labour well below the national minimum wages or living wage which most recruiting agencies and some industries which are guilty of and the cheek of the CBI to make claims that it would cripple the recovery of the economy. Yet they were the same organization with their bedroom partners the conservatives were heavily criticizing a Labour Government for introducing the national minimum wage.

The Confederation of British Industry(CBI) in my opinion cannot have its cake and wanting to eating at the same time as CBI has always been a strong opponent of Labour and they say that they are a politically free organization yet half of its membership are large donors to the Conservative party which they fail to mention.

I can recall working for a so called recruitment company which I will not mention their name they would tell their prospective employees that they would have do eight months of voluntary work before the get what is called a zero hour contract( what a disgrace) as it happened that the company in concern did not have any finance to pay its staff let alone to pay their agency staff who were supposed to work for nothing as the company in concern would continue exploiting the unemployed unless something is done to close the loopholes forthwith companies will continue to carry on hindering or exploiting any loopholes for which companies will benefit.

So it’s no wonder why many unemployed are very skeptical of some recruitment agencies that cannot provide the work with pay which I’m sure this rings alarming bell to them. Instead of the CBI working with government to close the loopholes in the employment laws the coalition are quite happy for the CBI to be a talking shop with no real powers to take action to eradicate those companies but instead they are more concerned with their image and lifestyle instead.

Some unemployed people do doubt be so desperate to get a job that they will anything to get a job which includes some foreign workers in order to put food on the table for their immediate family it’s no wonder the coalition is prepared to turn a blind eye all in the name of capitalism. Some people will say do I have anything against capitalism, I say that greed is the cause capitalism and the love of money is the root causes of all evil in other words we all can’t do without money to put it in a nutshell.

I really do hope that Ed Miliband will honor his pledge to:

Increasing fines for firms that breach minimum wage legislation

Banning recruitment agencies from having a policy of hiring only foreign workers

Stopping the use of “tied housing”, which allows agricultural firms to pay less to workers who get accommodation as part of their job

Close a “loophole” in the law which “allows firms to avoid paying agency workers at the same rates as directly employed staff”.

“Loophole” was being used in sectors like food production “where levels of employment from abroad are high” and where as many as 16% of workers were employed by agencies.

Some in the media circles are beginning to wonder if this attempt is to throw of UKIP:

In his article, he attacks the anti-EU stance of UKIP leader Nigel Farage suggesting that, although border controls were important, the real problem was with unscrupulous firms exploiting cheap labour.

“We have to change our country’s chronic dependency on low-skill, low-wage labour. A dependency that is getting worse not better,” he writes.

“What chance of rising living standards for all when unscrupulous firms can exploit workers from abroad to get around the minimum wage?

“What chance of giving everyone a fair shot when recruitment agencies are allowed to recruit only from overseas, excluding those in the area from even hearing about the jobs?”

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  2. You miss the point the idea of increasing unemployment which is what the tories are doing you drive down the wage bill, then the tories go one further and time limit benefits so that the people they have put out of work get no help thereby cutting the welfare payments that increased unemployment creates.


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