George Osborne’s plan A target people who are on benefits

The more I read about George Osborne’s plan A I’m sure many would be angry to learn that more cuts will continue and voters are getting nothing in return with the so called austerity plan whilst people are witnessing their pay packets remaining the same. MPs are being egged on to take an 11% increase in their salary in some quarters.

It has reached to a stage that the average Joe Blog cannot even afford to buy a loaf of bread to feed their family and have to join the Foodbank queues as rent, mortgage, council tax, electric, gas, and water bills all increases at a quicker rate under this coalition.

Welcome to the coalition’s Armagideon Time for poor people as they fight over the crumbs that are dropped from the fatcat table as they finish singing their songs of joy to the world The Lord has come and O come all ye faithful joyful and triumphant Oh come ye O come ye to Bethlehem.

I’m sure that many poor people are feeling the knock on effect of this coalition hitting the unemployed hard. The coalition should note that one size does not fit all to say that they are lazy and don’t want to work given that there more people under this coalition that has lost their jobs and have to be retrained to gain full-time employment. They fail to take into account that some people are on benefits who are suffering from mental health, disabilities, ill-health to name a few. 

What a coward George Osborne has become by hitting the under 25s benefits and restricting those earning over £65,000 a year when asked by the Newsnight commenter how would this be achieved the Conservative representative who refused to answer the question but instead chose to attack Labour record on welfare. Nice one all mouth with froth and no action but instead said wait to our manifesto comes out on how they will tackle the £25 Billion spending cuts from welfare budget cuts. 

Yet it has been reported that more than 40,000 of Birmingham’s most hard-up households will see their council tax bills more than DOUBLE next year.

Benefit cuts meant out of work and low income households had to pay 8.5 per cent of the charge for the first time this year. For most this was about £85, based on a £986 a year bill for a band B property.

The bill was kept low because of a £2.1 million Government grant, but that money is no longer available to the city council.

As a result the charge will rise to 20 per cent, about £200, for 2014/15, and could go even higher as the council is currently consulting on a two per cent across the board increase.

The benefit rate is likely to be approved at the council’s monthly meeting tomorrow (Tuesday).

photoOnly pensioners, households with children under six and households with disabled residents or carers, will have their council tax paid in full.

It means that more than 40,000 households will be hit by the increase.

Council deputy leader Ian Ward (Lab, Shard End) blamed the Coalition Government for cutting Birmingham’s funding for council tax benefit by ten per cent last year, forcing the council to pass it on to residents.

“As has been pointed out by the National Audit Office, this has contributed to the overall pressure on local authorities’ finance and we have had to design our own local support scheme against a backdrop of other funding cuts from central government.”

He added that the council took a decision to protect some of the city’s most vulnerable households from the charge, but could not protect everyone.

He said: “I hope people will see that have tried to support vulnerable people as far as we can under very difficult circumstances.”

photoIntriguingly, on twitter there has been an alleged debate between Poland’s foreign minister and David Cameron’s call for change to European Union treaties to allow the withdrawal of child benefit from migrants working in UK. If Britain gets our taxpayers, shouldn’t it also pay their benefits.

He added that polish taxpayers should not subsidise UK taxpayers children.

The question should be addressed to all political parties who will be standing in 2015 General Elections and not confined just to the three main political parties. Let’s see what the position of the following parties have an answer how will they deal with £25 Billion welfare cuts from: UKIP, BNP, Socialist Labour, Unity Left, None Above and Socialist Workers Party.

I’m not that thick to know the difference between people who wants to work vs those who has never worked owing to lack of skills knowledge. Take for example I’ve known some people who has not worked for some 20 odd years and they be happy to milk the system for what they can get but in the end they get caught out.

Then there is the other side of the coin when hard working people who worked most of their adult life only for them who lost their jobs are tarnish with the same brush it’s no wonder this coalition creates a culture of us and them. It’s no good to say that the coalition has inherit debts incurred by the previous Labour Govt as it has been worn out.


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