Lobbying Bill(Gaging bill)

The more I have read the lobbying bill I have grave concerns with it and would ask as many people to lobby your MP to support the amendments. Here are my reasons:

Well it can only be David Cameron to come with a dead wood of an idea that does not stop commercial lobbyists influence government polices but stop charities and campaigners from about them.

It’s no wonder the many think David Cameron stands up for the wrong people.

Part two of the Bill is a complete shambles. The coalition were forced into a humiliating pause and a series of concessions and what’s left was still unworkable gag on charities and campaigners.

The coalition was defeated three times in the Lords on the inclusion of special advisers in the definition of the lobbied the exclusion of some staff costs from being counted in the slashed spending limit and the narrowing of activities that have to be accounted for under the constituency limit.

I’m very glad that Labour supports those amendments. The bill would only capture a tiny minority of the lobby industry. It’s is a lobbyist charter that would have done nothing to prevent the very scandals the Prime Minister warn against.

It would have no effect on Lynton Crosby the lobbyist at the heart of Downing Street. With no code of conduct or sanctions for bad behaviors the bill is a step backwards from the current voluntary register that already governs parts of the industry.

The bill is so bad that it has achieved the unique feat of uniting transparency campaigners and the lobbying industry against it both say it will make things worse not better.

Once again I’m glad that Labour supports real reform of the lobbying industry which is why Labour has tabled amendments in the Commons to the bill to bring in a universal register of all professional lobbyist with a code of conduct backed by sanctions.


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