Who is the coalition is fooling

How many rivers do we all have to cross for the coalition to realise they just don’t get that many people will not get any supper tonight coupled by lack of heating to keep warm and a hot bath.

I like the sound of the Prime Minister who said money is no object in the flood relief which is a welcome relieve. Let’s see if it is just posturing like it was like last year when money was promised but never materialised. Where is the money coming from to fill the gap given that there have been many people who have lost their main source of income and have to depend on Foodbanks on the so-called slow recovery of the economy whilst all the conservatives front benches are at loggerheads with each other over who should get more funding but continue to play the blame game its Labour fault. Well done coalition for blaming Labour for the floods which was caused by climate change.

Whilst the Archbishop of Westminster claimed there was now a “real dramatic crisis”.  Archbishop Nichols, the most senior Roman Catholic cleric in England and Wales, said the welfare state was becoming “more punitive”.

“I think what’s happening is two things”, he said.

“One is that the basic safety net, that was there to guarantee that people would not be left in hunger or in destitution has actually been torn apart. It no longer exists, and that is a real, real dramatic crisis.

“And the second is that, in this context, the administration of social assistance – I am told – has become more and more punitive.”

“So, if applicants don’t get it right then they have to wait and they have to wait for 10 days, for two weeks – with nothing, with nothing. And that’s why the role of food banks has become so crucial for so many people in Britain today.

“And for a country of our affluence that quite frankly is a disgrace.”

The attack comes just days before Archbishop Nichols will be one of 19 new cardinals from around the world who will be appointed by Pope Francis at the Vatican.

photoFriends of my mine summoned it up nicely when they said:

  1. That we all know that MANY Tories are linked with private health companies and that such blatant corruption is rife amongst them. Hence the health and social care Bill, and the fact it was hammered through the legislative process, also, we have YET to see the risk register, despite a court ruling, and several orders from the Information Commissioner in Parliament ordering its release.
  2. This marked the beginning of the end of democratic process in this country, along with the “financial privilege” that Cameron invoked simply to hammer through the much opposed welfare “reforms”.
  3. The public should have recognised back then that a government hell bent on only fulfilling its own dogma without any due concern for the consequences of that is devastatingly destructive and overtly authoritarian.
  4. Our social security came about precisely because we evolved to recognise a need for a social safety net, to protect vulnerable citizens, because we learned last century that we are all potentially vulnerable, and that it isn’t anything to do with a person’s characteristics, they are not to blame for socio-economic circumstances, or becoming ill and disabled.
  5. The Tories have demolished that net, and their rhetoric is about erasing that civilised approach from our social memory. We are being steadily de-civilised, our learning is being deleted from history and the tories would have us turned into a society of dog eat dog psychopaths if they get their way.
  6. Every single Tory policy is about nothing more than diverting public funds to profit the already wealthy. The evil tories have justified this by viciously attacking and stigmatising the most vulnerable citizens to divert your attention from this truth. They have also quietly edited your fundamental human rights, designed to protect us from precisely this kind of government. This is the truth.
  7. They don’t care about the economy, our society, human decency, the law and human rights: they just want your money, and at any cost to us. They don’t care as they get their fair share of donations from their donors.



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