UKIP, Conservatives, LibDems Vs Labour

Bl6RudvCQAEWqUFIntriguing times will be in four weeks’ time with the European and Local Elections in some parts of the country whilst in the other parts will just be European Elections. I believe that Labour policies are served the best for both European and Local Government as they are better off in European Union to fight for the changes that is required to benefit the many and not the few like UKIP whose sole purpose is to leave the EU.

Labour strongly believes in:

investment, jobs and growth,

protecting your rights at work,

protecting your rights as a consumer

A vote for Labour will help secure sensible reforms to Europe to end waste and deliver more jobs and economic growth for UK

BmGTz94CIAA4NlZThis is not a vote about whether to be in or out of the European Union.

For further details checkout https: //

I make no apologies for being blunt when I say to vote Labour on. 22 May. I have a very simple message to those who moans a lot and refuse to vote you don’t have a say as you forfeit your rights to vote and if a rightwing party come to power will do far more damage to our country rest assured what you have witnessed with the coalition now will become worst.

Some will say I’m scaremongering my reply will be pick sense out of nonsense and I don’t say it lightly. People can laugh now rest assure what it happens I know who will have the last laugh in the end.

conservative-liberal-democrat-logo-468965850The media will have you believing that another coalition will be the best thing since slice bread as they want to see a pact between Conservatives and LibDems again as that is their hidden agenda or the worst case is a Conservative and UKIP should they gain seats in the commons.

My personal view I rather continue to campaign to have a Labour majority for European Parliament, Local government and General Election. Before people start to mention about Tony Blair I have to constantly reinforce that he is not the leader of the Labour Party and there is some suggestions that he is a war criminal yet this former leader has not been served with notice to appear in The Hague.

Sure there were things done by Tony Blair as leader of Labour Party that I strongly disagreed with some decisions he made by sucking up to Bush to join forces with him to invade Iraq over 9/11 and Afghanistan over Terrorists.

However there were some good things that Labour did that made a difference for the many and not for the few like introducing the National Minimum Wage, SureStart, Family Friendly policies, European Directives, which both UKIP, Conservatives, and LibDems failed to acknowledge.



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