What is British Values in schools

Quotes of the day:

If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation)

Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer; into a selflessness which links us with all humanity

If this is what Gove means by British values then he seriously needs his head examming now

If this is what Gove meant by British values then he seriously needs his head examing now

On Saturday lunchtime I was returning from a meeting in Birmingham City Centre my attention was caught by a group of people who were airing their concerns about what was British Values and  ‘Hands off Birmingham Schools” I decided to listen to what they have to say and after half an hour I received a telephone call which I had to leave.

I came away feeling the more  I read  into the outrage claims of so called Muslim Extremism in schools which has been gloried by Michael Gove including the press and social media this unfortunately has played into the Far Right organisation and parties across UK.

This has a knock on effect which puts fear into decent abiding citizens against law abiding Muslim citizens who have contributed into economy all because of an ideological of the Christian Right wing of the American Tea Party which has taken America by storm which is fast growing into the British political system.

This tantalize nothing more than the Conservative right wanting to send a very clear message to David Cameron indicating that they are not happy with the current leadership by doing so the two heavy weight right wing of conservatives are sending a very strong signals to be more right-wing in the Conservatives or face a tide of no confidence vote from the backbench of the party.
I’m sure many will concur that all parents want the very best for their children in regards to their education to give them a better start in life.

My guess is that there has been an increase of free school status and the coalition cannot sustain the funding so they have been very selective in which free schools or academies they should target  by claiming that those schools have failed and they have been put into special measures. Like many people and myself we want to know if the schools have been rated good all along how all of a sudden that OFSD suddenly gone from good to special measures overnight the only that the Conservative right wants to introduce British Values into schools.

The question I would the answer to what is “British Values”

1) Is it eating a Bacon Butty, Roast Pork and Apple sauce, Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding

2) British values superior to that of Muslim values, what about people who have mixed heritages to be a brummie is to acknowledge a wealth of values from different backgrounds and being told by a manager of different culture to pull your weight and realise they have a point. Difference has a potential to cause conflict but we should go the extra mile to understand people from a different background to us.

3)  So David Cameron has today finally made clear what he means by British values: a tolerant society should not tolerate intolerance of tolerance.
Glad that’s cleared up

4) The Governments stance to the Muslim community is, “Its okay if your children don’t get a basic level of education that will help them into collage, university and a successful job as long as they understand ‘British Values”
In a nice way it’s saying, ” You people shouldn’t rise above shelve stacker and Taxi drivers whilst we in the Government send our children to Private segregated schools like Eton and we end up with leaders like David Cameron and 18 Prime Ministers before him”

5) I decided to checkout what does British Values mean i hate to disappoint everybody there is no such thing as British Values but there is something called Britishness:

Britishness is the state or quality of being British, or of embodying British characteristics, and is used to refer to that which binds and distinguishes the British people and forms the basis of their unity and identity,or else to explain expressions of British culture—such as habits, behaviours or symbols that have a common, familiar or iconic quality readily identifiable with the United Kingdom.Dialogue about the legitimacy and authenticity of Britishness is intrinsically tied with power relations and politics, in terms of nationhood and belonging, expressing or recognising one’s Britishness provokes a range of responses and attitudes, such as advocacy, indifference or rejection. Macphee and Poddar state that although the designation of the two differing terms, Britishness and Englishness, is not simple as they are invariably conflated, they are both tied into the identity of the British Empire and nation, since these last two are altering considerably as Englishness and Britishness do too. Thus the slippage between the two words can be seen as a play between these changing dynamics.

Britishness “sprung into political and academic prominence” in the late 20th century, but its origins lie with the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. Although Britishness was used to refer to Britons collectively as early as 1682,historian Linda Colley asserts that it was after the Acts of Union 1707 that the citizens of Great Britain began to assume a “layered” identity—to think of themselves as simultaneously British but also Scottish, English, and/or Welsh.In this formative period, Britishness was “closely bound up with Protestantism“. The Oxford English Dictionary Online dates the first known use of the term Britishness to refer to the state of being British to a June 1857 issue of Putnam’s Monthly Magazine.

Since the late 20th century, the exploration and proliferation of Britishness became directly associated with a desire to define, sustain or restore a homogeneous British identity or allegiance to Britain, prompting debate. For instance, the Life in the United Kingdom test—reported as a test of one’s Britishness—has been described as controversial. The United Kingdom Independence Party have asserted that Britishness is tied with inclusive civic nationalism, whereas the Commission for Racial Equality reported that, Scots, Welsh, Irish and ethnic minorities may feel quite divorced from Britishness because of white English dominance; Gwynfor EvansWelsh nationalist politician, said that “Britishness is a political synonym for Englishness which extends English culture over the Scots, Welsh and the Irish”. With regards to a proposed oath of allegiance for school leavers, historian David Starkey argued that it is impossible to teach Britishness because “a British nation doesn’t exist”.

There is no evidence whatever of a jihadist plot, and indeed extremism only emerged as an issue at all on day 40 of this long-running saga.

What has been revealed, which is serious enough, in the five academies now placed in special measures is such practices as manipulating some subjects to fit with conservative Islamist teaching, a “madrasa curriculum” in personal development, the abandonment of arts, humanities and music in primary year six, classroom segregation with girls sitting behind boys, and governors chosen clearly not based on their skills.

These failings should certainly be tackled in an adequate but proportionate manner, but it should be understood that such problems are not confined to Muslim-dominated schools but have arisen in the same manner in evangelical Christian-run institutions and ultra-orthodox Jewish schools.

But what is most striking is that the five schools at the centre of this row are not faith schools at all but state-run academies.  And therein lies the root of Gove’s failure in educational policy.

If you allow a whole range of academy providers and marginalise local authorities, meaningful oversight collapses.

Gove’s legacy is plummeting teacher morale, acute shortage of primary school places, the absurdities reported in the free schools programme and now the inflaming of the Birmingham row because proper local control of schools has been all but extinguished.

I would concur with Ed Miliband when he posed the question to David Cameron at Prime Minister Question  who asked where parents and children could go to if they feared extremism in schools, when the headteacher was removed and the governing body was part of the problem?

Before criticism start to fly  my way by wanting to ask:

1) If I believe that 9/11 and 7/7 took place. The simple answer is yes it took place however the question I would put back to my critics is was there any evidence of weapons of mass destruction found the simple answer is a resounding NO,no.

2) I will putforward another  question back to the skeptics why did  the coalition did act as soon as it was brought to their attention of the alleged plot its all good that both sides of the house speak of their concerns what does the coalition do they refused to implement the actions that Labour called for in Prime Question Time yet as usual David Cameron ducked and dived to answer the question.



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