Boycott Israeli Goods does it really serve its purpose?

Recently a formal and informal request was put to Birmingham City Council to raise the Palestinian flag at half mass in respect of innocent children who died in the cross fire between Israel and Palestine unfortunately this request was turn down by Birmingham City Council and the following statement was given:

Birmingham City has a long-standing protocol for the flying of flag from Council House.

Ordinarily, the council flag flies and the only exception to this are visits by the monarch (when Royal Standard flies) and birthdays for the Royal family (when the union flag is raised). Flags fly on national days such as St. George’s for England Scottish for St Andrew’s and Welsh for St David’s. City council flag is lowered if a serving or past member of the council passes away.

Yet whilst I may or may not concur with the statement of Birmingham City Council statement some Councillors with and members of the public came up with a brilliant  idea of holding a silent vigil during lunch time and another on the same day for workers who could not attend during the lunch time which in my opinion effective.

I salute all councils which hold managed to raise the Palestinian flag at half mass in respect of the death of innocent children who are our children of the future as they are not at fault of the conflict.

Many of us hopes to see that both children live, and stand shoulder together one day. Some may say that this may never happen in our life time but our children’s life time is one possibility and as long there is a way there is a will for this to happen.

I long to revisit Palestine one day to show my son and his children to the Palestine where many trade union delegations who met Yasser Arafat and he invited us his compound to take a look at the damages that was done under Arial Sharon army then the delegation proceeded to visit Jennin, Ramallah, Rafar and the list is too long to comment which will have my followers in tears.

Endless excuses from Israel and not one can justify their actions. This image sums up why Israel is so wrong. How can Israel keep bombing and shelling peoples homes. These buildings are not military buildings or army barracks because Hamas have none. The buildings we see being destroyed are were people live or where they work. And yet just look at this image, even when the killing stops how can Palatine recover?

Israel should pay for the destruction but above all Benjamin Netanyahu should be brought to justice by the Hague.

Some groups have called for the boycott of Israeli goods there seems to be many companies and supermarkets who supports and stock Israeli goods see below:

The peaceful way.
Shops & Clothing:
– Starbucks
– Tesco
– M&S
– Disney Shop
– McDonalds
– Hugo Boss
– Sunglass Hut
– Giorgio Armani
– Calvin Klein
– Ralph Lauren – Playtex
– Banana Republic
– River Island
– Timberland
– Coca Cola
– Fruitopia
– Fanta
– Kia Ora
– Lilt
– Sprite
– Sunkist
– Evian
– Volvic
– Nescafé
– Nesquik – Perrier
– Vittel
Foods & Chocolates:
– Nestle
– Maggi (Noodles)
– Buitoni
– Crosse & Blackwell
– KitKat
– MilkyBar
– Quality Street
– Smarties – After Eight – Aero
– Lion
– Polo
– Felix (Cat Food)
Makeup/Perfumes & Health:
– L’Oreal
– Clinique – DKNY
– Prescriptives – Origins – La Mer
– Bobbi Brown
– Tommy (Perfume)
– Bumble & Bumble
– Kate (Cream)
– Johnson & Johnson (Baby Oil)
– Huggies
– Garnier
– Arsenal Football Club
– Time Warner Time Life Magazine
– Barbie
– Intel – Motorola
– Kotex
– The Sun
– The Times
– Australian Newspapers
– National Geographic
– Star Channels (Indian)
– Sky
– Fox
– Nokia
– Standard Newspapers
– New York Post
– The Telegraph
– Independent

Whist I may or may not agree with boycotting Israeli goods some people put on my Facebook the following:

You are fools with no brains do,you realise who the main employees in Israeli factories or other companies located in Judea and Samaria actually are? It is true that the management is usually Jewish, but the people working on the floor are mainly Palestinians. So by boycotting Israeli companies with factories in Judea and Samaria, you will actually cause more harm to Palestinians. In a lot of cases if they don’t have work for their Jewish bosses, they would be unemployed, which means no income for their (Palestinian) family. By boycotting these factories you are really not helping the Palestinians, but rather hurting them, more than the Jewish management. A company can always change location, but it is harder for the Palestinian families to move. So please, European politicians, academics and other “smart people” who feel sorry for the Palestinians, start to think about them and let them keep their jobs

Here is one solution that all Muslims should start to perform

Here in the UK we should bring down groups organisations bodies that represent these so called rulers

If the Muslim world just for one year did not perform Umrah or Hajj & donated that money to Palestine

Saudi Arabia’s rulers would change in their attitude

If the People of Pakistan and Turkey really voiced their concerns

And the same in Egypt and North Africa and Middle East

These leaders would with one phone call bring Israel to it knees

And the beauty is no one needs to resort to violence

Maybe it’s time for the billions to become United


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