My thoughts on Coalition EU Citizens should have a good command of English language to gain employment

When will UKIP and Conservatives learn that immigration is a positive for British business and they really contribute to the economy. Granted that may be some EU citizens who may abuse the system but some could say about some British born will do the same as they are no different.

I’m glad that we all may concur it’s in the right direction that the coalition has decided action with reservations EU citizens entering to UK to gain and continued employment should have a good command of English language it is also part of the criteria which is non EU citizens has to go through what the Coalition failed to mention that it was a labour policy that they have nicked during the last days of a labour government regards to EU citizens entering our shores.

Whilst we can all agree that should be the case for both governmental agencies and multi-agencies approach it should be consistent they should continue to look at foreign nationals qualifications ensuring they have vicious checks in place which meet the British standards before offering them any form of employment as we know that some recruiting agencies seem to overlook this most of the times as they just want to tick various boxes and collect their money.

Equally the government watchdogs need to ensure that correct procedures are in place as both previous and present governments are guilty of failing to take action against those who breaks the employment and immigration laws as the current laws stand at the moment there are too many loopholes that urgently need to be addressed and amended by the act of parliament.

Far too long rogue companies go unchecked due to cutbacks in governmental agencies and recruiting agencies are exploiting the system. Governmental agencies need clamp down on this and make recruiting companies more accountable and transparent when they put people on their company books.

We all acknowledged are in no doubt that when Labour came into power in 1997 introduced  new laws on immigration in its first year, including preventing recruitment agencies hiring only from abroad.

Greater controls would be put in place at borders to keep track of who has come in and out of the country, the then Home Secretary said, also pledging to seek EU reforms including lengthening the period before migrants are entitled to claim welfare payments.

Now the Shadow Home Secretary said that it was time to separate “immigration that works and immigration that doesn’t” and conceded that her party was “changing our approach” to meet the public’s concerns.

In what will be seen as a direct riposte to Tony Blair’s defence of his decision not to restrict migration from Eastern Europe, Ms Cooper says that numbers from Poland and elsewhere were “much higher” than forecast.

“Whilst Labour was too slow on immigration, the Tories risk being too simplistic. Public concern over Government handling of immigration is getting worse”.

“An honest debate about immigration means looking not just at scale, pace and control, but also at the wider impact immigration has and crucially the different kinds of immigration too.”

Building on two keynote speeches made on the issue by Ed Miliband, Ms Cooper says that the party has to recognise “mistakes Labour made on immigration earlier in Government” and has “more work to do” to convince the voters.

But she also attacks the Government for its net migration target failing to take into account the different types of immigration, contrasting the benefits of overseas students with the problems of low-paid workers and illegal immigrants.

Ms Cooper says Labour would give “the power of arrest to UKBA compliance officers so they can act swiftly when they discover problems rather than delaying and allowing people to abscond, as well as a new taskforce on enforcement within UKBA”.

Yet in a move to underline the positives of some kinds of migration, she calls on the Home Office to “offer a settlement scheme for Afghan interpreters who helped British troops and now face threats from the Taliban as the troops pull out”.

It’s hardly surprising that Tony Blair told the Parliamentary Press Gallery that he stood by his decision not to impose transitional controls on migrants from states like Poland. In a rebuff to Mr Miliband’s call for more ‘assimilation’, the former premier said that “the Polish community contributes a lot to this country” and warned that ‘scapegoating’ immigrants was a dangerous path.

Labour insists it accepts Blair’s emphasis on the benefits of immigration, but it disagrees with Mr Blair on the transitional controls.

Many will recall a German doctor sent to cover a night shift and as a result of this led to a death of one our citizen which is one too many for our likings. The next incoming Labour Government must close all those loopholes and ensure that our public services are well funded.

In many parts of the UK where I have campaigned what many people I’ve spoken had say and they want to see happening:

To tackle the cost of living crisis that people are facing across the country, Britain’s access to and influence in, the world’s largest Single Market is crucial. But so too is a seat at the table to make sure that, as the Eurozone emerges from an economic crisis, the EU stays focused on driving up our living standards. Labour will work to ensure that the EU does more to focus on tackling the cost of living crisis facing British families by:

  1. Tackling insecurity at work by banning zero-hours contracts when they are exploitative and campaigning against David Cameron’s repatriation of social rights.
  2. Tackling rising energy bills and climate change by reforming the European single market in energy.
  3. Prioritising transport through infrastructure development and protection of consumer rights.

The impact of the EU on people’s lives extends beyond simply the impact on creating jobs.

The social market combines sustainable economic growth with protections around people’s working conditions. This brings good quality jobs, equal opportunities and social protection for all.

It was a Labour Government that helped introduce sensible measures at an EU level that protect the rights of British workers. These are measures to which we are committed and which we will fight to protect.

That Labour will stop the race to the bottom on wages and conditions between EU workers and local workers. We will take action to ensure the minimum wage is properly enforced, close the legal loopholes in rules for agency workers and look at EU directives designed to prevent undercutting to make sure they are effective.

The next Labour Government will increase the fines for non-payment of the National Minimum Wage to £50,000 to provide a proper deterrent and give local government a role in enforcement. We will change the Minimum Wage regulations to stop employers providing overcrowded and unsuitable accommodation and offsetting it against workers’ pay. Labour will work with British business and others to stop the loophole in the Agency Workers

Directive being used to undercut the pay of non-agency staff, and we will ensure Directives like the Posted Workers Directive are effective. And Labour will take the fight against exploitative zero-hour contracts to the EU pushing for legislation to stamp out the unfair practices and abuses associated with these contracts. We will ban employers from being able to require zero-hours workers to be available on the off-chance that they will be needed; stop employees from being required to work exclusively for one firm if they are on a zero-hours contract; and ban the use of zero-hours contracts when employees are in practice working regular hours.

We will also defend your existing protections and standards at work, such as the right to a minimum of four weeks’ paid leave and the right not to be sacked for being pregnant.

At home, Labour will help people facing a cost of living crisis by freezing energy prices until January 2017 and expanding free childcare for working parents. And we have called for a tax cut for 24 million working people on middle and lower incomes by introducing a lower 10p starting rate of tax.

The energy market does not work for ordinary families and Labour will change that. Labour’s energy price freeze will save, on average, £120 each year for 27 million households and help 2.4 million businesses. Our plans to reset the market will deliver fairer prices in the future. Working in Europe Labour MEPs will tackle the cost of living crisis by ensuring that EU competition policies benefit consumers, particularly when it comes to energy.

Labour will also tackle the crisis in living standards by pursuing investment in European transport infrastructure and extending and defending consumer rights. For European competitiveness, economic development and sustainability, investment in European transport infrastructure is essential to securing a balanced economic recovery.

This Government has deliberately tried to expose the NHS to the full force of EU competition law. The next Labour Government and our MEPs will work to make sure the NHS is protected from that body of law, so that patients are always put first.

From fraud and human trafficking, to narcotics and terrorism, we know that the nature of crime is changing. In an era of increasingly integrated markets and greater ease of travel, crime is no longer confined to state lines and can spread to threaten our own national security. We need a capable and cooperative Europe to help make Britain’s streets safer and our borders more secure.

Labour wants to see stronger, safer communities which is why we will never relinquish Britain’s power over our criminal justice system. Yet the transnational nature of crime today reinforces the fact that we cannot fight these global challenges alone. We depend on our European partners for intelligence and operational support in order to protect the British public and the freedoms which they enjoy. Labour is committed to improving the EU’s effectiveness to ensure that these goals are realised.

Cross-border crime is growing. And criminals can travel between countries more easily than ever before. That’s why Labour supports a proper framework for police forces to work together across borders. Over 4,000 suspected criminals have been sent back to other EU countries to face justice over 90 per cent were foreign citizens. The European Arrest Warrant has led to the successful extradition of one of the 21/7 bombers from Italy so they can face justice back in the UK.

We also believe it’s right that if people want to come to this country, they abide by our laws. So Labour will consult on lowering the sentence threshold for EU migrants who commit crimes having only recently arrived in the UK, so that, for example, a migrant who committed common assault or robbery within a few months of arriving would be automatically considered for deportation.

This Tory-led Government is taking policing backwards, cutting or privatising core functions and putting neighbourhood policing at risk. With the loss of 15,000 officers, 999 response times have increased and victims are waiting longer for help at the time when they are most afraid. 14,000 more violent criminals got away without charge and 9,000 more got off with no conviction last year with victims denied the vital justice they deserve.

This Government is also putting at risk Britain’s ability to fight cross-border crimes, such as trafficking, online child pornography and terrorism here in Britain. By threatening to withdraw from crucial pan-European measures such as the European Arrest Warrant – which provides a vital legal process to stop people fleeing justice and to ensure that those responsible for crimes are held accountable the Government is putting national security at risk.






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