Floating voters returns to Labour the centre ground party

A message from Ed Miliband check it out:

It has been purported that Labour has allegedly lost its way; I would like to put the record straight. Labour has to deal with the realities of where the wider public are,mmmm1 If all Labour did was follow a very narrow path it would never stand a chance of winning elections. Labour has to be about everyone in society not just one section. If we ever forget that, then there is no point to having an opposition to the Tories because we would never have any MPs.

Fairness, Equality and Social Justice are not just for working class people, they have to be for all in society. I do not want people to forever who to struggle to make ends meet, I want them to have the same life chances the very rich take for granted.

The centre ground is where Labour needs to be so it reflects fairness for all. Labour has not lost its way, Labour has to deal with the realities of where the wider public are. If all Labour did was follow a very narrow path, as some parties tend to do, it would never stand a chance of winning elections. Labour has to be about everyone in society not just one section within.

May thanks to Mohammed Ashraf who did a surprise youtube regarding why it’s important to vote Labour Checkout:

If Labour loses touch and only speaks of working class people, then being in opposition will become the norm. Labour will do plenty to challenge attitudes but that is all pointless if not get elected.

My point is, I hear too much about fairness, equality and social justice but only aimed at one section of the public. mmmmm2That is not right and it should be challenged. Labour can achieve plenty for all people if it stays in the centre, which is not naive that is political reality when it comes to how people vote.

Labour is not pandering to right wing views, but it has to deal with changing attitudes of the public. Messages and how it says them have to keep afresh so they can challenge what the right do that is wrong. Just because the language sounds different does not mean Labour is lurching towards the right.

Labour has to speak to the largest number of people and inspire then to vote across all sections not just one.

I disagree on various levels with many comments but that does not make the party fractured. It’s because the Labour Party is a broad church of views. Now lovelysensebecause of that it can have open disagreements among members and supporters.

That however is not the case with the Tories, if they speak again Tory policy it normally spells the end of their careers.

There have been claims and counter claims that whilst Labour was in Government, they were responsible for the recession. Well I’ve news for you coalition spin all you want but Labour is not for turning as we all know that The Labour government was not to blame for the financial ­meltdown, the former Bank of England chief said.

Mervyn King, now Lord King, said “no government” could have prevented the recession which followed the global economic crash in 2008. He said: “The real problem was a shared view jdjmsajdjacross the entire political spectrum and the financial markets that things were going pretty well.

I don’t think it is easy to go back and say any one country on its own could have found their way through it.”

Lord King was the Governor of the Bank of England from July 2003 and July 2013 and his comments will come as a bitter blow to David Cameron.

The Tory PM has frequently accused Labour of “crashing the economy” while in power in a bid to scare voters into backing the Tories instead.

But Lord King, a crossbench peer with no political allegiance, insisted: “We as one country could not have stopped the financial crisis.”

Problems in the banking sector had not been spotted by any major Government or federal bank around the world, he said. “There were imbalances we knew things were unsustainable but it was not entirely obvious where it would come unstuck… The right thing is to make it better for the future.”

And he warned Mr Cameron and other world leaders have not done enough to prevent another banking meltdown and
ncnejfjbelieves policy makers have “not yet got to the heart of what went wrong”.

And he called for “a complete change in psychology” from the banking sector to prevent another crash.”

He said: “Looking back, the leverage of banks was absurdly high, and should have been lower. I don’t think there is any point blaming them for it. It came as an enormous surprise to everyone that banks were not creditworthy.”

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Lord King admitted dealing with the financial crash had been both “exciting” and “fascinating”.

The good news is that Left and right united to brand David Cameron and George Osborne liars after they falsely claimed to have halved the budget deficit.

The top Tories launched a poster campaign that attracted ridicule on social media for proclaiming the party had put Britain “on the road to recovery.”

Privileged Prime Minister Mr Cameron told an audience in Halifax that May’s poll would be “the most important election in a generation.” Meanwhile the Chancellor addressed a meeting in Tory target seat Twickenham, where his Lib Dem Cabinet chum Vince Cable is MP.

The new poster boasts of “1.75 million more people in work” and “760,000 more businesses,” despite millions still languishing in part-time and insecure work and bogus self-employment.

But critics were most angered by the claim that Con-Dem austerity has seen “the deficit halved,” which right-wing journalist Fraser Nelson blasted as “misleading.”

The fall in the annual budget deficit from the 2010/11 financial year, which had already begun when the Con-Dem government took office, to the current financial year, has been just 27 per cent.

If the drop were to be calculated using the 2009-10 financial year as the starting point instead, the fall would still be only 36 per cent.

Tory press officers said the ratio of deficit to gross domestic product (GDP) had halved claiming the word “deficit” could be used to refer to this ratio.

In a blog for the Spectator, Mr Nelson wrote: “(I) don’t dispute that the ratio is widely accepted and more useful to economists, but a deficit/GDP ratio is different to ‘the deficit,’ which is measured in pounds.

“If you want to talk about the ratio, you need to say so otherwise the sentence is a porkie.”

Andrew Fisher, Left Economics Advisory Panel convenor and author of The Failed Experiment, blasted Mr Osborne for piling misery on workers.

“There’s a cliche that goes: ‘There are good chancellors and those that don’t get out in time’.”

“George Osborne has created a new category chancellors who start off badly and go downhill from there. Far from eliminating the deficit, Osborne’s austerity programme has succeeded only in driving down living standards and racking up ever higher debt”.

“The Tory poster is inadvertently appropriate a road to a recovery with no homes, no end point in sight and no role for people, either.”

Launching the poster in the Yorkshire Labour marginal, Mr Cameron said: “I say we need to stay on the road to a stronger economy not just because the alternatives are so disastrous and, frankly, they are disastrous.”

“This poster will fool no-one in Halifax. The last four years have seen job losses, cuts and service reduction across the town”.

“Halifax has quite simply been neglected by this government. What people want is the local A&E saved, new jobs created and investment in public services. Only a Labour government can deliver that for Halifax and other neglected northern towns and cities.”

Today will see Labour launch Labour’s “once in a generation fight” for Britain’s future today, vowing to beat Tory spending on expensive billboards by campaigning “house by house, street by street, town by town.”

Ridiculing the Tories’ botched campaign poster, which falsely claimed the Con-Dem government had halved the deficit, the Labour leader will say the election can be won through an ambitious campaign of individual conversations with the party.

Mr Miliband will scornfully characterise Tory plans post-2015: “Keep driving along the Road to Nowhere, but press down on the accelerator.

“Imagine what another five years would mean for you and your family.”

Setting out Labour’s alternative, he will tell a Manchester rally: “We will offer hope, not falsehood. We know the depths of our values matter more than the depth of our opponents’ pockets.

“We will win this election, not by buying up thousands of poster sites, but by having millions of conversations.”

Research by the Labour Party revealed that 44 Tory candidates in the 130 most crucial seats in May’s poll had either worked for financial services companies or accepted donations from them.

Focusing on living standards and the NHS, Mr Miliband will pledge to “put working people first.

“It’s the first time since the 1930s that working people will be worse off at the end of a parliament than they were at the beginning,” he will say.

And he will reiterate a series of pledges including a guaranteed GP appointment within 48 hours and an £8 minimum wage.

But kowtowing to right-wing rhetoric, the opposition leader will also promise to make immigrants wait longer before claiming benefits along with budget constraints that will lead to more austerity.

The news comes as it emerged that one in three Tory candidates in key marginal seats were linked to Britain’s greedy banks

Let’s take a look at the Fox ban by now many would recognise it was a Labour that brought in the ban and as many would understand that the Conservatives and UKIP want to repeal the ban.

This makes me ashamed to be part of the human race, just five of these amazing animals are left in the wild. The rest have been killed by pathetic people who get their kick from killing them for fun. While others died for the stupid belief that rhino horn can make them good in bed. If you do not know how already no potion will ever do anything to change that.

Hunting is a disease on the word a total cancer and that needs cutting out, Nobody regardless of who they are has any rights to hunt any animal. We cannot let idiotic blood junkies and thick people destroy nature further. Too many animals have been made extinct due to stupid people.

Hunting should be illegal and should always be met by prison time. But let’s also have prison time for the idiots that cause the demand in rhino horn. Not just the poachers but the trash who demand it.

Wildlife is too important; it’s time to start treating this crime more seriously. The hunting spin and that of IMG_1787the Countryside Alliance, sections of the press, David Cameron and Nigel Farage never match their claims.

Support for hunting is tiny and has been for decades, and the hunting lobby know it. They are desperate for you to believe they have more support than they do. The only way these cruel people can succeed in repealing the hunting ban is with the election of another Tory Government or in UKIP MPs getting elected.

For the sake of our wildlife the Tories must be defeated so the vile activity of blood sport is consigned to history where it belongs.

IMG_1802Nigel Farage gets on the fishing committee to gain votes never once votes for anything to do with fishing then never show up for the fishing committee meetings just another full of s**t corrupted politician no different from the rest a vote for ukip is a guaranteed win for David Cameron.

I’m not sorry to say the likes of UKIP cannot be now taken seriously any more they flip flop on a daily basses. What stood out was that Farage is happy for people to rip animals to bits for sport.IMG_1785 Right here, right now it’s about fox ‘hunting’.

UKIP MEP’S voted no for banning ivory, why wouldn’t they vote in favour of wars?

If people do not vote Labour on May 7th then the NHS is finished. The Tories will get in because with people voting Green, SNP, UKIP, LibDems it will take away MPs from Labour and will lose them the majority they need.

Small party’s are not going to be winning lots of MPs if any. But they will reduce the votes in that seat and prevent Labour winning. People need to work out what is really important, getting rid of Cameron or just buying into the lie that Labour is the same as the Tories which is just rubbish!

Labour can win the election but if you want a change of Government than vote for them.

Vote UKIP, Tories, LibDems, Greens or SNP for five more years of David Cameron as prime minister anyone who cannot see that clearly has no idea about politics or anything in life really and their point is void. I continue to urge voters to continue to vote Labour







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