Conservatives in panic mode in 2015

Here is a bit of nostalgia for those who remember it well see youtube below:

Whilst on another hobbit journey towards the end of 2014, one had a sense of history rearing its ugly head again. Trade unions went on strike it was a matter of time the conservatives got their cages rattled again by the trade unions the Conservatives as usual ran like ostriches by burying their heads in the sand until the dust settles then they reappear with knee-jerk reaction policies by going for the jugular of the trade unions just like Mrs Milk Snatcher (Maggie Thatcher) did in the 1970s and 1980s. glglThe difference is Maggie Thatcher has been resurrected from her grave under the guise of one David Cameron with his fatcats to continue notch up the pressure on trade union democratic rights to withdraw their labour until they receive a decent wage for a day’s work.

Let’s not forget some members of parliament (both Conservatives, and LibDems) did not get elected on a 40 per cent mandate yet they want to impose their will on the trade unions.

What a damn cheek of David Cameron to claim that he cares about our NHS. His only agenda is to privatize it to the highest bidder to make a fast buck to his rich pals worst still to come by forming an alliance with UKIP to introduce a health insurance to fund our Public sector. We know which side David Cameron is on of course it’s the private sector which plays into Labour hands.

Here is another youtube remind us all why we are Labour:

Ed Miliband is right to say to keep our NHS in public service. (This is a trade union slogan) this comes as no surprise this has played well into our leader’s hands which Ed Miliband responded to the proposals by slamming Tories for “waging war on the public sector.”

“The answer, in my view, when we have some of the toughest laws in the world, is not new legislation, it’s a proper approach to industrial relations,” he told Andrew Marr.

fartFor all the right-wing media’s appetite for a crackdown, Mr Cameron has alienated not just low-paid workers in the public sector, but bosses too. When striking NHS unions are joined by Managers in Partnership, surely even our Etonian leaders must admit the times they are a-changin’.

He’s right it should come as no surprise that the Tories are doing what they’re paid for. Labour activists will be relieved their leaders can call a ploy a ploy. But whatever happened to aspiration?

The sheer hypocrisy of the Tories’ latest attack on trade unions shows their complete disdain for democracy, in unions, in workplaces or in the country as a whole.

fart1As Paul Kenny of the GMB has pointed out, if you applied this test to the 303 Tory MPs who took up seats at the last general election, only 15 of them would have been elected.

And yet they were quite happy not just to take their seats but to go on and form a government.

Indeed, if they wanted to do something to increase participation in industrial action ballots they would start by scrapping anti-union laws which force postal ballots on trade unions and bring back workplace ballots.

But of course this proposal has nothing to do with democracy.

Rather, as TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady has said, it is about effectively ending the right to strike in the public sector.

Of course that is what really frightens the Tories. The wave of strikes across the public sector since 2010 has shown a trade union movement which is beginning to awaken.

IMG_1992Our movement is comprised of 6.5 million members, working in every industry in Britain. But it is also much more than that.

It represents many millions of workers, whether trade union members or not, up and down this country.

It represents their families, their neighbours and their communities, both rural and urban.

Our movement represents the young unemployed workers who cannot get jobs because this government took them away.

It represents the parents who have not only seen their children’s education destroyed by privatisations and fragmentation but have also been hammered by changes to the tax system.

It represents the children who turn up hungry to school every day because the government has forced their families into poverty.

When that movement begins to awaken, the Tories and their paymasters are right to be afraid.

And they will use every trick in the book, both legal and extra-legal, to protect their power and their privilege.

The time to fight back is now. Sweeping away this government of the rich for the rich at the general election in May will be a first step, but it is no more than a beginning.

It is the entire conservatives system which is rotten and that rot needs to be cut out from the core. I continue to maintain to get rid of the Tories and replace them with a Labour majority on 7 May 2015 or you will wake up on 8 May 2015 with with FIVE more years of Conservatives destroying our public service.


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