Condems NHS plans not working

Who wants another five more years of a coalition remember this:

The good news:

NHS was born in a Labour Government 1948 which the Conservatives were strongly against the idea at the time.

Our NHS has become very popular and envied by the rest of the world. But it has never been accepted by the financial free marketeers who oppose the very concept of our Beloved NHS funded out of taxation and would like UK to have an American style system where health costs are very high and large numbers of people cannot get health cover.

The bad news:

Under the Tories the NHS is under threat. Before the last general elections David Cameron was quoted “NHS is safe in his hands”. We all know what happened since Andrew Lansley was appointed Health Secretary who is quoted “The NHS had to cut its cost by £20 billon during this parliament”.

The result is many hospitals have lost their A and E Departments; hospital waiting list has increased and already poorly paid NHS staff have had their pay frozen.

Hospitals all over UK have not been able to meet its national targets and the Regular has intervened.

The new head of NHS England has said the NHS needs an extra £8 billion to survive.

Nobody should see the end of our NHS.

Surprise, surprise, this coalition is not listening to the voters. Instead their message comes across as Us and Them if one time to read their message or listen to what they have been saying for the last four and half years.

Let’s look at their scratch record they claim that more people are in employment and they have taken the lowest paid out of benefits. gl12Really there are many will inform this coalition their plans are not working and if that is the case why are there still long queues for food banks and some people are turning to legal loan sharks just to make ends meet.

Oh wait a minute, of course it’s election time from now to 7 May 2015 and many political parties will be door knocking to gain your votes. Instead this coalition continues with their mantra “We need to fix the economy that Labour left us”.

The truth is the coalition government has conveniently forgotten a very large part of people who have helped to build this country of ours and they are the disabled some are veterans who served gl13our nation and there are still some who have paid their contributions via tax during their working life they are the forgotten lot.

To make matters worse this coalition introduced the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which does not help the disabled or with people with disabilities.

The founding idea of a democratic society, whether you’re on the left or the right, is that people should be able to go about their lives with dignity, fair treatment and independence.

 But reality doesn’t often match up with lofty ideals.

 The Tories’ decision to axe the independent living fund is one such example. Independent living does what it says on the tin equip disabled people with the resources they needed to lead happier, healthier, freer lives. Not any more, if this government have their way.

What the ILF cut shows is that the powers that be don’t care too much about people standing on their own two feet, or IMG_1992even about saving money cuts like this fund or the bedroom tax make only a small change to national finances.

 Tory governments have been happy to let the benefit bill soar by institutionalising unemployment, underemployment and pitifully low wages, and let the housing benefit bill soar by breaking up social housing.

Nonetheless, anger at the Tories’ seemingly thoughtless assaults on the services and support we depend on is hardly new.

Who remembers this checkout:

If people have worked in local government and hearing that once again our budget has been cut by several orders of magnitude than the budget of wealthy Tory-controlled authorities which has a knock on effect to other councils which has been standard practice for nearly five years now. What’s more exciting is Labour committed to repeal Health and Social Care Act 2012 .

The 2012 Health and Social Care Act came with the promise that local people would have the final say in who ran their services.

Instead, it allowed a huge increase in NHS privatisation . A staggering number of NHS contracts have gone to the private sector since the Act was introduced.

hhahaNearly seven out of ten according to campaign group the NHS Support Federation. But the Tories aren’t going to stop there. They may deny they want a US-style system where those that can afford it get the best care through private insurance and those who can’t put up with long waits and are denied life-saving treatments. A two-tier system is what we’re heading for though under Cameron.

Lansley’s changes to the NHS have already left no control. The money goes in but no one is in charge of it. Instead, we’ve handed over the money to doctors and left them to get on with it.

Who remembers the Conservatives promise on NHS and here is an reminder:

The result is a care ‘lottery.’ Any chance of getting the best treatment is down to luck and where you happen to live.

For the NHS to be reformed we need to take back the power- the clue is in the title ‘National’. But they’ve broken it up into tiny parts.

Remember what Nigel Farage comments on NHS:

There’s this myth that a US-style healthcare system is more efficient. It isn’t. The US shows the private sector doesn’t necessarily deliver more for less or is more efficient.

Instead, it spends comparatively more on hospital admin costs than other countries including England and Scotland.

And the vicious response to President Obama’s healthcare reforms tells you everything to know about the culture of private healthcare.

America’s healthcare industry spent millions of dollars to block the introduction of public health insurance and protect their financial interests.

You’d have expected the health service to be on Cameron’s list of six election priorities for Britain.

But no, saving lives wasn’t important enough. Funny that because in 2010 he said the NHS would be his number one priority.

It’s yet more evidence that he lies- not that we need any.

Labour is going to make the NHS a priority. We’ve fought to protect our health service for nearly 70 years so we’re not going to let Cameron flog off our most precious asset now.

We’re going to campaign on every doorstep for what matters. An NHS that gives everyone access to the treatments and services they need.

Because we know that matters to the people of Britain.

In the very week of their campaign launch, Labour are being blocked by the media. We’ve seen their press team boast gl15that, contrary to the Tories’ attack dossier, they would in fact be keeping all cuts to the arts budget.

 We’ve seen the shadow education secretary softly saying that schools in certain regions should have their funding equalised with London ones, rather than stridently saying that this government’s programme of cuts and stealth privatisation is hammering our education sector into the ground and investment is needed across the board. And we’ve seen a heartfelt letter from a lifelong Labour voter begging his leader to save the independent living fund.

To those of you who think you can pull down the system by not voting Labour, or not voting at all. This is not just about Britain and Europe. It’s not just the British elite. Now if you are arrogant enough to believe that you can change that, you are on a hiding to nothing. gl17I’m going to vote for Labour because only when all countries have a leader like him will things change. That however is not going to happen, so I’m voting for the very best option that I believe we have to save as many people including our children and grandchildren from not just further suffering, but to give them just a little bit of hope. Suffering will be their lot and ours if the Conservatives get in again, but from now until May I will not rest in my efforts to ensure a victory for Ed Miliband.

Remember a vote for UKIP will see another coalition with Fibdems, a vote for the Greens, Fibdems, SNP, Plaid Cymru will a return of conservatives.  ask them what are their policies for the diabled. I urge all to vote Labour on 7 May 2015 as Labour is the only party that can deliver.




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