Is the green party the alternative to Labour Party

20141123I was sitting in my Living room trying to keep warm and I began to reminiscing about the so-called increase in membership of the Greens and their policies with some close friends some have been disillusion by the Lib-democrats, Greens and Conservatives. Yes the debate got heated at times and other the years we all have learnt to differ without malice. After they all left I began to summarize to  everything that we discussed:

Before I forget to mention it’s good to have good friends like Sue Jones who constantly reminds us all of the Green Party and we sometimes forget to give credit where it’s due as she sum them up so eloquently:

The Green Party have gathered up many disillusioned ex Lib Dem voters, the ones who haven’t learned from last time that like the Lib Dems, any party that tries to appear to be all things to all people is not being honest with you.

There’s something about the truth that badly disappointed idealists become the readiest disillusioned and resentful cynics that springs to mind, here. However, the Greens are very busy trying to hoover up the votes of all those disillusioned souls on the Left, and regardless of the potentially devastating consequences that may have on the election outcome.

The pressing issue for me is that people are suffering, some have died because of Tory policies, our society is being fundamentally damaged, to the point where it will soon be impossible to repair it in our lifetimes, the damage will last, probably for more than one generation. I care about that. I care about the suffering, the damage to our society and country. I’m a socialist because of those long-standing concerns, which transcend parochial concerns and party politics. I am also fundamentally cooperative and community-minded. I care about what happens to others. kfkfkThe Greens are not cooperative or community-minded. They are dividing our opposition to the Tories and risking returning Cameron to Office in May. That is not “socialist”.

How “socialist” is it to join ranks with the party inflicting all of that damage and harm on people of this country to attack and undermine the only viable alternative to the Tories? That’s not genuine politics, that’s electioneering. It’s not “socialist” at all.

You can’t claim to be a ‘progressive ‘ political party and at the same time advocate zero growth and parochialisation cut-off from global trade. The economy matters to every country in the world, and no growth or low economies increased inequality and absolute poverty. It’s not progressive at all to shut out the rest of the world, and a zero growth economy would be a disastrous experiment, just like the austerity measures have been with the same results.

The Green Party fail to show us any understanding of imbalances of power, they provide no class analysis, they aren’t connected with marginalized groups, they don’t reflect their needs and they clearly have no understanding of the mechanics and virtues of redistribution. greenThere isn’t a single policy currently in their manifesto that demonstrates a coherent offer of support to very poorest. That isn’t “socialist” at all.

The Greens grew out of the environmental movement, with David Icke at the helm as a spokesperson, well, until they got embarrassed by him and sacked him… As Suzanne Moore commented earlier, the incoherence is even apparent at how they fail to define the State .They offer the biggest of big-state polices with huge intervention in some areas, without specifying the role of the state except as a series of committees.

The Green’s “anti-austerity measures” seem to translate as “taking on corporations and vested interests.” But Ed Miliband has already explicitly stated (and shown) that he will do that (He already has Leveson, the banks, the big power companies, water companies, to name a few)

The Green Party’s key policy idea that of a Citizen’s Income for everyone whether they work or not  sounds so great on the surface. Just like a lot of their rhetoric and policies, it lacks depth and doesn’t connect up – lacks integrity and falls to pieces when properly examined. Many of the poorest households would lose out. Most wealthy households will gain. How does that address inequality something the Greens claim to be concerned about? If anything, this policy will extend inequality. That’s not very “socialist”.

“If you missed the interview with e leader of the The Greens on Sunday politics Show then checkout this”:


Many critics of the Green party point to their many failures in Brighton and Hove, where they couldn’t even get the rubbish collection right. However, the most damning criticism is their fundamental inability to run services for the most vulnerable is the one that ought to concern us the most. That’s not very “socialist.

It’s painful to say this; the Greens have some bonkers policy. With them in charge our Army, Navy and Airforce would be scrapped. There would be no arms companies producing arms in the UK and instead will be converted to make windmills? Fine you might say, but they claim instead of an army they will have a home defence force, (Dads Army springs to mind) but the Greens could not say how they would be armed or how up to date those weapon would be. Partly because they do not like trade and want to curb it.

What would the Greens do with the SAS, have them change jobs to be flower arrangers in a church? Now I am not overly keen on arms companies but only because of two things. I do not think arms companies should be allowed to trade with regimes with poor human rights records. Two, I do not feel guns should be made and sold for civilians to use. But other than that if you have an army which we do, then they need weapons.

But it’s OK why would we need an army anyhow as there will be no problems with terrorists or threats to the UK around the globe. As the Greens will make it legal to be a member of Isis or Al Qaeda. Yep that is right you will be encouraged to join a terrorist group. You are told not to kill anyone but you’re allowed to think it. You can also help in spreading the views of your lovely little terror group and help fundraiser for them. I guess if they do misbehave it’s OK the Greens will send them to the naughty step or stand in the corner.

The Greens also talks about a holy £72 a week for everyone to be paid regardless if they need it or not. Yet does not explain what that means. Would a person who gets that amount of money be classed as unemployed or employed? She then says if someone is rich enough they will still be given the £72 but it will be taken back in taxes elsewhere.

Oddly they claim that scrapping all benefits which I think was what was implied by the £72 would save £280 billion. Yet how they reach that mind blowing figure as they could not even say how.

However they also think we should not have to bother with some jobs and companies so people can chose to work part time. Sounds wonderful for most, but it also means half the pay and less money paid in tax. Just what it would do to business is anyone’s guess. Not good I doubt.

The entire Greens key on referring to was there was short term aims and longer term aims. The longer term aim came across as a fantasy world the Green has seen on a science fiction film.

Seeing as they hate trade then you can only what Britain would become under them. I have no problem in tacking inequality as its right that it is. But the Greens live in cloud cookoo. There will be next to no jobs, people would soon be sick to death of only having £71 a week to live on. They will be unimpressed as the Greens also want it seems lots of things not to be made.

I am not normally in agreement with Martin Neil but he was right in his questioning. Just wishing something is different amounts to nothing in a democracy. The Green are pure fantasy. In fact I’ll go as far to say they are not a political party as they lack basic awareness of what it means to represent all of society. Not just those views that suit them. They would do better to just become a lobby group. Only not on wider issues but just on environmental issues, they would likely achieve a lot more talking about wind and solar energy.

The Greens will give us £30 billion more in cuts to pubic services and welfare and cause thousands and thousands of animals to die for not reason due to blood sport and badger culling. Because to Vote Green is no change in politics it is to keep the Tories in office. For that is what voting Green will achieve.

It will not achieve helping one person from the Bedroom Tax, suffering from being treated like dirt by the DWP. It won’t create new jobs as the Greens are anti-growth therefore anti job creation. Voting Green won’t protect us from terrorist because they actually have a policy where it is OK to say its legal to join Isis, or Al Qaeda!!!

Is that the brave new world people want?

Did I also mention voting Green will not save one fox, one hare or one badger despite what they claim on animal policy. For the small reason in 2010 just over 265000 voted Green, even if they have a small surge it will add to little and will hugely unlikely to increase the number of MPs they have by one! IMG_2049And 1 MP is all they have; they may even lose that one because many people in Brighton are sick to death of the Green Council there.

So the facts remain, vote Green get Cameron I am glad I back Labour the Greens are scary.





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