Business as usual for Labour Party

IMG_2137Today is business as usual for Labour MPs to continue to challenge the establishment in Westminster whilst Harriet Harman takes the position of Caretaker of Labour(Acting Leader) whilst the National Executives Committee(NEC) decides the timetable for leader and deputy leader contest.

Whilst the process taking place as set out by NEC for Leadership contest I would like to add my  pennies worth on what I think should be in place for members decides who they want to be leader and deputy. The following should be take into account:

1) Who is best known MPs that the voters can relate to when speaking in a language that both working and middle class can comprehend and concur.

2) Set out what they stand for that will make him or her stand out from the rest of the candidates to have the confidence of the members, supporters, young and first voters to continue to vote Labour.

3) Come up with comprehensive policies that  relates to working and middle class by consulting more at a local level and small businesses stop spending too much time listening to quangos and Whitehall staff that have outdated policies that are in it to lines up their own coffers(Consultancies).

4) Addressing disenfranchise members and supporters who crossover to vote Libdems, Greens, UKIP, SNP and BNP to win them back over to Labour.

5) Addressing policies that meet non-voters to encourage them to vote Labour. There are still people who refuse to vote which we can do more to gain their trust.

6) Developing policies that meet the aspersions of first time, and young voters.

7) Define the core values of what Labour Party stands for so members can feel valued and participate in the democratic process to have a stake in the party.

8) There is a general feeling that Labour is taking Black and Minority ethic for granted they feel under represented both in NEC, MPs and not enough is done to encourage them to participate in the machinery at local, regional and national levels.

9) Save our Human Rights, NHS, and Public Services.


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