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Government benefit reform hits the most vulnerable in society

jobcentreNotice of lately the language used to target people of benefits such as scroungers they have Sky TV with Internet facilities and big screen televisions they spend most of their time idol those are the people we want to get off benefits and back to work.

Sadly there may be some truth in it but they are far and few instead the government still needs to account as to where the employment is going to come from and has to address how they are going to get back people into full time employment. Anybody who has been on those work programmes will inform you that there is mix reviews on them. Some are fortunate to gain employment on a zero hour contract or on a part time based but on a low income which at times meets the national minimum wage or on some occasion if they are lucky they achieve the Living Wage which far and few.

The other side of the coin is the job providers are not fully trained to understand the social policy or have little training to understand the needs of the long term unemployed to help them back into the community to sustain them into employment as they are more interested in meeting their targets for the month as set out by the government.

image38The current government have no comprehension that the unemployed figures are on course to a time bomb to explode as successful governments both in the past and present fail to acknowledgement this is about to happen but instead they rather target the needy who are disabled by a medical conditions and via accident victims that are left disabled with back injuries and in some cases brain damage permanently that have left them in a rat hole with very little support in the community.

I don’t doubt for one moment that there are some people who will exploit the system I would be silly not to acknowledge this happens. Yes there will be some who will abuse the system and those are the ones that the government needs to target to put a stop to it and apply the full force of the law on to them. For each person that the police arrest another one takes their place to abuse the benefit system until the government looks into the root causes of it and address it properly. Then there are those people who end up at the Job Centre who no fault of their own has lost their only means of employment because the company goes bust because of the recession that was caused by the World Banks. Instead this government will continue to tarnish them with the same brush instead of providing the existing Job Centres with quality training to understand the needs of the unemployment they rather use targets set by the government to apply sanctions against them in the hope to apply more pressure on to them to get off their lazy bums to get on yer bike to find employment.

The Job Centre staff are put through undue pressure to get them to meet their targets of sanctioning people which has a pattern of staff going on long term sickness I kid you not. I should know as I use to work in a job centre for a while before I decided to retrain into another field after leaving the post of a job adviser.

There are those who have been educated to university levels and they remain unemployed or they have lost their jobs as each time they turn up for interviews and being turn down by their prospective employers at times as the employers felt they will leave the job. Let’s face it for a moment if you have a degree will you stay in a dead end job for long. Anybody with half of brain will tell you that they have earn the right to apply for any jobs to get a better quality of life to look after their family or if and when they have a family which makes perfect sense. My hope is that when the Government will address the unemployed with dignity and respect and have a programme to address the unemployed with the view to work in partnership with the wealth creators to provide equality of opportunity to help the unemployed to gain the skills required to gain full time employment.

welfare_benefitsThis just the tip of the iceberg the current government failed to address why is there long term unemployment owing to misuse of illegal drugs, alcoholism, mental health, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, people who have served their been time in prison and being release and illiterate. Sure there are some people have turn their life around to gain employment but those people are far and few in today’s world. There is no easy way of putting it in a language that is acceptable this government have failed to address again. Ask yourselves this question when was the last time this country had full employment in all areas.

To top it off the increase in food banks which both unemployed and low income has to depend on which this government refuse to acknowledge. Yet with their persistence of playing the blame game of the previous government which they fail to mention that they were in a coalition government with the Libdems. Notice how the government are very quick to use codswallop language to continue to blame Labour. Er smell the coffee Conservatives it continues to happen on your watch this a fact and not a fantasy.

Then the cheek of David Cameron and the press makes unfounded allegations that immigrants wanting claim benefits as soon as they arrive in the UK this far from the truth as must immigrants arrives into the UK comes to work and I’m sure that there will be  a few bad apples spoils it for the rest that comes to the UK to seek employment so stop scaremongering and get on with the job that the electorate elected you to do.