Is it time to reform our NHS

Important message to all our supporters of NHS please watch and share widely:

Proud to be born in the NHS comes to mind and why should we not be proud of it. As many will have various experience of the excellent service it provides. Granted there has been some failure in it caused by human errors but those are few compared to the wonderful service it provide worldwide from our well trained NHS staff.

The new age of our NHS trained staff are left with a dilemma of job offer aboard with better pay offer which includes better terms and conditions that entice both our nurses and doctors which recruiting companies are headhunting for them to gain a quick profit which they receive large commission from foreign companies as they only want the best for their service providers from abroad.

Whilst some doctors have started up their own consultancy with specialist skills and they tender their service both in the UK and abroad as they see it as a way forward to provide a decent service.

Our National Health Services (NHS) is at a tipping point with a increase population which brings on added pressure to one part of our NHS. The establishment alleged they have invested more in the service by providing more doctors and nurses.

I’m very clear that our NHS should be free at the point of need and those who can afford to pay for the service should make a larger contribution by paying more in tax. This is not about socialism or capitalism but what is best for our NHS. I’m sure that many would be saying that Nye Bervan will be turning in his grave if he saw what is happening to our NHS. This may or may not be some truth in it as the population continues to grow then it’s the question of which is the best model to serve our needs to improve the service. Feel free to listen to his speech:

I find myself concurring with Andy Burnham proposal about our NHS. See link below:

This may be enticing to some of us but those in the know will state that the service they provide lack investment in real terms i.e. the government should provide more investment roughly in the sum of thirty billion pounds. Some will argue that there should be more downsizing in hospitals and more investments in Care in the Community to provide decent services as the patients knows what is best for them. See link below:

The question now is was the Conservatives right to introduce both Care in the Community, competitive tendering and PFI during the 1970s to 1997

Let’s not forget it was the Conservatives who first closed mental health and learning disabilities hospitals and sold prime lands to the highest bidders during the 1980s this included NHS cleaning services at the height of Thatcherism and Majorisim for which I make no apologies for mentioning it.

No doubt there will be a number of assaults coming from a wide range of political parties trying to put the blame a previous Labour Government for the full scale of implementing PFI on hospitals. Let’s not forget the last days of the Conservative Government left our country in debts and voters could no longer stand by a Conservatives and wanted a change of direction. the ideal opportunity came in 1997 when a Labour government came to power and see some improved our NHS and the said thing was when a Labour government continued with the PFI programmes on our NHS and Highways.





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